Agricultural landscapes and the Loire River influence the genetic structure of the marbled newt in Western France

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Authors Costanzi, Jean-Marc;Mège, Pascal;Boissinot, Alexandre;Isselin-Nondedeu, Francis;Guérin, Sandra;Lourdais, Olivier;Trochet, Audrey;Petitcorps, Quentin Le;Legrand, Agathe;Varenne, François;Grillet, Pierre;Morin-Pinaud, Sophie;Picard, Damien;
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Journal Name Scientific reports
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Year 2018
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Keywords Nursing; Medicine; Science; general. including nature conservation, geographical distribution; management. industrial management; technological innovations. automation; transportation and communications; naval architecture. shipbuilding. marine engineering; canals and inland navigation. waterways; ocean engineering; economic geography of the oceans (general);