Research Interests

I have done my PhD in Organic Chemistry (December, 2013) from Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan; in addition to my BSc and MSc degrees. I have isolated a novel and reported bioactive compounds from various natural sources. During my PhD, I worked in a international research centre at ICCBS HEJRIC Karachi, Pakistan and have 9 years phytochemical & mycochemical investigations experience. Overall, I possess a total of 12 years research/teaching experience including 4 years of Post-doctorate in Turkey under the TUBITAK 2216 program.  I have excellent skills to characterized natural products through NMR, ESI-MS/MS, MALDI-TOF, FAB (+ and -) and EI-MS.


I have published 19 research papers in reputed international journals of impact factor, an invited book chapter and am an reviewer for somefield related journals of international repute. During my career, I have achieved/received various scholarships  at both national and international levels including Junior Research Fellowship (ICCBS HEJRIC, Pakistan), Research Support for foreigners 2012-2016 (TUBITAK 2216, Turkey).

Currently, I am working as Assistant Professor at the Departmento of Chemistry since January 2017.

Research Keywords
fab (+ and -) and ei-ms.