Photo Year Title Authors Volume Issue Pages
image not found 2019 Comparison of Ethylene Adsorption onto Activated Carbon Cloth and Granulated Activated Carbon in Dynamic Phase Firdevs MERT SİVRİ 4 1 1-5
image not found 2019 Formation and characterization of ZnS nanoclusters in the pore channels of mordenite zeolite Pirzada Afridi, Ka Ming Leung, Liam France, Vladimir L. Kuznetsov, Peter P. Edwards, Asel Sartbaeva, 4 1 6-10
image not found 2019 Immense industrialization and their air prominent pollutants effect on urban air quality index Rooh Ullah, Waqar uddin, Naeemullah, Saif Ullah, Muhammad Haroon, Shafiq Ur Rahman, Nasir Khan, Abdul Haseeb, Shahbano Ali Kashani, Ubang Jerome Etim, Fazle Subhan, 4 1 11-19
image not found 2019 Adsorption of Organic Dyes on Non-conventional and Inexpensive Adsorbent Salman Zafar, Inam ur Rahman, Aziz Khan, 4 1 20-23
image not found 2019 Tannic acid based gold nanosensor for selective detection of Hg+2 and Pefloxacine Dr. Hayat Ullah, Sehrish Qamar, Fahad Khan, Fazal Rahim, Anwar Shamim, Imad Uddin, Zia Ur Rehman, Fawad Ahmad, Muhammad Raza Shah, 4 1 24-31
image not found 2019 Synthesis and Molecular Docking Study of bis-thiobarbiturate Derivatives as Effective Inhibitors of beta-glucuronidase Dr. Hayat Ullah, Fahad Khan, Fazal Rahim, Zia Ur Rehman, Muhammad Taha, Abdul Wadood, Fawad Ahmad, Zainul Wahab, Imad Uddin, Khalid Zaman, 4 1 32-36