ACS applied materials & interfaces
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ulakbim MEP: 1.650 Ödeme: 7500 Yılı: 2020
Short Name ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Abbreviated Name acs-ami
ISSN 1944-8252
Aim and Scope ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces serves the interdisciplinary community of chemists, engineers, physicists and biologists focusing on how newly-discovered materials and interfacial processes can be developed and used for specific applications. The editors are proud of the rapid growth of the journal since its inception in 2009, both in terms of the number of published articles and the impact of the research reported in those articles. ACS AMI is also truly international, with the majority of published articles now coming from outside the United States, capturing the rapid growth in applied research around the globe. Details about the journal article types and submission requirements may be found in the Author Guidelines. The following journal TOC sections provide a high-level guide to the journal scope: Biological and medical applications of materials and interfaces Energy, environmental, and catalysis applications Functional inorganic materials and devices Organic electronic devices Functional nanostructured materials (including low-d carbon) Applications of polymer, composite, and coating materials Surfaces, interfaces, and applications
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