ACS applied materials & interfaces
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Short Name ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Abbreviated Name ACS-AMI
ISSN 1944-8252
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Keywords Alkaline hydrolysis; Hydrazone; adsorption; structure; ionic liquids; formaldehyde; Crystallization; antibacterial; ionic liquid; resistance; biofilm; Density functional theory; 1,2,3-Triazole; Migration; toxicity; Cancer; Click chemistry; 1,2,4-triazole; thermal stability; Machine learning; Mhealth; Electrical conductivity; bimetallic nanoparticles; hydrogen generation; nanoparticles; noble metals; photocatalysis; photooxidation; titanium (IV) oxide; bimetallic; colloidal synthesis; core−shell; electrocatalysis; structural evolution; flexible substrate; hydrogen production; gas sensor; [email protected]@satellite structure; heterogeneous catalysis; nanoreactors; pNIPAM microgels; silver satellites; thermo-responsive behavior; systematic review; Atrial fibrillation; hyaluronic acid; mobile phone; smartphone; mechanical properties; hydrogel; wound healing; Reduced graphene oxide; biomaterials; gene expression; Culture; oxidation; rats; conducting polymer; obesity; CVD; conducting egain/polymer; electrical interconnections; friction-induced circuit writing; liquid metal hydrogels; printable circuits; rewritable electric circuits; water-assisted erasing; flexible electronics; light-emitting devices; silver nanowires; stretchable electronics; transparent conducting electrodes; activity tracking; electronic textiles; health monitoring; nanomaterials; thermotherapy; auger recombination; domain size; microstructure factor; phosphorus doping profile; selective contact; silicon surface passivation; silicon thin film; current density; dye-sensitized solar cells; efficiency; gel polymer electrolytes; metal oxide nanoparticles; flexible optoelectronic device; flexible transparent conductor; low-emissivity coating; organic light-emitting diode; ultrathin silver film; icp; ipvd system; multilayer electrode; single-layer tsp; anion exchange membranes; redox-responsive membranes; stimuli-responsive membranes; transport properties; viologen; piezoresistive effect; co tolerant; alkali metals; carbonates; cathodes; perovskites; solid oxide fuel cells; sr segregation; heterointerface; nanofiber; oxygen reduction reaction; solid oxide fuel cell; electrical resistivity; field electron emission; microstructural evolution; nanocrystalline diamond nanoneedles; optical emission spectroscopy; plasma illumination; transmission electron microscopy; block copolymer; composite film; liquid metal; no resistance change; soft electronics; stretchable electrode; rapid response; capacitance; dye adsorption kinetics; emeraldine salt state; flexible composite electrode; pseudo-second order model; valence band; dna; pseudarthrosis; rhbmp-2; drug delivery; quantum dots; gold nanoparticles; gold; photothermal therapy; nanocomposite; nitrite; mts assay; ultrastability; wound healing assay; feed; microplastics; interface; encapsulation; stability; inkjet printing; self-concept; synergistic effect; cancer cluster; dendrochemistry; eastern cottonwood; scan statistic; trace metals; sers; dysphagia; surgical technique; sodium-ion batteries; china; serum; food additive; particle size; stress; molecular engineering; pregnancy; water splitting; bisphenol a; persulfate; solar-enhanced fenton-like process; water matrix; abiotic methane; carbon cycling; fluid inclusions; methane seeps; serpentinization; random forest; marine debris; guidelines; treatment; indian ocean; lagrangian analysis; ocean surface pathways; stokes drift; hepatocellular carcinoma; curcumin; mental health; intrinsically disordered protein; stigma; chitosan; targeted delivery; design; selectivity; image guidance; solar energy; intervention; proliferation; activation energy; concrete; mastication; oral; oropharynx; stage ii transport; nanocarrier; mdck cell model; snedds; in vitro lipolysis; in vitro-in vivo correlation; in vivo rat model; surface modification; peroxymonosulfate; fe(3)o(4)@[email