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Aim and Scope We publish original research from all areas of the natural and clinical sciences. You can learn more about what we publish by browsing our specific scientific subject areas below, or exploring Scientific Reports by browsing all articles and collections.
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Keywords chemistry; heavy metals; analysis; antioxidant; food science; spray drying; Complexation; Antimicrobial activity; Volatile oil; adsorption; ethylene; Ecology; Zoology; microscopy; Characterization; spectroscopy; Organic Chemistry; staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Air pollution; prevalence; biofilm; bacteria; Density functional theory; Simulation; Susceptibility; Candida auris; Cancer; Inhibitors; Cytotoxicity; Hypoxia; VEGFR-2; Deep learning; Screening; artificial intelligence; knowledge representation; statistics; Machine learning; Nursing; Education; cell biology; neurons; glioblastoma; mild cognitive impairment; computational pathology; digital pathology; Magnetic resonance imaging; flavonoids; molecular docking; Microbiology; Pharmacy and materia medica; Therapeutics. Pharmacology; Biodegradation; Mass spectrometry; haplotypes; hospital; identification; Breast cancer; biopolymers; TNF-α; Cystic echinococcosis; Infectious and parasitic diseases; Biology (General); Botany; Veterinary medicine; Medicine (General); Medicine; kinetics; wastewater treatment; nanoparticles; photocatalysis; Biosensor; biomass; bimetallic; colloidal synthesis; core−shell; electrocatalysis; structural evolution; electrospinning; hydrogen production; MOFs; NiFe2O4; gas sensor; octahedron; toluene; Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials; Technology (General); Chemical technology; Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General); Information technology; Industrial electrochemistry; Biotechnology; Technology; Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering; Descriptive and experimental mechanics; awareness; health care; outcome; quality indicators; Epidemiology; Archaeology; Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar; meta-analysis; systematic review; Atrial fibrillation; EEG; epilepsy; Medical Informatics; Pediatrics; MRI; Convolutional neural network; Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics; Science (General); Mechanical engineering and machinery; Science; aspirin; stroke; Biomarker; Chemotherapy; Proteomics; Bone; Diabetes; surgery; Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling; Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs; Agriculture (General); Dentistry; Diseases of the circulatory (Cardiovascular) system; melanoma; mechanical properties; green chemistry; differential pulse voltammetry; validation; enzyme inhibition; inflammation; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; wound healing; Reduced graphene oxide; anticancer; Silver nanoparticles; infection; antibiotic resistance; chronicity; Other systems of medicine; Medical emergencies. Critical care. Intensive care. First aid; Immunologic diseases. Allergy; Medical technology; İslam; semantics; economic growth; Globalization; Rutin; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Lepidoptera; gene expression; AHP; Helianthus annuus L.; Tourism; Culture; fatty acids; broiler; rheology; Biodiversity; carbon nanotube; Mineralogy; Landsat; Fuzzy logic; nurse; breastfeeding; training; obesity; Children; Magnesium; Zinc; efficiency; transport properties; transmission electron microscopy; physics; mercury; stabilization; bioaccumulation; pore structure; desorption; pesticides; co2; lignin; vocs; environmental effects of industries and plants; renewable energy sources; environmental sciences; dna; movement disorders; metastasis; geography (general); chemical engineering; optics. light; systems biology; environment; risk management; electrochemical sensor; aunps; mir-155; pros1; tp53inp1; epigenetic; toxicology. poisons; expression; domestication; bioethanol; protein; tyrosinase; laccase; anaerobic fermentation; microplastics; waste activated sludge; specificity; general works; otorhinolaryngology; plant ecology; fuel; anxiety; blood pressure; perception; diazepam; psychology; neurophysiology and neuropsychology; neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry; neurology. diseases of the nervous system; medical physics. medical radiology. nuclear medicine; neoplasms. tumors. oncology. including cancer and carcinogens; food security; system dynamics; corporate governance; business; arima; assessment; ophthalmology; economics as a science; nutrition. foods and food supply; nutritional diseases. deficiency diseases; antioxidant activity; polyphenols; diabetes mellitus; pharmacy; manufactures; agriculture; diffusion imaging; white matter; cognition; depression; adolescence; neuroimaging; hiv; public aspects of medicine; psychiatry; human settlements. communities; gynecology and obstetrics; aging; nutrition; lifestyle; mediation; public health; economic history and conditions; history of scholarship and learning. the humanities; social sciences (general); metals; lignocellulose; bioremediation; microbial community; sewage sludge; petroleum refining. petroleum products; motor vehicles. aeronautics. astronautics; water supply for domestic and industrial purposes; sewage collection and disposal systems. sewerage; education (general); causal inference; childhood obesity; metabolic syndrome; sers; hemoglobin; anodes; germanium; nanopyramid arrays; sodium-ion batteries; general. including nature conservation, geographical distribution; diseases of the respiratory system; right ventricle; climate change; resilience; vulnerability; economics; finance; urbanization; water; co2 emissions; china; anthropology; social sciences; economic theory. demography; commerce; architecture; management. industrial management; developing countries; electronic-waste; risk assessment; meningitis; anesthesiology; composting; pharmaceuticals; arctic medicine. tropical medicine; diet; metagenomics; sourdough; stress; diseases of the endocrine