Food chemistry
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Short Name Food Chem
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Keywords analysis; antioxidant; food technology; spray drying; Cyclic voltammetry; Chemical composition; Essential oil; Characterization; NMR; formaldehyde; Texture analysis; flavonoids; molecular docking; flavonoid; Lamiaceae; Stachys lavandulifolia; labdan diterpenoid; monoterpen lacton; Mass spectrometry; identification; Modified electrode; Proteomics; Camellia sinensis; HPLC; validation; SEM; voltammetry; ELISA; gene expression; quality; fatty acids; meat; rheology; Microwave; contamination; mycotoxins; pesticides; nanocomposite; bovine bone protein; enzymatic hydrolysis characteristics; lipase pretreatment; surface elements; surface morphology; phenolics; food security; antioxidant activity; microencapsulation; polyphenols; encapsulation; stability; protein aggregation; encapsulation yield; phenolic compounds; protein-polysaccharide complex; w/o/w emulsion; immobilization; fermentation; mechanism; caffeic acid (pubchem cid: 689043); cocoa beans; ferulic acid (pubchem cid: 445858); maillard reaction; water; particle size; aflatoxin; nanoparticle; oxidative stress; inhibition; age; plant proteomics; wheat; ultrasound; treatment; bioaccessibility; quantification; polysaccharides; emulsion; fish; central composite design; gc–ms; secondary metabolites; food processing; metabolites; mass balance; fingerprinting; pickering emulsion; health risk; genotyping; α-glucosidase; extraction; antimicrobial peptide; tannins; antibacterial activity; microstructure; cross-linking; microalgae; anthocyanin; metabolomics; heavy metal; aptamer; chloramphenicol; fluorescence; structure-switching; metabolite; biological activity; adulteration; controlled release; meat quality; lc-ms/ms; strawberry; fiber; jam; phenols; physalis spp.; seeds; sensory evaluation; ageing; differentially expressed genes; terpenes; celiac disease; theobroma cacao; magnetic solid phase extraction; chemometrics; programmed cell death; sensory analysis; rapid detection; zearalenone; carbon dots; food safety; aflatoxin b(1); aflatoxins; coffee; pretreatment; mid-infrared spectroscopy; interaction; alginate; enzyme activity; total phenolic content; biostimulant; solubility; anthocyanins; ftir; xrd; scopus; functional food; contact angle; amylase; lipid peroxidation; poultry; fluorescence spectroscopy; microbial fermentation; thermodynamics; virtual screening; artificial sweeteners; bioactive compounds; β-carotene; carotenoids; partitioning; bioactivity; biogenic amines; factors; tbars; myopathy; sedimentation rate; arbequina; chlorophyll catabolism; hojiblanca; nccs; olea europaea l.; olive fruits; pheophorbide a oxygenase; rcc reductase; structure-activity relationship; response surface methodology; tea; fungi; fatty acid; viscosity; disease resistance; α-amylase; acrylamide; bread; lipid oxidation; alleles; hs-spme-gc-ms; amino acid; insect; heat treatment; uhplc-qtof-ms/ms; ascorbate; postharvest quality; table grapes; vanillin; argan oil; clone; geographic origin; helium (pubchem cid: 23987).; linoleic acid (pubchem cid: 5280450); n-heptane (pubchem cid: 8900); n-hexane (pubchem cid: 8058); oleic acid (pubchem cid: 445639); palmitic acid (pubchem cid: 985); stearic acid (pubchem cid: 5281); tocopherols; year of harvest; α-tocopherol (pubchem cid: 14985); γ-tocopherol (pubchem cid: 92729); δ-tocopherol (pubchem cid: 92094); boron; freezing; apigenin-7-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 12304093); chlorogenic acid (pubchem cid: 1794427); hydroxycinnamic acids; kaempferol-7-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 10095180); luteolin-7-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 5280637); macro-minerals; quercetin-3-o-galactoside (pubchem cid: 90657624); rosmarinic acid (pubchem cid: 5281792); rutin (pubchem cid: 5280805); vitexin (pubchem cid: 5280441); fruits; milk; lamb; bacteriocin; antifungal; cucumber; density functional theory (dft); radical scavenging activities; freeze vacuum drying; ultrahigh pressure; polysaccharide; ovalbumin; whey