International journal of biological macromolecules
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ulakbim MEP: 622 Ödeme: 3110 Yılı: 2019
Short Name Int. J. Biol. Macromol.
Abbreviated Name Int. J. Biol. Macromol.
ISSN 1879-0003
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Keywords Antimicrobial activity; adsorption; Characterization; Schiff base; Antimicrobial; antibacterial; ionic liquid; toxicity; DNA repair; thermal stability; molecular docking; Nanocomposites; kinetics; nanoparticles; photocatalysis; nanofibers; molecular dynamics simulations; self-assembly; Proteomics; Diabetes; skin; green chemistry; gelatin; hydroxyapatite; DFT; inflammation; hydrogel; wound healing; anticancer; Silver nanoparticles; biomaterials; Rutin; Polyvinyl alcohol; Microwave; composite film; isotherms; water treatment; molecular weight; carboxymethyl cellulose; nanocomposite; alginate-chitosan; entrapment; lipase; stability; yarrowia lipolytica; protein aggregation; immobilization; immunomodulation; alzheimer disease; lignocellulose; mechanism; salt tolerance; caenorhabditis elegans; biological; apoptosis; oxidative stress; core-shell; colorectal cancer; next-generation sequencing; folic acid; protein-protein interactions; coprinus comatus; intracellular and extracellular; polysaccharides; allosteric regulation; chitosan; molecular dynamics (md) simulation; molecular dynamics simulation; antimicrobial peptides; Supercapacitor; reactive oxygen species; physicochemical properties; oil/water separation; insulin; transcriptome; protein stability; phylogeny; integrated photocatalytic composite adsorbent; methylene blue; crystallinity; 1,2,3-triazoles; biopolymer; click reaction; cu (i) nanoparticles; sma; antibacterial activity; optimization; heavy metal; cellulase; biofortification; biological activity; gastric environment; nanocarriers; oral delivery; stable; thermo-responsive; ph-responsive; polyurethane; tissue engineering; hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; jeffamine; micelle; topology; in vivo study; nipaam; thermosensitive hydrogels; cellulose nanocrystals; in situ gel; ophthalmic drug delivery; poloxamer; strawberry; food packaging; alzheimer's disease; phylogenetic analysis; dynamic mechanical analysis; miscibility; phase behavior; thermoplastic starch; x-ray diffractometry; graphene; docosahexaenoic acid (dha); nanodrug delivery system; zno nps; pd-1; proteome; aflatoxin b(1); chitin; urease; macrophages; phanerochaete chrysosporium; cell cycle; chitosan biopolymer; alginate/chitosan hydrogel; cell adhesion; chitosan structure; polyelectrolyte multilayers (pems) membrane; surface roughness; alginate; bionanocomposite; conductive polymers; foam; grafting degree; active packing; chinese hawthorn; biocompatibility; rheological properties; thiolated modification; chitosan beads adsorbent; diepoxyoctane cross-linker; spermine; cellular uptake; transcellular transport; sn(1-x)zn(x)o; zno; composite; orchis chusua d. don polysaccharide; ultrasonic-assisted extraction; nisin; adenine energetics; antioxidant enzymes; biostimulant; water deficit; nos2 reporter; suspension culture polysaccharides; microbial inactivation; acetaminophen; antioxidant capacity; abiotic stress; anti-aging; gracilaria lemaneiformis polysaccharide; catalytic activity; doxorubicin; hydrogen; fluorescence spectroscopy; subcellular localization; albumin; thermodynamics; differentiation; md simulation; cosmetics; biological activities; anti-tumor; starch; secretome; bacterial laccase; magnetic graphene oxide; antitumor efficacy; cellular uptake mechanism; heparosan polysaccharide; gene delivery; green synthesis; heterocycles; pla; auchenorrhyncha; fulgoridae; fulgoroidea; mitochondrial genome; uv; fatty acid; in vitro digestion; alzheimer's disease (ad); atomic force microscopy (afm); small angle x-ray scattering (saxs); tau protein; whey proteins; bioplastics; aryl glyoxals; heterogeneous organocatalysis; pyrano[3,2-c]chromenes; renewable feedstocks; sodium alginate; a549 cancer cells; copper oxide nanocomposite; pullulan; antivirus; foxo1; nrf2; pi3k/akt; sika deer antler protein; central composite design (ccd); cross-linked enzyme aggregate; l-methioninase; cell viability; hydrophobicity; sago starch; acid-etching; epoxidized soybean oil; superhydrophobic cotton fabric; carrageenan; green nanotechnology; magnetic nanoparticle; polysaccharide; phagocytic activity; immune regulation; digestibility; edible film; lactococcus lactis; interfacial activation; intermolecular crosslinking; prevention of enzyme release; solid