glands. clinical endocrinology; zirconia; air-filled porosity; bulk density; physical properties; nanoparticle; arsenic; puberty; production of electric energy or power. powerplants. central stations; fermentation industries. beverages. alcohol; water splitting; bisphenol a; caffeine; catechin; green tea; harvest; miniature swine; environmental pollution; telecommunication; electronics; terrorism; sampling; assess; ccp: casualty collection point; ccs: casualty clearing station; ccta: complex; ems: emergency medical service; fts: field triage score; gcs: glasgow coma score; hems: helicopter emergency medical services; irc: inland regional centre (san bernardino); lsi: life-saving intervention; life-saving interventions; mimms: major incident medical management and support; ramp: rapid assessment of mentation and pulse; salt: sort; samu: service d’aide médicale d’urgence; sbp: systolic blood pressure; sinus: système d’information numérique standardisé; start: simple triage and rapid treatment; treatment/transport; coordinated terrorist attack; emergency medical services; tactical medicine; triage; violence; youth; type 1 diabetes; bariatric surgery; flax; apoptosis; liver cancer; oxidative stress; gene therapy; neuroblastoma; candida albicans; philology. linguistics; phonology; familiarity; language; hearing impairment; language and literature; single nucleotide polymorphism (snp); synteny; genetic diversity; population structure; bangladesh; risk; ecosystem services; remote sensing; uncertainty; applied optics. photonics; forestry; city planning; climate policy; flow cytometry; tuberculosis; southeast asia; meteorology. climatology; temperature; random forest; environmental engineering; behaviour change; latinos; genetics; social pathology. social and public welfare. criminology; sociology (general); transportation engineering; lst; equity; water quality; diversity; impervious surface; pollinators; south africa; gis; uav; physical geography; urbanisation; methylation; governance; minimal residual disease; recommendations; genomics; immunotherapy; survey; treatment; prostate cancer; cytology; Wireless sensor networks; Internet of Things; bioaccessibility; aquatic environment; sediments; marine protected area; parasites; environmental law; physiology; primary care; data integration; genetic variation; hiv-1; internal medicine; mental health; physicians; international; intrinsically disordered protein; psychological distress; economic growth, development, planning; political science; hiv/aids; criminal law and procedure; commercial geography. economic geography; special aspects of education; magnetic nanoparticles; autophagy; duck; workforce; tcp/aqm network; integral backstepping; tracking control; computer engineering. computer hardware; mathematics; systems engineering; electronic computers. computer science; industrial engineering. management engineering; malnutrition; fish; rural; primary health care; surgical outcomes; spermatozoa; hippocampus; art; animal culture; sports medicine; mosquito; college students; self-management; diagnosis; therapeutics; engineering machinery, tools, and implements; technological innovations. automation; business records management; geology; mining engineering. metallurgy; internet of things (iot); nitric oxide; transportation and communications; molecular dynamics; molecular modeling; principal component analysis; pain; drawing. design. illustration; pathology; diseases of the genitourinary system. urology; reactive oxygen species; assistive device; seafood; photoperiod; developmental biology; food analysis; secondary metabolites; biogeography; dental implants; articular cartilage; renewable energy; solar cells; soil moisture; power quality; coastal; next generation sequencing; lactate; naval architecture. shipbuilding. marine engineering; anatomical pathology dicom connectathon; dicom web viewer; microscopic image visualization; web viewer; whole-slide imaging; computational fluid dynamics; cancer patients; rat; gaba; green; social return on investment; circular economy; infant feeding; intervention; autoimmunity; review; osteoporosis; fatigue; neuroinflammation; zebrafish; diseases of the digestive system. gastroenterology; male infertility; semen; incidence; cardiovascular; physical activity; dna methylation; epigenetics; genome; law in general. comparative and uniform law. jurisprudence; trophic interactions; aphidius ervi ; aulacorthum solani ; aphid biological control; nonconsumptive effects; parasitoid–aphid interactions; conservation; evolution; local adaptation; adaptation; insects; financial development; economic development; diffusion tensor imaging; seizures; neuroprotection; pharmacokinetics; exercise; electron microscopy; mitochondria; astronomy; disasters; gpcr; classification; phylogeny; self-esteem; islam. bahai faith. theosophy, etc.; bibliography. library science. information resources; social learning; religion (general); human rights; philosophy. psychology. religion; fe(3)o(4)@[email protected](3)n(4); graphene oxide; phenol; fertility; qualitative research; disparities; psychopathology; philosophy (general); fine arts; decision-making; dox; antidiabetic; solid phase extraction; antibacterial activity; mucormycosis; crystallography; surface water; microstructure; consciousness. cognition; theory and practice of education; flow; serious gaming; statistical model; disinhibition; virtual reality; aggression; internet gaming disorder; disability; natural language processing; reading comprehension; reorganization; genetic counseling; health literacy; vulnerable groups; maturation; women; dyslexia; palliative care; values; bioinformatics; optimization; nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; indigenous; history; medical; english literature; ecuador; translating and interpreting; hypnosis; imagination; carbon nanotubes; gas sensors; semiconductors; bioreactor; microalgae; sf6 decomposition components; hybrid nanomaterials; rgo; tin oxide; astrophysics; coral bleaching; fisheries; admixture; gene flow; histopathology; immunity; accounting. bookkeeping; international