protein; coumarin-fused coumarins; radical scavenging activity; moderate electric fields; protein interactions; proteins structure; thermal denaturation; β-lactoglobulin; electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane; hydrolysate; meat preservation; diterpene glycoside; hemihydrate; rebaudioside b; steviol glycoside; chemical modification; degree substitution; digestibility; molar mass; plga-chitosan nanoparticles; ph-sensitive release; food preservation; carotenoid; bovine serum albumin; wheat bran; mineral; freezing-thawing; ice crystal; oxidative stability; protein properties; quality properties; salt; tissue microstructure; citric acid; high-voltage electrostatic field; metabolite profile; pork tenderloin; chitosan magnetic nanoparticles; herring antifreeze protein; moisture state; pagrosomus major; protein conformation; vacuum impregnation; alaska pollock; aquatic food; roe; transglutaminase; thawed meat; alst; dried scallop adductor muscle; natural phenolics; shelf life prediction; chloroform (pubchem cid: 6212); food data; hexane (pubchem cid: 8058); methanol (pubchem cid: 887); nitric acid (pubchem cid: 944); nutrient database; nutritional security; public health nutrition; sodium hydroxide (pubchem cid: 14798); vitamin a (pubchem cid: 445354); vitamin d3 (pubchem cid: 5280795); vitamin e (pubchem cid: 14985); vitamin k1 (pubchem cid: 5280483); α-aminobutyric acid (pubchem cid: 6657); gelation; acheta domesticus; cricket; peptide marker; wooden breast; dsc; ice crystal formation; myofibril structure; purge loss; allura red ac (pubchem cid: 5360805); amaranth (pubchem cid: 5359521); carmine (pubchem cid: 14950); carmoisine (pubchem cid: 6321394); erythrosine (pubchem cid: 12961638); food colorings; food dyes; fresh meat preparations; meat products; ponceau 3r (pubchem cid: 5359885); ponceau 4r (pubchem cid: 9570119); ponceau sx (pubchem cid: 9595288); sudan i (pubchem cid: 5858445); sudan ii (pubchem cid: 5809936); uv-diode array detection; mode of action; complex formation; digitoxin (pubchem cid: 441207); hofmeister salts; ibuprofen (pubchem cid: 3672); lutein; lutein (pubchem cid: 5281243); protein unfolding; sodium chloride (pubchem cid: 5234); sodium thiocyanate (pubchem cid: 516871); warfarin (pubchem cid: 54678486); carboxymethylation; complex enzymatic hydrolysis; insoluble dietary fiber; ultrafine comminution; rsm; microfluidisation; we-ax; water extractability; water retention capacity; flammulina velutipes; nanoencapsulation; h-index; immunoblotting; michael addition; vanillic acid (pubchem cid: 8468); uhplc-ms/ms; isoelectrofocusing; protein markers; scanning electron microscopy (sem); ammonium persulfate (pubchem cid: 62648); clinical chemistry; enzyme free sensor; glucose (pubchem cid: 53782692); graphite (pubchem cid: 5462310); potassium permanganate (pubchem cid: 516875); sodium dodecyl sulfate (pubchem cid: 3423265); vinyl acetate (pubchem cid: 7904); quechers; citations count; collaboration network; food chemistry; vosviewer; carbazole; hrm; edible oils; dark tea; liquid milk; pegylated of multi-walled carbon nanotubes; ultra-high performance liquid chromatography q-exactive high resolution mass spectrometry; methyl jasmonate; ultra-performance liquid chromatography; rapid determination; soybean oil; terahertz spectroscopy; fluorometric analysis; food hazard; immuno magnetic solid phase extraction; low temperature cleanup; vegetable oil; fluorescence resonance energy transfer; homogeneous analysis; nucleic acids probe; hpmc; gluten; pepper; aflatoxin b1 (pubchem cid: 186907); aflatoxin g1 (pubchem cid: 14421); aspergillic acid (pubchem cid: 10272); aspyrone (pubchem cid: 167653); chrysogine (pubchem cid: 63145); gregatin b (pubchem cid: 53304446); phomaligin a (pubchem cid: 101922009); screening test; spinulosin (pubchem cid: 66556); terrein (pubchem cid: 6436830); colloidal stability; interfacial characteristics; solid lipid nanoparticle; surface load; plant-based formulation; aflatoxin extraction; cryogels; food samples; molecular imprinting; multiclonal plastic antibodies; simultaneous imprinting; daidzein (pubchem cid: 