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Saymatik - SCI Coin Wallet Released : We have released the Saymatik, wallet for SCI coins at Samsung Galaxy Store. Check it out. (2022-10-09 08:17:30)
deTamga - Blockchain based timestamps for journals : SciMatic has released the blockchain based time stamps at deTamga. These timestamps are immutable and stays in the blockchain. (2022-05-12 13:17:05)
SciMatic Blockchain : We have launched our own blockchain network. All those who have bought SCI tokens, will replace with SCI coin for free. (2021-11-18 11:59:20)
Improofer - Proofreading Services : We are providing proofreading and translation services at Improofer (2021-10-04 09:40:50)
SCI Token Sale : SCI token sale started at (2021-07-17 14:21:34)

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