relations; government policy; qualitative; sustainable development goals; metabolomics; hi-c; heavy metal; tolerance; biotransformation; co-culture; environmental technology. sanitary engineering; salmonella; typhoid; fentanyl; sustainable development; marketing. distribution of products; case report; emotion; aptamer; neuroscience; precision medicine; english language; implementation; authenticity; industrial psychology; photochemistry; formulation; metabolism; wastewater; information science; carbon; methylmercury; phosphorus; industrial medicine. industrial hygiene; imaginal morphogenesis protein-late 2; imp-l2; insulin-like peptide; insulin binding protein; insulin signaling; information theory; switzerland; thyroid diseases; antibiotics; quality of life (qol); attention; theory of mind; energy; asian ethnicity; sleeve gastrectomy; weight loss outcomes; workload; transgender; uptake; motor vehicle accident; quality of care; astrocytes; analgesia; malaysia; causes of death; universal health coverage; i18; investment; colon cancer; sedentary; empathy; comorbidity; cystic fibrosis; electronic health record; groundwater; social inclusion; electrolyte; hofmeister series; hydration; specific ion effects; thermo-responsive polymer; ros; ph; adhesion; supramolecular chemistry; surveys and questionnaires; health information systems; dna barcoding; mechanical testing; blockchain; discrete wavelet transform; reproduction; chronic diseases; electrodermal activity; food and beverage branding; food marketing; food packaging; skin conductance responses; reward; digital health; social marketing; alzheimer’s disease; event-related potentials; neuromarketing; intersectionality; spinach; transcription factor; image analysis; influenza virus; viral load; bladder cancer; political economy; myocardial infarction; e2 conjugating enzymes; ubiquitin; assisted reproductive technology; health impact assessment; micronutrient deficiencies; land cover; eating disorders; alzheimer's disease; psychosis; bouyei; forensic characteristics; genetic structure; hazara; indel; autopsy features; drowning; immersion; laboratory tests; dry drowning; clinical medicine; graphene; diversification rate; historical biogeography; leguminosae; mediterranean region; time-calibrated phylogeny; cattle; speciation; immunisation; female; celiac disease; schistosomiasis; atlantic forest; human papillomavirus; tomato; molecular diagnosis; herpesvirus; head; melanin; deforestation; proteome; serotonin; magnetic solid phase extraction; gc × gc–tof/ms; hr-mas nmr; uplc–qtof/ms; age discrimination; ginseng; amomum villosum lour.; amomum villosum lour. var. xanthioides t. l. wu et senjen; chemometric techniques; gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (gc-ms); species distinction; discrimination; index; challenges; competencies; nurses; oral health education; fibrosis; permeability; dilated cardiomyopathy; social networks; microbiome; carbon dots; food safety; hormones; behavioural change; scenario analysis; pre-eclampsia; chlorophyll; phenology; candida glabrata; cghaa1; acetic acid; vaginal candidiasis; vaginal dysbiosis; photocatalyst; sewage treatment; bismuth ferrite; nanowire; multiferroic material; magnetoelectric coupling; weak ferromagnetism; clay industries. ceramics. glass; cloud computing; erk1/2; nfκb; disaster risk management; disaster risk reduction; indigenous knowledge; scientific knowledge; traditional knowledge; image peiodic decomposition; phase-correlation; image registration; inorganic chemistry; complexity; insect resistance; cell cycle; sperm; fluoride; cancer imaging; pharmacy education; ammonia; nitrous oxide; sex chromosome; germany; cell cycle arrest; staphylococcus; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; banking regulations; dodd-frank act; fdic insurance; fiduciary activities; financial reporting; governmental oversight; orientation; wireless sensor network; immunosuppression; networks; ceramic veneers; film thickness; luting; resin cement; thin film; phenotyping; soybean; meiosis; sheep; mexico; neurodegeneration; nitrogen; electrical properties; problem-based learning; teaching; probabilities; ocular; retinopathy; vegf; glaucoma; adenovirus; prostaglandin e2; floods; lagos state; landsat 8; maximum likelihood algorithm; sentinel-1; synthetic aperture radar (sar) imagery; microarray; latent class analysis; surrogacy; pupil dilation; core microbiome; paraquat; chip-seq; eustrongylides sp.; galaxias maculatus; nematoda; diapause; arduino integrated design environment; autonomous sensor interface; fabricated prototype; low-cost; monitoring and control; smart irrigation system; soil moisture sensor; early screening; polyphasic taxonomy; rhizosphere; noncoding rna; immune response; larcodems; density separations; heavy media separation; multivariate adaptive regression splines (mars); virulence genes; biocompatible materials; embryo; echinococcus canadensis; self-regulation; social value; microcontroller; android application; bluetooth communication; non-invasive glucose estimation; biomedical parameters; mobile health care system; gait analysis; water purification; congenital heart defects; preterm birth; dermatomes of the arm; discrimination threshold; stimulation timing; vibrotactile stimulation; rna-seq; transcriptome analysis; catheter; dwell time; indication; infusion therapy; nursing workloads; phlebitis; individual variation; glycine; consensus; evaporation; scale-up; stemness; osteogenesis; evi; wuhan; antarctica; reservoir eutrophication empirical models; secchi disk depth; trophic state index; plant functional traits; olfaction; benzodiazepines; quantitative analysis; angiogenesis; benzothiazole; pyrazole; random forests; marijuana; cryptography; control; inhibitory control abilities; moral decision-making; ethnic discrimination; incivility; students’ educational outcomes; students’ psychological health; university resources; masculinity; men’s health; seasonality; social capital; age-period-cohort (apc) models; bounding analysis; cohort analysis; identification problem; water monitoring; information security; non-invasive; nanofluids; lived