5281708); genistein (pubchem cid: 5280961); glycitein (pubchem cid: 5317750); glucosidase; growth times; isoflavone aglycone; microwave-assisted acid hydrolysis; soybean organ; chemometric-assisted optimization; pressurized hot water extraction; blue pigment; streptomyces sp. a1013y; active ingredients; in silico preliminary evaluations; by-product; food conservation; natural additive; binary phase solvent; respond surface methodology; avocado oil processing; cuprac; frap; folin-ciocalteu assay; waste conversion; cereal sample; magnetic surface molecularly imprinted polymers; pretreatment method; warfarin pseudo template; μ-spe; browning; pear wine; dietary fibre; firmness; ripening; fish muscle; tea extract; corn silk; glyoxal/methyl glyoxal; n(ε)-carboxymethyllysine; pmp; reducing sugar; antiglycation; isoquercitrin; sites identification; extracellular atp; nanocomposite packaging; captan screening; high performance thin-layer chromatography; luminescent biosensor; high hydrostatic pressure; alcoholic beverages; fruit juices; geographical origin; isotopic ratio; wine; chymotrypsin inhibitors; mixed cereals; rye; trypsin inhibitors; copigmentation; cyanidin-3-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 197081); delphinidin-3-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 165558); malvidin-3-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 11249520); organic acids; peonidin-3-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 14311152); petunidin-3-o-glucoside (pubchem cid: 176449); d-gluconic acid (pubchem cid: 10690); high pressure processing; raman microscopy; edible coating; aroma-active compounds; acylglycerol; capsianoside; hplc-esi-qtof-ms; e-nose; fermented glutinous rice; fu brick tea; adulteration with pork; food authentication; genomic dna extraction; melting curve analysis; sybr green pcr; sus scrofa; encapsulation efficiency; jujube; porous organic polymers; sorbent; triazines; p-dimethoxybenzene; citric acid sodium; green extractant; nature products; peanut seeds; pumpkin seeds; vegetable oils; carbaryl; chili; washing solution; myc2 transcription factor; tomato fruit; postharvest; psidium guajava l.; complementary food; alizarin red s; dried fruits and nuts; tiron; chinese jujube; peel coloration; postharvest storage; fresh-cut; polyphenol oxidase, visual quality; phytosterols; rhamp; β-casein; reference material; target hazard quotient; cellular imaging; coenzyme a; ratiometric nanosensor; white pepper; anti-listerial activity; nanovesicles; morus alba; prenylated flavonoid; arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides (axos); hpaec-pad; oligosaccharide separation; xylanase activity; xylo-oligosaccharides (xos); critic acid; hickory; processed fruit; routine analysis; muscle exudate; protein profile; cocoa bean peptides; crop consumption; quinoa flour; clean-up; graphene-based sol–gel hybrid adsorbent; nucleophiles; o-benzoquinones; red wine; gas chromatography atmospheric pressure chemical ionization high resolution mass spectrometry (gc-apci-hrms); methanesulfonic acid (pubchem cid: 6395); methylselenocysteine (pubchem cid: 147004); selenium enriched chlorella vulgaris; selenium enriched food supplement; selenium rich foods; selenized yeast; selenoamino acids; selenocysteine (pubchem cid: 6326983); selenomethionine (pubchem cid: 15103); 1,2-dichlorobenzene (pubchem cid: 7239); 1-octen-3-ol (pubchem cid: 18827); adsorption behavior; hexanal (pubchem cid: 6184); nonanal (pubchem cid: 31289); off-odor; silver carp; yeast β-glucan; class iv chitinase; frozen beans; ice recrystallization inhibition; seabuckthorn; extractability; skins; vitis vinifera; vegetable corn; cabernet sauvignon; color histogram; digital images; geographical origin indication; successive projections algorithm; syrah; touriga nacional; ft-icr mass spectrometry; nmr metabolic profiling; white celery; rice aging; rice noodles; technological properties; chemical conversions; functional microorganism; cell protection; oyster mushroom; supercritical extraction; lepisanthes fruticosa; neoagaro-oligosaccharides; tannic acid-modified fe(3)o(4) nanoparticles; β-agarase;