Aim and Scope of the Journal

JOER is an international peer-reviewed journal. It gives you research results that you can read online for free. These results will help you learn more and improve in your field of study, whether in education, training delivery, teaching, learning, or educational processes and management.

JOER focuses on study results, mini-reviews and methods from many fields, to wit:

· Alternative Learning System

· Arts and Design Education

· Basic Education and Management

· Computer and Technology

· Distance Education

· Educational Management

· English Language Teaching and Learning

· Environmental Science & Education

· Mathematics/Science Teaching and Learning

· Higher Education and Management

· Health & Science Education

· Humanities and Social Sciences Education

· Physical and Sports Education

· Technology-Livelihood Education

GOOD NEWS! Users can read, download, copy, share, print, search, link to the full texts, or use the articles for legal purposes without first asking the Editor or author for permission. 

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Name:  Journal of Ongoing Educational Research (since 2019)
ISSN Turkey
Period: Once every Quarter

Publication Guidelines:  COPE Guidelines


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