experience; operations research; earthquake; public health risks; canals and inland navigation. waterways; mechanics of engineering. applied mechanics; gingival crevicular fluid; erector spinae block; modified radical mastectomy; pectoral block; cell death; salt stress; sunflower; visual search; infrared spectroscopy; coping strategies; animal anthrax; outbreak investigation; health insurance schemes; linkage-to-care; ckd; calcium; predator-prey interactions; bee declines; competition; floral diversity; artificial nest; density; gam; hunting; mesopredator; predator control; wildlife camera trap; noise reduction; testicular tumor; seminomatous; urologic diseases; sri lanka; multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; dst; individualized regimen; pre-xdr-tb; natural dye; ethanol; colorectal neoplasms; stool based; street food; therapeutics. psychotherapy; water management; forest; electricity and magnetism; enrichment; buprenorphine; carbon paste electrode; imprinted polymer; opioid drug; subutex; urine analysis; voltammetric sensor; chloroplasts; tyrosine kinase inhibitors; dye decolorization; bacillus sp. gzb; autonomic nervous system; light-emitting electronic devices; school dormitory; sleep-wake cycle; skeletal muscle; coumarin derivatives; carbohydrates; resources; silica; nf-κb; gene delivery; bioenergy crops; brassica napus; food web; gut content effect; trace elements; moringa oleifera ; fermentation quality; inoculants; wilting; child nutrition; demography; traffic accidents; advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems; nutrient; onsite; package treatment plants; sport participation; interaction hypothesis of interest; interesting tourist experience; novelty; tourist roles; patient readmission; infrared thermography; tnf alpha; arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi; ai; micropollutants; common bean; wild and modern accessions; heat stress; yield; structure-activity relationship; swine; bacteroidetes; spirosoma; reactive nitrogen; automatic variant retrieval; full-text extraction; variants database; isolation; intestinal obstruction; l-cysteine; epithelial-mesenchymal transition; bovine; immune cells; in vitro fertilisation; low resource setting; men’s perceptions; crispr; cas; gene drive; genetic engineering; population alteration; underdominance; linear structure; man-made habitat; railroad; tracks; multi-walled carbon nanotubes; response surface methodology; isotherm; dissolved organic carbon; climate adaptation; fungi; antibiotic resistance genes; forest ecosystem; medical philosophy. medical ethics; biodiversity data; born digital; collection app; field work; herbarium labels; natural history collections; sample preparation; droplet digital pcr; platelets; acute myeloid leukemia; venetoclax; cell growth; droplet microfluidics; viscosity; econophysics; adaptive networks; epidemic modelling; nonpharmaceutical interventions; vaccinating behaviour; ecosystem recovery; metabolic functions; quercetin; bread; lipid oxidation; cichlids; means; near-infrared spectroscopy; wavelet; glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor; human mesenchymal stem cell; human neural stem cell; microfluidic array; neuronal differentiation; paracrine signal; amino acid; axial length; individualized patient profile; ocular parameters; patient stratification; predictive preventive personalized medicine; primary angle-closure glaucoma; breathing; vacuole; mastectomy; predictive models; litter decomposition; microbial communities; consumers; cultural competence; sorafenib; exosomes; noddi; mci; scd; tract; tractography; anti-microrna27a; lipid nanoparticles; women of reproductive age; seasonal weight loss; gestational diabetes mellitus; bace2; hkdc1; slc16a11; tmem163; frequent snoring; gestational age at delivery; habitual snoring; loud snoring; sleep-disordered breathing; time-to-delivery; obstetric fistula; spatial cognition; transcranial magnetic stimulation; resistome; car; phylogenetics; vegetables; perceived behavioral control; environmental determinants of coral bleaching; range dynamics; subtropical reef; dat scan; drug induced parkinsonism; timeline; subjective norms; fishes; sodium alginate; li-ion batteries; oreochromis niloticus; hepatic encephalopathy; stakeholder; cftr; transglutaminase 2; 25(oh) d; cop; climate change mitigation; climate roadmap; silicon oxide; liquid entry pressure; phase field; porous membrane; volume of fluid; wetting; hydroxylapatite quantification; scaffold-based tissue repair; technetium labeling; wave; actin cytoskeleton; road safety; cell assembly; generalization; memory engram; motor control; nature vs. nurture; theory of connectivity; patient monitoring; embryonic development; social determinants; precipitation; breakpoints; plant phenology; commercial determinants; corporate determinants; sepsis; evidence gap maps; health systems and policy research; performance measurement and management; acute respiratory distress syndrome; soft-tissue seal; staphylococci; streptococci; tight junctions; assembly; community ecology; neuropsychology; protocols; advance care planning; food availability; human activities; plant growth; mapks; immunohistochemistry; epidermal corneocytes; fingermarks; genetically variable peptide; genetically variant peptide; non-synonymous snps; proteomic genotyping; variation; hyperpigmentation; comparative study; inclusion; liver function; math; medaka; acute; community participation; lgbt; gender diverse; photo-elicitation interviews; radiography; sexual function; dissemination and implementation science; evidence-based interventions; science impact framework; conductive microfiber; electronic textile; motion sensing; stretchable microtube; wearable microfluidics; raman; heart; electronic nose; odor intensity; odor interaction; odors; perceptual model; indicators; hypothyroidism; self-healing concrete; effluent treatment; metal accumulation; computational biology; machine leaning method; prostate-specific antigen; electrochemistry; transition metals; hôpital; polyethylene glycol; ultrastructure; ecotoxicology; haematology; forkhead