phase chemical modification; aminated starch coated magnetic nanoparticles; hsa immobilization; polysaccharides modification; solvent free amination; solvent free surface functionalization; zein; a. melanogenum tn3-1; capsule shells; genome duplication; high pullulan producer; biological properties; bioactivities; starch derivatives; urea groups; fermented barley; shelf-life; antimycotic; nanoconjugates; practical application; c-type lectin; pharmaceutical activities; spirulina platensis; sulfated polysaccharide; film; cellulose; tetrastigma hemsleyanum tubers polysaccharide; chitosan nanoparticles; mitochondrial; organocatalysis; pi3k; structural characterization; l-asparaginase; trafficking; bsa; esterase-like activity; senps; biocomposites; cellulose microfibers; natural fiber; water hyacinth fiber; cycloaddition; antibacterial coatings; breath figures; porous films; coumarin; ras; fluorescence quenching; bunium persicum essential oil; chitosan nanopolymer; gellan gum; oligochitosan; barrier property; bilayer film; hps; talinum portulacifolium; antibacterial properties; natural polymer; superparamagnetic nanoparticle; biodegradable; rice starch; hybrid scaffold; thiazolotriazole; nettle; silk fibroin; aloe vera; biocompatible; food conservation; 2-acetylamino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole; zinc corrosion; antioxidant enzyme activity; antibacterial property; anticancer and antitumor; carboxymethyl chitosan; drug/enzyme delivery; laccaria; gene rearrangement; intron; dictyophora indusiata; carbohydrate-active enzymes; morphological development; emulsifier; camelina sativa; chitosan film; biodegradable films; aß(42) fibrils; thng; amylose-lipid complex; debranching time; potato starch; potato starch-based films; palygorskite; poly(vinyl alcohol); surface coating; komagataeibacter xylinus; bacterial nanocellulose; coconut water; low-nutrient adaptation; ultrafine nanofibrils; barrier properties; armillaria mellea polysaccharides; carbohydrate chemistry; concerted evolution; pleuronectiformes; scaffold; allosteric communication; allosteric effects; resistant starch; insect mitogenome; satyrinae; fibrillation; creatine; dihydropyridines; dioxo-decahydroacridine; hantzsch condensation reaction; polyhydroquinolines; alginic acid; hantzsch esters; polyhydroquinolines (phqs); anti-venom; fibrinogenolytic activity; pla2; crosslinked network wall; swelling mechanism; thinning process; polyphenolic compounds; one-step method; graft copolymerization; correlation analysis; multi-scale structure; waxy maize starch; noscapine; protein fibrillation inhibitors; protein ligands; autocleavage; structural stability; thermococcus kodakarensis; alpha-glucosidase; competitive inhibitor; xanthorrhoeaceae; biodegradable blends; macromolecules; pathogen recognition; portunus trituberculatus; gene knockout; anhydrosialidase; human sialidases; neuraminidase; pathogen sialidases; trans-sialidase; structural modification; cr(2)s(3)-co(3)o(4); grapefruit seed extract; hydrogel films; sodium carboxymethylcellulose; cod solubilization; h(2)o(2) dosage; marine macro algae; algal polysaccharides; antidiabetic effects; fine structure; high-temperature baking; viscoelastic; waxy rice powder; cd spectroscopy; serum albumin; basil seed gum; antibacterial biomaterial; human cervical cancer; polygonatum cyrtonema hua; mimosa tenuiflora; aspergillus sp.; fungus; glucan; nano/microfibers; atmospheric cold plasma (acp); cold tolerance; low temperature seedlings survivability; transgenic rice; bio-nanocomposite; chitosan nanofiber; cinnamon essential oil; nanostructure lipid carriers; 5-nitroisatin; surface adsorption; cross-link; recombinant col-ha; gel network structure; moisture migration; anticancer proteins; antioxidant agents, thermophilic proteins; c-phycocyanin; pb(ii); core-shell nanofibers; uio-66 metal organic framework; branched dna; enzyme-free; hiv detection; poly(acrylic acid); poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate); temperature/ph-sensitive copolymers; meat sausages; nanocellulose; physiochemical properties; human serum albumin; silver nanocluster; γ-globulin; biodegradable heterogeneous catalysis; chitosan supported copper(ii) sulfate (cscs); multicomponent reactions (mcrs); carbohydrate-binding module; hemicellulase; [email protected]; astaxanthin enriched emulsion; caco-2 cells; organic selenium; se-enriched grifola frondosa; selenium polysaccharide; transport and uptake; degradation modification; graft modification; fatty acid chain length; heart of p. dactylifera extract;