protected](3)n(4); graphene oxide; phenol; layered double hydroxide; isotype heterojunction; macroscopic assembly; monolithic g-cn; preconcentrating photocatalysis; hexagonal boron nitride; regenerative medicine; zinc oxide; surface; p53; β-cyclodextrin; click reaction; 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition; cui; glycoconjugates; stereoselectivity; microstructure; informed consent; carbon nanotubes; flexible sensor; local synthesis; semiconductor nanowire; surface functionalization; fluorescence; carbon; mental disorders; cluster randomized trial; research ethics; body dissatisfaction; research ethics committee; antiviral therapy; contraception; electrolyte; polyurethane; controlled release; steganography; dna aptamer; aptasensing; encryption; fish pathogens; in vivo imaging; information hiding; 2d materials; tem; ergonomics; quality assurance; system performance; graphene; polyaniline; hydrogen evolution reaction; paclitaxel; resin composite; aflatoxin b1; food safety; multidrug resistance; biocl; oxygen vacancies; tio2; diatomite; sewage treatment; visible-light photocatalysis; coumarin-based photosensitive tether; harmonic nanoparticles; light-triggered uncaging; release quantification; bismuth ferrite film; diodelike effect; ferroelectric; oxygen vacancy; photovoltaic; nanowire; defects; iot; electron transfer; sustained release; photodynamic therapy; composite; thin film; pcs; atomic selectivity; atomic switch; low temperature measurement; metal sulfide; bilayer thick film; direct measurement; electrocaloric effect; lead-free ceramics; phase transition; relaxor ferroelectric; joule heating; nitrogen; executive control; acidity; acetaminophen; copper; doxorubicin; lipid peroxidation; brachytherapy; electronic skin; pten; hydrogen; synergistic therapy; regeneration; arousal; best1; best vitelliform macular dystrophy; photoreceptor outer segment length; outer nuclear layer thickness; spectral-domain optical coherence tomography; structure/function correlation; 2d; ruddlesden−popper; perovskite; radiation detection; solution-processed; surface engineering; naproxen; quercetagetin; matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-time-of-flight (maldi-tof) mass spectrometry; mycobacterium bovis; mycobacterium tuberculosis complex; bovine tuberculosis; computed tomography; combination therapy; muscle; redox potential; photoelectrochemical biosensor; flexible; image quality; shear strength; finite element analysis; friction and wear; gear; lubricant additives; micropitting; rolling contact fatigue; multistimuli-responsive surfaces; simple fabrication; superamphiphobicity; transformable re-entrant microstructures; wetting switching; p-glycoprotein; cr(vi) reduction; gene delivery; polysilsesquioxane nanoparticles; stimuli-responsive systems; triple-negative breast cancer; pacbio; biogenic amines; superhydrophobic; wisconsin card sorting test; conflict-induced behavioral adjustment; emotional modulation of cognitive functions; photostability; bioimaging; elastomeric composites; fabric reinforcement; human aorta; hyperelastic model; normothermic organ preservation; porcine aorta; potassium-ion batteries; luojia1-01 satellite; area consistency; background noise; cutoff threshold; feeble nighttime light; image composition; spatial correspondence; additive manufacturing; phytic acid; wsn; energy storage; membrane transport; photoluminescence; slm forming parts; critical refraction longitudinal wave; scanning strategies; dewetting; heterojunction; hybridization chain reaction; enzymatic activity; cascade uncage; combination cancer therapy; protein delivery; redox responsiveness; ascorbate; ferroptosis; protein folding; α-synuclein; cluster; vegetables; li-ion batteries; anode; led diodes; molds; photocatalytic activity; silver particles; titanium(iv) oxide; fracture toughness; 4-nitrophenol reduction; mn(3)o(4); n-doped carbon coating; pdcu alloy; heterogeneous catalyst; energy density; borazine; boron; catalysts and semiconductor; co-doped; structure controllability; molecular biophysics; protein translocation; structural