box p3; nitrate leaching; nsaid; myocarditis; radical scavenging activity; plasticizer; biotrauma; pro-inflammatory cytokine; recruitment maneuver; genomic selection; bci system; electroencephalography eeg signals; features extraction; motor imagery bci (mi); svm classifier; patient-centered outcomes research institute (pcori); advanced illness research; models of palliative care delivery; outcomes research; disease development and spread; asclepias ; danaus plexippus ; match-mismatch; monarch caterpillars; phenological shift; phenology-ontogeny landscape; seasonal fitness landscape; temporally explicit ecology; windows of opportunity; prokaryotes; biological sciences; sensory neuroscience; aero-acoustics; metal foam; noise-control; spray coating; trailing edge; evolutionary biology; sensitivity; nuclear imaging; parallelepiped classification; radionuclide accumulation; sewage water; genome-wide association study (gwas); aba; arabidopsis; computational modeling; informal care; living distance; logistic models; relatives; transforming growth factor β; hpv vaccine; modeling standards; semantic annotation; intergenerational transmission; bone density; upper limb; cell culture liquid waste; esbls; morganella morganii; virulence factor; stillbirth; neocortex; information retrieval; diabetes education; digital coaching; user evaluations; arborvitae essential oil; carrying capacity (k); hydrophilic; intrinsic rate of growth (r); chromosome; fortification; multi-criteria mapping; nutrition policies; food safety attitude; food safety behavior; food safety knowledge; handan city; vendors; karyotype; melanogenesis; barley; antibodies; pharynx; oxidative stability; shelf-life; web browser; cement; tannic acid; ocean engineering; computational cost; feynman–kac; backward stochastic differential equations; high dimension; partial differential equations; carbonic anhydrase; photosensitizer; arthroplasty; acacia catechu (l.f.) willd; pi3k-akt; scutellaria baicalensis georgi; pro-inflammatory cytokines; cost effectiveness; halophytophthora ; salispina ; mangroves; marine oomycetes; cardiac fibrosis; computational studies; chemical mixtures; chlorophyll fluorescence; brain connectivity; tms-eeg; glycocalyx; heparan sulfate; lipid–protein interaction; mechanotransduction; food quality; macronutrients; laparoscopic surgery; hscc; rp11-169d4.1-001; sf‐8; geriatric depression scale (gds); laughter therapy; healing narrative; hypnosis training; neurophysiology; lgbtq reproduction; fertility industry; gay fathers; procreative consciousness; reproductive decision-making; net primary productivity; achievement; trichloroethylene; cystectomy; postoperative complications; urinary bladder neoplasms; excitotoxicity; in vivo; ecological risk; veterinary herd health management; samh flour; amino acid composition; antinutritional factors; biological value; in vitro protein digestibility; nutritional composition; veterinarian–client communication; doctors; integrated care; biodistribution; membrane potential; risk prediction; religiosity; phenotypic traits; sugarcane; cry1ac gene; dessin; drawing; encounter; rencontre; street art; durability; gingivitis; homocysteine; mutagenesis; eco-evolution; copying; equus caballus; human demonstrator; interspecies specific social learning; social enhancement; sphenisciformes; comparative evolution; lpj-guess model; net ecosystem productivity; electrochemical immunosensor; magnetic covalent organic framework; phosphorene; prostate specific antigen; phq-9; visual analogue scale (vas); drain; seroma; surface plasmon resonance (spr); chromatin; accurate operations; computationally efficient mutual authentication protocol; continuous operations; cryptographic protocols; existing protocol; healthcare monitoring system; incubator monitoring systems; message authentication; public key cryptography; received information; remote healthcare monitoring; remote infant incubator monitoring system; resource-limited sensors; telecommunication security; wireless medical sensor networks; dod-usaid coordination; interagency agreement; military medical mission; obstetric fistula prevention; obstetric fistula treatment; pelvic organ prolapse surgery in developing countries; environmental economics; consumer neuroscience; context; antigen retrieval; antigen–antibody reaction; dual-color immunohistochemistry; oncolytic herpes simplex virus; substrate-based immunohistochemistry; virotherapy; freely behaving condition; macaques; place cells; unit recording; nanoemulsion; serrs; sesorrs; sesors; sors; optical imaging; spectroscopy.; replication; glucosinolates; health promoting, mineral concentration; climate warming; head trauma; penetrating ballistic-like brain injury; similarity; squamous bladder cancer; plasma membrane targeting; tumor therapy; lime; forecasting; organocatalysis; photoplethysmography; economic geography of the oceans (general); il-1β; academics; asian citrus psyllid; candidatus liberibacter asiaticus; hemolymph; huanglongbing; chemical interactions; dose response; mixture toxicity; polystyrene; habitat fragmentation; chronic myeloid leukemia; dasatinib; c63; new psychoactive substance; nps; soil profile; neuroticism; head and neck cancers; sudden sensorineural hearing loss; process integration; right ventricular dysfunction; tb; population based studies; anaesthesia management; coagulation management; haemophilia; patient blood management; aplastic anemia; chronic exposure; model predictive control; histone methylation; histone modifiers; cuv2o6; cathode; high capacity; long life; zinc-ion batteries; hydrothermal synthesis; microwave-assisted synthesis; intestine; mixing; seagrass; aurka; fret; fluorescence microscopy; non-mitotic roles; structural data; hormone content; isc machinery; iscs; iscu; cysteine desulfurase; iron-sulfur cluster; iron-sulfur protein; tetralogy of fallot; plant ecophysiology; transpiration; hot isostatic pressing; cu/ti3sic2/c nanocomposites; indigenous nutrient supply; quefts model; site-specific fertilizer recommendations; soil fertility variability; zea mays l.; peptide; molecular dynamics computer