Chemical Biology, Diagnostics And Therapeutics

Research Interests

Specific research projects include:

Enzyme Catalysis: understanding enzyme catalysis, including reactive intermediates. Applications in inhibitor discovery and biocatalyst development for green biotransformations.

Protein-Protein Interactions: identification of cyclic peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interaction using a genetically encoded high-throughput screening platform; applications in cell biology, including cancer.

Post-translational Modifications: understanding the mechanisms of ubiquitin and its related enzymes, and carbohydrate processing enzymes.

Lipidomics: to explore the effect of reduced dimensionality and molecular crowding on the properties of complex reaction networks (and in particular biochemical reaction networks).

BioNanoPhotonics: expertise in Raman spectroscopy, molecular and chemical imaging, fabrication and characterisation of metallic nanomaterials for plasmonics. Application of spectroscopy to neuroscience, pulmonary diseases and regenerative medicine

Research Keywords
enzyme catalysis
protein-protein interactions
post-translational modifications