Photo Year Title Authors Volume Issue Pages
image not found 2018 A MINI REVIEW ON THE INDIGO DERIVATIVES Özgül Haklı 3 2 50-53
image not found 2018 The chemical composition of Centaurea furfuracea Coss. and Dur. essential oil with antioxidant, anticholinesterase and antibiofilm activities Ahmed Elkhalifa Chemsa, Amar Zellagui, Mehmet Öztürk, Ebru Erol, Ozgur Ceylan, Mehmet Emin Duru, 3 2 54-63
image not found 2018 COMPONENTS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF ESSENTIAL OIL OF AERIAL PARTS OF SAGE (Salvia officinalis L.) Elif Ayşe Erdoğan Eliuz, Yusuf Sıcak, 3 2 63-66
image not found 2018 Antimicrobial and Urease Inhibition Activity of Volatile Oil Obtained from Aerial Parts of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) Elif Ayşe Erdoğan Eliuz, Yusuf Sıcak, 3 2 67-70
image not found 2018 Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Hydrazones with Anti‐Urease Activities Yusuf Sıcak 3 2 71-74