simulation; non-linear dimension reduction; sampling enhancement; polyunsaturated fatty acids; palaeogenomics; clothing; hyperspectral remote sensing; indoor and outdoor crime scenes; reflective spectroscopy; lithium ion battery; confectionery; corolla; floret; pollinator; seed size; data fusion; respiration; cell size; compactness; vacuolar occupancy; antioxidant status; peru; artificial neural network modeling; compost biofilter; waste gas treatment; hydrophobic substances; magnetic carbon; quantile regression; antithrombotic; estradiol; continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis; group processes; preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy; icsi; changing pattern; chronic migraine; onabotulinumtoxina; repose; utilities; renewable resources; hhv-8; il-12; rescue work; moxifloxacin; immunocompetent; anion recognition; perioperative management; biotype evolution; biotype identification; cereal aphid; genetic divergence; bifactor measurement models; interpersonal functioning; cereal samples; surface runoff; functional mri (fmri); magnetoencephalography (meg); network hub; whole-brain connectivity; arthroplasty, replacement, knee ; blood loss, surgical ; posture ; tranexamic acid ; plant growth promotion; korean disaster relief team; nepal earthquake; cerna; carb; carbon finance; carbon markets; carbon trading; forest carbon; nee; offset invalidation; soil co2; regional cooperative pollution control; residents’ health expenditures; adaptive; artificial pancreas; insulin sensitivity; alentejano; bísaro; ribatejano; meat physicochemical characteristics; indirect effects; auto configuration; perinatal audit; biological safety; cellulose acetate nanofibers; silver leaching; sustained antibacterial activities; zno/agnps; relationship; thrombosis; glucosidase; gabaa receptors; exudates; validation study; cue-based retrieval; memory load; object cleft; pronominal determiners; top-down derivation; faith-based health interventions; medical mistrust; histone deacetylation modification; nicotine prenatal exposure; hemangiogenesis; interstitial fluid pressure; lymphangiogenesis; microvasculature; physicochemical tumor microenvironment; vascular tumor microenvironment; 2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole; anti-virulence factors; type iii secretion system (t3ss); xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (xoo); hyperthyroidism; molecular marker; urtica dioica; rna‐seq cell wall composition; urtica dioica l.; bast fibres; cistus creticus; sideritis euobea; antiatherogenic; pasta; effect measure modification; self-reliance; diabetes management; patients' perspectives; providers' perspectives; human disturbance; end-of-waste; hybrid compounds; tetrazole; by-product; apis mellifera l.; properties; dna preservation; tbi; epileptogenesis; pqr530; pqr620; gastritis; transgenic plants; methylmalonic acidemia (mma); liver transplantation (lt); methylmalonic acid; inulin; necrotising fasciitis; production capacity. manufacturing capacity; universities of technology; university–industry collaborations; value conflicts; representation; ammonia volatilization; thermal tolerance; carbohydrate-active enzymes; chronic lymphocytic leukemia; ibrutinib; fertility intention; social robot; collaborative learning; parenthood; n-glycosylation; black-body absorption; broadband; carbon nanotube forest; mid- and far-infrared; photothermoelectric; self-power; algal oil; lecithin; omega-3 fatty acids; tween 40; multiplayer online battle arena; family farming; betacyanin; dye sensitized solar cells (dssc's); prickly pear extract; tio2 photoanode; floating photobioreactors; anthropocene; fatty acids profile; omega eggs; storage stability; areas of work life; biological fluids; sulfonated polyaniline nanofibers mat; theoretical calculation; water analysis; food hygiene; public health hazards; public health problems; pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer; advertising effectiveness; myelin; carnosic acid; rosmarinus officinalis; structural change; tick-borne encephalitis; disorders of consciousness (doc); feedforward inhibition; board interlocking; corporate finance; director interlocks; ownership structure; stock market; emotion dysregulation; bichir; external gills; adulteration with pork; food authentication; genomic dna extraction; melting curve analysis; sybr green pcr; sus scrofa; aspergillus niger; banana peel; flavodoxin; harvest index; ppabf2 ; ppdam5 ; ppdam6 ; pptcp20 ; peach; bud endodormancy; hiv epidemic; hiv financing; unaids; eastern and southern africa; acinetobacter; bacterial inoculants; profenofos; nanoplastics; reading speed; clinical high risk; adult romantic attachment style, maternal antenatal attachment scale; emotional well-being; parental-fetal bonding; paternal antenatal attachment scale; anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa; civil engineering; gmp-grade fucoidan; regulatory toxicology; scintigraphy; ghbmc; submarining; frontal crash; knee bolster; lap belt; reclined occupant; effector cd4+ t cells; experimental autoimmune myocarditis; th17 lymphocytes; cisplatin resistance; jwa-xrcc1; pt(iv) prodrug; ssbr; bipolar electrogram; conduction velocity; directional sensitivity; substrate mapping; non-inferiority; operator algebras; quantum symmetry reduction; unbounded operators; decision analysis; optimal threshold; prostate biopsy; prostate health index; uncertain interval; green certificates; property rights market; “green” certificates of origin; 2.5° limit; the rice model; emission reduction; alkaline; ferrate; ecological stoichiometry; salacinol; growing pigs; metabolizable energy; standardized ileal amino acids; β-mannanase; attenuated internal reflection spectroscopic ellipsometry (air-se); zearalenone (zen); biblidinae ; danainae ; ithomiini ; lepidoptera ; nymphalidae ; coi; metaphase; psychidae; w chromosome; z chromosome; comparative genomic hybridization; genome size; sex chromatin; environmental risk assessment; gmo; landscape management; particle dispersal; stochastic geometry; neurocognitive poetics; ecological policy; ecosystem service models; human