biology; colloids; digital microfluidics; electrowetting; interfaces; lab on a chip; optoelectronics; 2d cu-n-c nanodisks; interconnected hierarchical porous topology; metal-organic frameworks-derived biomimic nanostructures; road safety; cognitive styles; probe; strain sensors; crack propagation; synchrotron; titanium dioxide; bacterial infection; conductive microfiber; electronic textile; motion sensing; stretchable microtube; wearable microfluidics; piezoelectric transducer; magnetic hyperthermia; raman; zno nanoparticles; plasma treatment; heart; lungs; mirnas; ncrnas; photodetectors; mri-compatible robotic system; mri-guided prostate biopsy; image-guided surgery; piezoelectric actuation; combined driving mode; liquid crystal; micropump; respiratory virus; charge transfer; intelligent nanosystem; prussian blue; ceria anchoring; confined pyrolysis; core−shell structures; lithium-ion battery; thin films; biomass upgrading; electrochemistry; photocatalytic co2 reduction; plasmonic coupling effect; platinum; polyethylene glycol; duckweeds; silver nanowire; composite nanoparticles; layer-by-layer stepwise deposition; zein; electrical stimulation; mno2 nanosheets; near-infrared light; cnt/pani; flexible batteries; lithium-metal anodes; nanoarray; organic cathode; stable performance; lithium ion batteries; mobile apps; indomethacin; protein conformation; tannic acid; electrical double-layer technique; one dimension; single-wall carbon nanotubes; thermoelectric; microfabrication; society; functional coatings; passive cooling and heating; phase change materials (pcms); thermal comfort; thermoregulating textiles; condensation; hierarchical nanostructured surface; jumping droplets; nucleation control; spontaneous droplet movement; dna tetrahedral nanostructure; g-quadruplex; framework nucleic acid; zeolites; 3d n-doped hybrid; strong coupling effect; ultra-high current density; image sensor; low voltage; organic electrochemical transistors; organic phototransistors; volumetric transport; adenosine triphosphate; tungsten oxide; gras; antigen delivery; immune enhancer; immune protection; oral vaccination; synthetic adjuvant; tailorable structures; thc; anti-graffiti; anti-smudge coatings; chemical shielding; hyperbranched polyester; mechanical robustness; self-cleaning; nanoapplications; nanoparticle single layer; omni-adhesive protein; codoping; hydrochloric acid; antioxidant protection; joining strength; nanorobotic manipulation; polyvinyl pyrrolidone (pvp)-coated nanoelectrodes; self-soldering; vacuum contact annealing; organic solar cells; flexible electroluminescent devices; low coefficient of thermal expansion; transparent electrode; veneer; immunoassay; recombination; zn−air battery; bifunctional catalyst; perovskite oxide; near-infrared; plzt 9/65/35 thick film; electrocaloric refrigeration; energy-storage performance; multifunctional capacitors; relaxor fe; m-cuk-1; sapo-34; coefficient of performance; metal−organic framework; water sorption; adsorption heat exchanger; emulsion templating; heat pumps; magnetic alignment; spinal fusion; confinement; chemosensitization; magnetoliposomes; nanofluidics; organic contaminants; hapc; niobium-based alloy; plasma spray; benzenesulfonamide; ca isoforms; carbonic anhydrase inhibitors; tail approach synthesis; estrogen; dual-cross-linked; nanosilicate; stem cell recruitment; color centers; nanometer-scale sensing; nitrogen-vacancy centers; ph measurements; mos2; dose; electrochemical sensing; lspr; assistive technology product; product semantic; epoxy resins; dental; ball screw; carbon fiber reinforced plastics; thermal deformation; ceo; nicop; p-filling; au/p-tio; ipa degradation; hole transfer; interband transition; metal-induced photocatalysis; p-type tio; cellulose scaffold densification; glass fiber alternative; high fiber volume content; interpenetrating composites; natural fiber composites; nonunion; cathode; hydrothermal synthesis; microwave-assisted synthesis; diffusion-limited crystallization; glass-transition temperature; non-fullerene acceptor; organic solar cell; thermally stable photovoltaics; ambient