Carrero Group - Heterogeneous Catalysis

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the design and synthesis of active, selective/productive, and stable solid catalysts for the upgrading of (unconventional) crude oil, biomass-derived constituents, and natural gas. We are inspired by industrially attractive reactions that positively impact both current and future society. We also implement fundamental experiments to improve and/or develop more efficient and sustainable catalytic processes. Initially, we aim to identify active/selective catalysts (screening) and develop in-situ/operando spectroscopy methodologies to gather molecular, structural, and mechanistic insights for targeted relevant reactions. Temporarily, we are also exploring new areas for chemical energy conversion and synthesis of liquid energy carriers. We endeavor to establish unique strategies to develop quantitative structure-activity/selectivity relationships for relevant catalytic processes. Moreover, Carrero’s group is always looking for highly motivated and passionate master’s and doctorate students, postdoctoral researchers, and visitors (high school students, teachers, international researchers, among others) to join our group and actively participate in our research projects. Join us and enjoy research, catalysis and science!

Research Keywords
organic synthesis
heterogeneous catalysts
upgrading of crude oil