welfare; protein structural prediction; spicker; ecosystem service; heat-associated illness; surface temperature; latitude; ecological modeling; dl; dnn; ml; multi-omics; single-cell transcriptomics; spatial transcriptomics; gd-gold complex; relaxivity; theoretical study; alternative splicing; diethylstilbestrol; creatine; fracture load; implant-supported prosthesis; screw-retained; band bending; ideality factor; kp; nanoscale; sps; surface photovoltage spectroscopy; kit; ngf (nerve growth factor); scf (stem cell factor); trka (tropomyosin receptor kinase); oncogenic signature; lost to follow-up; leprosy; mycobacterium leprae; integrative aspects of cell biology; bispectrum; continuous wavelet transform; deformation processes; high velocity friction; gis raster analysis; landslide runout; landslide susceptibility; subsidence; tetepare; tsunami wave; blue and hybrid infrastructure; droughts; heatwaves; biogeography-based optimization (bbo); grey wolf optimization (gwo); landslide susceptibility mapping; neural-metaheuristic algorithms; landslide disaster; adaptive-back-propagation neural network; dc current injection; three-phase grid-connected inverter; environmental enteropathy; intestinal barrier function; micronutrient status; medical oncology; requirements engineering; encephalopathy; hemosiderin; lipofuscin; contact investigation; ipt; tuberculosis,ventilation,outbreak control; myasthenia gravis; moisture recycling; water governance; end-to-end measurement; network monitoring; network tomography; topology identifiability; sensory; osteopenia; lzm; litsea glutinosa; cu-btc frameworks; environmental estrogens; bone biology; early sub-acute; robotic therapy; cotton swab; dna collection; flocked swab; touch dna; two-dimensional materials; bovids; neuropathology; mitral regurgitation; chlorinated transformation products; chlorination; urban waters; environment, safety & health management; management systems; magnolol; biochemical characteristics; carcass and meat quality; neurorehabilitation; proprioceptive learning; robotic rehabilitation; sensorimotor learning; somatosensory learning; data compression; digital image analysis; fractal; fractal dimensions; fractal analysis; dexa scan; qct; action/challenge/emotion-based marketing; public health digital/social media advertisements; refractory disease; haematological malignancies; snp-microarray; ischemic; economic regions; graft source; hematopoietic cell transplantation; bighorn sheep; mcf; macavirus; ovhv-2; ovhv-3; hormonal levels; kidney function; nandrolone decanoate; neoplasm metastasis; adsorption kinetics; adherent-invasive e. coli; virulence determinants; grasping; weight perception; bayesian integration; grip force; load force; abiotic; mn-zns quantum dot; organic dye; zeolite nay; digital text; text variables; aspergillus sydowii; seawater-derived fungus; circrna; apparent electrical conductivity (eca); boundary-line; law of minimum; cerebral ischemia; uplc-q-tof/ms; isosteviol sodium; enhanced sampling; generalized ensemble; membrane protein molecular docking; potential of mean force; alda-1; aldehyde dehydrogenase 2; re-epithelialization; twist1 gene; energy level; mineralization pathway; photo-catalysis; quinoline degradation; zno:tio(2) mixed oxide; bacillus pasteurii bacteria; crack repair; microbially induced carbonate precipitation (micp); aerobic granular sludge (ags); arsenite oxidation; biogenic manganese oxides (bio-mno(x)); automatic thoughts scale; brief symptom inventory; social adaptation self-evaluation scale; cosmetology; pseudouridylation; spliceosomal rnas; baseball; elbow; imaging, magnetic resonance; pediatric sports medicine; lmdi; cd8; human leukocyte antigen class i; programmed cell death 1; tumor immunity; fluorescent imaging; food sample; immunomagnetic concentration; mri safety; transcatheter mitral valve replacement; red soil; gambir extract; uncaria gambir; algebraic ability; set-shifting; consumer–resource interactions; ecosystem functioning; ash; diesel particle filter; allogeneic stem cell transplantation; malignant lymphoma; cox1; quantitative trait loci (qtl); storage root; ipomoea batatas lam.; starch metabolism; epithelial cells; flexoelectricity; crack tips; strain gradient; freeze casting; porous metals; sintering; ga-in alloy; convective transport; freckle defect formation; flowing matter: liquids and complex fluids; bilinguals; object naming; voice latency; voice onset measurements; word production; global climate change; 18s rdna; alces alces; sarcocystis; gallium-67; indium-111; radionuclide imaging; frequency ratio; landslide prediction; epiblast stem cells; haploid; self-renewal; plcz1 mutations; artificial oocyte activation; fertilization failure; chicken embryos; heart rate measurement; smartphone sensing; c. jejuni ; cmea; multidrug efflux pump; health behavior change; scalability and sustainability of interventions; scale-out; weight loss interventions; cell delivery; ceramic microrobots; silicon carbonitride; dox-ca-spion; spion; magnetically guided delivery; rnase h; dual inhibitors; integrase; ledgf/p75 cellular cofactor; amphiphilic surface patches; dendrimer corona; dendrimer−virus complexes; polyphenylene dendrimer; blend films; cottonseed protein; poly (vinyl alcohol); triethanolamine; condensate application; torrefaction economics; torrefaction review; torrefied pellets; biomedical sensor; control setup; mode competition; optical design; crystal; depressed-cladding waveguide; directional coupler; femtosecond laser writing; integrated photonics, quantum memory; yttrium aluminum garnet; delivery of health services; health reforms; organisational change; appetitive learning; cue-triggered food seeking; dreadds; incentive motivation; pavlovian motivation; hm4di; soft-sensors; surrogate parameters; nanofouling; restored and natural wetlands; st. lawrence drainage; sulfate-reducing bacteria; total mercury; major regions; trauma systems; solar cell; bees and wasps; oasis‐desert; trap nests; roots; gynaecological surgery; confocal microscopy; similarity search; balance mechanisms; daily activities; external perturbations; motion