stability; conductive; crystalline silicon solar cell; cuprous iodide; hole-selective contact; metal matrix composites (mmcs); bone regeneration; cannabis breathalyzer; gas adsorption; metal−organic frameworks; tetrahydrocannabinol; fruit; lini0.8co0.1mn0.1o2; lithium-ion batteries; perovskite-like; structure stability; hard carbon; rate capability; sodium-ion battery; solid electrolyte interface; 3d carbon networks; feni-mil-88b; bamboo-like carbon nanotube; electromagnetic wave absorbing; rna editing; borole; charge capacity; electron affinity; solvation energy; gold nanoparticle; proton-coupled electron transfer; reforming; antibacterial surface; carbazole; photodynamic inactivation; polymeric films; porphyrin; pomcp; catalytic mechanism; p-benzoquinone; polyoxometalate; lng-ius; levonorgestrel intrauterine system; menstrual bleeding; menstrual pattern; menstrual spotting; co2-response; aggregation-induced emission (aie); cancer cell; ccs = capacitive coupling stimulation; dcs = direct current stimulation; ics = inductive coupling stimulation; pemf = pulsed electromagnetic field; capacitive sensor; dielectric losses; dielectric measurement; edible oils; relative permittivity; total polar compounds; diathermy; laser speckle contrast imaging; perfusion imaging; physical therapy modality; regional blood flow; skin temperature; 2-aminoterephthalic acid; fluorescent immunoassay; hela cells; test strip; eu-nano-trfia; europium label; nanospheres; total aflatoxin; label-free; fluorescent probe; coating; co-delivery system; core−shell nanoparticle; mobile ct; flexible substrates; laser processing; multifunctional sensors; screen-printing; achillin; nmc; high rate; lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide; preferential crystal orientation; inhaled corticosteroids; biocompatible; exhaled breath condensate; cofeo; anisotropic graphene aerogel; catalytic degradation; confirmation; haversian canals; human cortical bone; collagen cross-links; osteocytes lacunae; paired anatomical locations; synchrotron micro-computed tomography; intron; body change behaviors; college men; connectedness to nature; intrapreneurial self-capital (isc), well-being at work; primary prevention perspective; promoting health among workers; drug loading; capacitive flexible tactile sensor; conductive sponge; high sensitivity; low detection limit; porous dielectric layer; synergy effect; 3-d network; microsupercapacitor; microelectronics; microcoils; printed circuit boards; 2d graphene nano ribbon networks; chemical vapour deposition; graphene nano ribbons; field-effect transistors; gallium selenide; indium selenide; stable electronics; nonlinear optical; optical modulation; semiconductor nanocrystals; superbroadband; ultrafast photonics; kpfm; mocvd; sns; van der waals heterojunction; 3d wettability-induced sequential assembly; organic field-effect transistors; organic p−n heterojunction; organic semiconductor; two-component single crystal array; glass fiber; r-curve; restorative materials; dssc; co-vsex; pt-free catalysts; bifunctional electrocatalysts; hydrogen evolution reactions; triple-shelled nanocages; hole-hopping; steric effects; x-ray photoelectron; antibacterial thin film; sputtered cuxo-feox-pet; ultrafast spectroscopy; tio2 nanoparticle enhancement; linker rpa; versatile bioassays; chloroplast genome; spirulina; chemo-photothermal therapy; magnetic microrobots; magnetic target; phase shift; triple-modal imaging; bipolar electrogram; conduction velocity; directional sensitivity; substrate mapping; fullerene decorated au [email protected]; p-type pbs quantum dots; signal indicator; signal quencher; wood; ion imprinted polymer; screen-printed gold electrode; self-assembled monolayer; photodetector; mwcnt; steglich esterification; two-dimensional materials; li4ti5o12; nh4f; anode material; surface fluorination; water adsorption; 3d-structured; carbonized sunflower heads; hierarchical pores; large water/air interface; lost energy reabsorption; aggregation of dye; charge injection; charge recombination; unsymmetrical squaraines; cose nanoparticles; counter