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Amidst the exponential growth in world population, the living standards have been raised profoundly owing to the unprecedented developments in Science and Technology. However, the humankind yet has to face great many challenges in furthering the growth and to sustain it by employing Science and Technology to search for cost effective, environment friendly and recyclable sources of supplies like materials, energy, food and water for the ever-growing population. As the global population is anticipated to exceed ten billion in the forthcoming couple of decades, the rule of Science, particularly the rule of Chemical Sciences is critical to ensure value added products for sustainable development of the society in harmony with the environment. In this context, the Department of Chemistry (Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan) is organizing a national conference on the theme “Chemistry for Growth and Sustainability” to discuss the challenges that Chemical Scientists will face in averting the multiple crises in materials, climate, energy, food and water sectors while ensuring sustainable growth for high living standards of the humankind.

The basic aim of the conference is to create an opportunity for the national researchers in academia and industry to interact and discuss the challenges and opportunities in Chemical Sciences on one hand, and on the other hand, to upgrade their knowledge and establish long term collaborations for technology transfer which is particularly important for the Pakistani researchers. The conference include plenary lectures by the leading experts in the field, invited talks of nationally acclaimed Chemical Scientists and contributed paper-presentations by the researchers from different fields of Chemical Sciences.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry of Islamia College Peshawar is one of the leading departments of Chemical Sciences in Pakistan. Presently, a significant number of students are enrolled in different programs of the Department including BS, M. Phil and PhD. A highly qualified faculty of 24 members of which 18 are PhD degree holder, are engaged for teaching activities of the Department under a dynamic leadership, and a very favorable student-faculty ratio is maintained so that to encourage a close contact between the students and their mentors. Besides teaching, the faculty is actively involved in research activities in different areas of Chemical Sciences, for example, organometallics, environmental, synthetic, natural products, bio and computational chemistry, nanomaterials, polymer etc. to address the challenges in sustainable growth of the society. For their outstanding work, many of the faculty members have won prestigious national and international awards.

Organizing Committee


Prof. Dr. Naushad Khan

Vice Chancellor

Islamia College Peshawar


Prof. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad


Faculty of Natural Sciences

Islamia College Peshawar

Chief Organizer

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Jan


Department of Chemistry

Islamia College Peshawar


Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Hameed Ullah

Associate Professor

Dr. Hamayun Khan

Associate Professor


  • Prof. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad
  • Prof. Dr. M. Tariq Jan
  • Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain
  • Dr. Hamayun Khan
  • Dr. Shabir Ahmad
  • Dr. Hameed Ullah
  • Dr. Sayyar Muhammad
  • Dr. Syed M. Salman
  • Dr. Muhammad Yousaf
  • Dr. Khalid Khan
  • Dr. Hameed Ullah
  • Dr. Syed Lal Badshah
  • Dr. Syed Shah Hassan
  • Dr. Asad Ullah
  • Dr. Sabiha Sultana
  • Dr. Behramand
  • Dr. Saima Gul
  • Dr. Akhtar Muhammad
  • Mr. Saleem Nawaz
  • Mr. Zaid Ullah
  • Mr. Kamal Uddin
  • Mr. Musawwir Shah
  • Mrs. Rukhsana Naz
  • Mrs. Neghat Nawaz



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