tasks; risk for falling; bottom reflectivity; conversion efficiency; carrier transport; defect; gallium arsenide; near field; blind; electronic travelling aid; indoor navigation; object detection and recognition; visually impaired; cement paste; effective gap height; fresh concrete; model suspensions; parallel-plate system; structured surfaces; wall slip prevention; cd stress; nitrogen doped; claw; morphometrics; phylogenetic comparative methods; 4-methoxyisophthalic acid; coordination polymers; ion detection; depolymerization; gas-liquid plasma reactor; non thermal plasma; ssnmr spectroscopy; cyanosis; genetic mutation; hbg2; methemoglobinemia; temporary neonatal cyanosis; ion exchange chromatography, aminoacidopathies, inherited metabolic disorders, organic aciduria. ; wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway; endoplasmic reticulum protein 29; trophoblast migration and invasion; arable topsoil monitoring; secondary roads; traffic emissions; waste policy; food supply chain; ctl immune response ; lyapunov functional ; infection age ; persistence ; stability ; adsorption isotherms; fibroid hydrogel; heavy metal ions removal; preceptors; multicenter randomized trial; rifapentine; odontogenic infection; penicillin; health promotion theory; international comparison; tropical agriculture; chinese rivers; impact factors; particulate organic carbon; 68ga-dotatate; gastroenteropancreatic (gep); neuroendocrine tumor (net)pet/ct; grassland community; liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry; semi‐polar metabolites; untargeted metabolite profiling; hippo/yap; lats2; mir-520b; climate variability and change; ski tourism; snow indicators; stakeholder process; intracytoplasmic sperm injection; scanning tunneling microscopy; microfluidic chip; fast imaging; height measurements; surface measurement; three-dimensional microscopy; embryonic stem cells; vasculogenesis; efficient search; functional viewing field; parallel processing; peripheral vision; family migration; migrant children; emission inventories; indoor air quality modelling; personal care products; siloxanes; art calculator; poseidon criteria; decision support models; 8-prenylnaringenin; anti-proliferation; caspases; data synthesis; genetic biodiversity; urban evolution; al–si–cu–mg alloys; high strength and ductility; insoluble phases; soluble phases; copper oxide; surface reaction; integration site cloning; retroviruses; invidia study; flu vaccine; immunological response; influenza vaccination; uv-assisted photochemical synthesis; zno nanowire; ultraviolet (uv) photoresponse; cement additive; concrete structure; construction engineering; freeze/thaw; physical property; self-consolidating concrete; waste perlite; faces; spatial working memory; stickers; rhizotron; root intersection method; born’s rule; decoherence; quantum darwinism; quantum jumps; pcd; petunia hybrida l.; s-rnase-based self-incompatibility; undissociated acid; concentration gradient generator; deterministic lateral displacement; single photon detection; aki; nf-kappab; microrna-146b; adult attachment; wise intervention; writing intervention; glycine max; basidiomycota; fungal metabolism; phlebia radiata; bghi; dispersive soil; improvement; subgrade; lateritic red soil; limestone soils; soil erodibility k factor; yellow soil; arp/warp; loop building; macromolecular crystallography; model building; sequence similarity; mbp; oligodendrocytes; image informatics; corona; guests co-encapsulation; molecular cages; ca2 +; m-line; nav1.5; nax; scn5a; scn7a; cardiac myocytes; ascites; big tech; centralized power; ethical criteria; social impacts; user activism; compton scattering; differential cross sections; molecular compton profile; photon interaction coefficients; relativistic impulse approximation; epiphora; medial canthal incision; medial canthus; medial orbit; orbitotomy; transcaruncular; transcutaneous; sun: coronal mass ejections (cmes); sun: flares; magnetohydrodynamics (mhd); solar-terrestrial relations; stars: magnetic field; stars: solar-type; active substances; agricultural land; puck bay; challenge study; low water activity; oat flour; predictive microbiology; thermal inactivation; 3d echocardiography; mitral valve regurgitation; mitral valve surgery; electro-acoustic transducer; finite element postprocessing; receiving sensitivity; prediction accuracy; quantitative trait nucleotides (qtns); planting date; varietal phenotyping; fluorescein diacetate staining; impedance flow cytometry; in vitro pollen germination; raffinose; recalcitrant pollen; stigmatic germination; crop ancestors; host-plant resistance; resistance screening; agriculture harvest; bound and free polyphenol; dry season; in vitro gastrointestinal digestion; maturity cassava (manihot esculenta crantz); stability of antioxidant potential; wet season; adaptation by time; cold-hardiness; seasonal timing; descriptive statistics; moisture; thermal images subtraction; thermal index; fabry-perot interferometers; fiber bragg gratings; interrogators; wearable applications; bioreactor simulation; biothermodynamics; syngas fermentation; carbon storage; conservation genomics; genomic adaptation; nonstructural carbohydrates; exponential deceleration model; mesic environment; underrepresented populations; pisces; dietary; isoseq; reference genome; linked-reads; turtle; actinopterygii; srµct; osteocytes; rrid:scr_002285; rrid:scr_002609; rrid:scr_007164; anura; axonal wiring; glomeruli; sensory system; peritoneal neoplasms; cd204; tumor-associated macrophage; il-6 production; simultaneous enzymatic process; tea polysaccharide; carbon distribution; dynamic regulation; l-threonine maximization; thermal switch system; coconut oil; oocyst; connexin; neuroglial interactions; c-src; hemichannels; croton urucurana; huh-7 cells; high strength steel; weld joints; spent lithium iron phosphate battery; corona electrostatic separation; discharge and disassembly; low-temperature heat treatment; recovery technology; sample screening analysis; electrolyte decomposition; hexafluorophosphate precipitation; prolonged lactation; production for self-consumption;