electrode; dye sensitized solar cell; multiwalled carbon nanotube fiber; platinum-free; cds; selective oxidation; visible light-driven photocatalyst; ion transport; abc transporter; clostridium thermocellum; cryoem; p3ht; non-fullerene acceptors; heterogeneous stochastic frontier model; output elasticity; substitution elasticity; synergetic conservation; water-energy nexus; bimetallic alloys; colloidal nanoparticles; antimony anode; fluoroethylene carbonate; solid electrolyte interphase; lanthanide; amof; intrusion detection systems; linear regression; bacteria and zebrafish; bioimaging in living cells; hypochlorous acid/hypochlorite; ratiometric and colorimetric; mda-mb-231 cells; drug delivery carrier; superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle; exhaled nitric oxide; luminescent solar concentrators; poly(methyl methacrylate); silicon quantum dots; bacteria removal; graphene aerogel; liquid food safety; debye length; chocolate; bone cancer treatment; bone-cancer-related inflammation; few-layer black phosphorus; tissue regeneration; cnt yarn; bioinspired; spring-like structure; superelastic; wearable conducting fiber; wrapping; benzo[1,2-b:4,5-c′]dithiophene-4,8-dione; donor polymers; nonfullerene solar cells; thieno[3,4-b]thiophene; solar cell; operon; cigs microscopy; cathodoluminescence; defect characterization; epitaxial cigs; bone tissue regeneration; mesoporous bioglass; periosteum; fe−n−c catalyst; ionomer; platinum group metal-free; polymer electrolyte fuel cell; n-rich [email protected] carbon; tnt detection; zno nanowire arrays; graphene fiber; microelectrode; scanning tunneling microscopy; capacitive pressure sensor; nylon netting; sandwich-like structure; [email protected]; lateral flow assay; magnetic sers strip; bronchial asthma; copper oxide; surface reaction; high-throughput experimentation; organic photovoltaics; photosystem-ii; energy system; solar light conversion; nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide; quaternary-n; wafer-scale fabrication; schottky junction; photovoltage; germanium quantum dots; graphene/zinc-oxide heterostructure; infrared photodetector; micron-size device; silicon nanowires; building materials; embryo-fetal development; oxynitrides; particle-based photoanodes; surface modifications; water oxidation catalyst; chemo-hyperthermia therapy; dual-mode mr/x-ray imaging; gold nanoshells; thermosensitive magnetoliposomes; mercapto functional azoles; transparent heater; dsn; mir-10b; mirna sensing; colorimetric response; asymmetric structural design; high efficient; microcavity; narrow band; organic ultraviolet emission; pure color; μsaxs; polymer nanocomposites; boronic acid; carbon quantum dots (cqds); human coronavirus (hcov); multivalent interactions; field effect transistor; acid-washing; atomically dispersed ni; chronoamperometry; cyclic voltammetry (cv); methanol tolerance; non-precious orr catalyst; proton exchange membrane fuel cells (pemfc); co2 water bath therapy; bain thérapeutique d’eau au co2; blood flow in hind limb; circulation sanguine dans la patte postérieure; densité vasculaire du muscle squelettique; ischémie périphérique; lipides plasmatiques et glucose; peripheral ischemia; plasma lipids and glucose; skeletal muscle vascular density; cmos–soi–mems; pt nanoparticle; catalytic gas sensor; 3d conformal porous microstructure; breath figure; modified fabric; oil−water separation; self-powered sensor; force sensors; polydimethylsiloxane; vertically aligned carbon nanotubes; fluidic diode; ion current rectification; mesopore; ceramic/polymer composites; dielectrics; printed capacitors; carbon fiber reinforced plastic; laser pretreatment; diameter modulation; dielectrophorestic alignment; transfer method; desupersaturation kinetics; active pharmaceutical ingredients; crystal-growth kinetics; cellulose oxidation; cellulose oxidation; hydrazide; hydrazide; microgels; microgels; wet adhesion; gao; moiré patterns; self-organization; apical periodontitis; bay apical cyst; endodontic infection; true apical cyst; end user evaluation; intersections; sociotechnical systems theory;