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Improofer - Proofreading Services : We are providing proofreading and translation services at Improofer (2021-10-04 09:40:50)
SCI Token Sale : SCI token sale started at (2021-07-17 14:21:34)
ICO website : A new website for initial coin offering (ICO) of SCI token is under construction. Follow for update (2021-05-15 10:14:21)
SciMatic SCI token ICO : An ICO website for SciMatic SCI token will be launched soon. (2021-05-11 15:55:33)
pre-Sale of SciMatic Token : contact for presale of SciMatic Tokens. Pre-Sale price per token will be 25 cent. (2021-05-10 22:28:38)

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