Proofreading Services : We have started proofreading services at improofer.com (2020-08-28 09:48:07)
New Website for Semester Manager : Brand new website of Semester Manager is ready. Go to SemesterManager.com (2020-08-28 01:52:57)
ImProofer : ImProofer.com will be live very soon. Here you can find proofreading services or offer your services. (2020-07-12 20:34:16)
TeamPot : TeamPot.net will be online very soon. You can manage your research group from here for free. (2020-07-12 20:33:08)
Semestermanager.com : semestermanager.com is now live. (2020-07-03 22:23:18)
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We are publishing a list of journals. To submit your manuscript to any journal, Login and go to Manuscripts Panel. If you want to join the editorial board of any journal, contact the admin or editor
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scimatic Manuscript Manager (PMM) is a unique writing tool for researchers. You do not need to write in MS Word or any other software to submit your manuscript. You write in PMM. It will deal all the formatting. Image not found
IUPAC definitions
Dipole-dipole Intermolecular or intramolecular interaction between molecules or groups having a permanent electric dipole moment. The strength of the interaction depends on the distance and relative orientation of the dipoles. The term applies also to intramolecular interactions between bonds having permanent dipole moments.
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Write your thesis, enter your data and do not worry about the format. STARA system automatically create your thesis as PDF.
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We offer different services related to scientific writings. That includes help in write projects, thesis, reports, technical and language corrections in research papers and translations (Turkish to English and vice versa)
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