Photo Year Title Authors Volume Issue Pages
image not found 2020 Recent advances in iron catalyzed reactions in organic synthesis Farman Ullah Khan, Shahid Hameed, 5 2 42-52
image not found 2020 Synthesis, alpha-Glucosidase, Thymidine phosphorylase, Lipoxygenase Inhibitory Potentials of Thiobarbituric acid analogues and their Molecular docking studies Dr. Hayat Ullah, Fahad Khan, Muhammad Taha, Fawad Ahmad, Shafqat Hussain, Hidayat Ullah, Khalid Mohammad Khan, Fazal Rahim, Imad Uddin, Aftab Ahmad Khan, 5 2 53-60
image not found 2020 A dissymmetry in the figures re lated to the covid-19 pandemic in the world: what factors explain the difference between africa and the rest of the world? Cheikh Faye, Cheikh Tidiane Wade, Ibrahima Demba Dione, 5 2 61-70
image not found 2020 Evaluation of Drinking and Irrigation Water Quality for Selected Physiochemical Parameters of Darra Pezu and its Neighbouring Areas of the District Lakki Marwat Pakistan Sayyar Muhammad, Anwar Saeed Khan, Adnan Jalil, Sidra Bibi, Junaid Ihsan, Saad Anwar, Khushnood Ur Rehman, 5 2 71-77
image not found 2020 Process Optimization for Synthesis of Ni-based Compounds as Initiator, Primer/Detonator Shafi Ullah Khan, Muhammad Imran Ahmad, 5 2 78-78
image not found 2020 Removal of Electrolytes and E.coli from Groundwater through Nanofiltration Qazi Iqra 5 2 80-81