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Keywords chemistry; Ecology; Zoology; microscopy; prevalence; Susceptibility; toxicity; Prevention; Risk factors; Screening; statistics; Nursing; Education; clinical trials; Mhealth; eHealth; Microbiology; Pharmacy and materia medica; Therapeutics. Pharmacology; hospital; Pregnant women; Iran; Infectious and parasitic diseases; Biology (General); Botany; Veterinary medicine; Medicine (General); Medicine; Technology (General); Chemical technology; Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General); Information technology; Biotechnology; Technology; Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering; Descriptive and experimental mechanics; patient satisfaction; cost-effectiveness; Epidemiology; meta-analysis; systematic review; Pediatrics; Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics; Science; Diabetes; surgery; safety; Agriculture (General); Dentistry; social media; internet; adult; telemedicine; e-health; Facebook; mobile health; health promotion; randomized controlled trial; Other systems of medicine; Immunologic diseases. Allergy; Medical technology; İslam; SEM; Turkey; Monoclonal antibody; urban; attitude; motivation; Evaluation; Nigeria; maternal health; breastfeeding; training; body mass index; obesity; overweight; burnout; Adolescent; Children; Attitudes; Practice; environmental effects of industries and plants; renewable energy sources; environmental sciences; geography (general); environment; particulate matter; child; acute toxicity; general works; otorhinolaryngology; plant ecology; pakistan; suicide; blood pressure; ethiopia; nepal; perception; health education; pre-cervical cancer; pre-cervical cancer screening; reproductive health; psychology; neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry; neurology. diseases of the nervous system; neoplasms. tumors. oncology. including cancer and carcinogens; food security; testing; business; economics as a science; nutrition. foods and food supply; nutritional diseases. deficiency diseases; diabetes mellitus; agriculture; academic performance; cognition; depression; adolescence; childhood; hiv; public aspects of medicine; psychiatry; human settlements. communities; gynecology and obstetrics; elderly; nutrition; health inequalities; lifestyle; mediation; public health; access; social sciences (general); water supply for domestic and industrial purposes; education (general); mortality; childhood obesity; global health; india; child health; refugees; sub-saharan africa; general. including nature conservation, geographical distribution; diseases of the respiratory system; climate change; resilience; racial disparities; finance; ghana; china; anthropology; social sciences; economic theory. demography; commerce; management. industrial management; developing countries; occupational health; anesthesiology; health care workers; middle east respiratory syndrome; arctic medicine. tropical medicine; type 2 diabetes; glycemic index; glycemic load; gestational diabetes; stress; pregnancy; telecommunication; electronics; preparedness; surveillance; violence; zika virus; plant culture; philology. linguistics; history (general) and history of europe; applied optics. photonics; forestry; smoking; tuberculosis; electronic cigarettes; perceptions; social norms; young adult; haze; behaviour change; black african and caribbean; com-b; complex lifestyle intervention; ethnicity; participatory methods; adolescents; adolescent health; health policy; health disparities; cost-utility analysis; cardiovascular disease; human immunodeficiency virus; social pathology. social and public welfare. criminology; sociology (general); transportation engineering; equity; built environment; contextual factors; south africa; physical geography; sexual and reproductive health; governance; hospitals; decision making; law; colorectal cancer; adherence; physiology; psychosocial factors; folic acid; hiv prevention; maternity leave; health; mental health; parents; physicians; schools; sick leave; utilization; childhood vaccination; low-and-middle-income countries; family; reliability; validity; morbidity; healthcare; economic growth, development, planning; political science; family planning; integration; immunization; global mental health; hiv/aids; social support; stress disorders; communication. mass media; special aspects of education; men who have sex with men; poverty; computer engineering. computer hardware; mathematics; electronic computers. computer science; industrial engineering. management engineering; australia; complementary feeding; factors associated; infant and young child feeding; malnutrition; early initiation; rural; primary health care; biochemistry; environmental health; africa; animal culture; sports medicine; ethnology. social and cultural anthropology; political science (general); urban infrastructure; self-efficacy; self-management; engineering machinery, tools, and implements; technological innovations. automation; mining engineering. metallurgy; big data; gender; transportation and communications; health status; pathology; diseases of the genitourinary system. urology; communication; vitamin a deficiency; indigenous foods; orthopedic surgery; survival; coastal; radon; feedback; social return on investment; economic evaluation; intervention; process evaluation; geography. anthropology. recreation; c-reactive protein; atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; incidence; physical activity; knowledge; policy; tobacco-free; tobacco; law in general. comparative and uniform law. jurisprudence; life table analysis; evolution; hydraulic engineering; exercise; human trafficking; bibliography. library science. information resources; kenya; sexual behavior; philosophy. psychology. religion; socioeconomic factors; ethics; qualitative research; interviews; vaccines; philosophy (general); decision-making; consciousness. cognition; theory and practice of education; social casino games; hostility; health literacy; immigrants; parenting; violence against children; health professionals; focus groups; medication adherence; noncommunicable diseases; samoa; young children; palliative care; life satisfaction; subjective well-being; qualitative study; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; indigenous; visual arts; health systems; barriers; women’s health; rwanda; older adult; incarceration; accounting. bookkeeping; international relations; advocacy; millennium development goals; qualitative; personnel management. employment management; patients; terminology; copd; teachers; workplace; implementation; sedentary behavior; labor. work. working class; industrial psychology; mental disorders; industrial medicine. industrial hygiene; young adults; school; mixed methods; sweden; cluster randomized trial; inequality; asia pacific; low and middle income countries; smoking-attributable mortality; taxation; compliance; behavioural insights; invitation letters; nhs health checks; planning prompts; pre-notifications; reminders; sms; text messages; uptake; quality of care; alcohol; guideline; mass media; malaysia; sex education; maternal mortality; latin america; smoking cessation; inequalities; affordable care act; emergency department encounters; health maintenance organization; opioids; sendero health plans; cancer prevention; consolidated framework for implementation research; extension; socioeconomic; obesity prevention; global fund; observational; teacher; pmtct; re-aim; vulnerable populations; student; vocational rehabilitation. employment of people with disabilities; privatisation; non-communicable diseases; tanzania; ultrafiltration; military science; vibrio fischeri; cameroon; community engagement; chronic diseases; digital health; gambling; health communication; trends; health inequality; retention; hospital staff; needs assessment; post-traumatic; research design; terrorist attack; web questionnaire; cause of death; ageing; emerging infectious diseases; tobacco use; gender equality; gender-based violence; mali; school absenteeism; behavioral health; digital media; health information sources; information seeking; instagram; school children; community development; coverage; risk perception; burkina faso; race/ethnicity; discrimination; construction industry; national health service; public policy; social legislation; insomnia; middle east; social networks; associated factors; ambassadors; tobacco control; youth smoking; inpatient; health equity; resource allocation; production management. operations management; complex intervention; eradication; environmental contamination; vietnam; alignment; acculturation; food insecurity; glucose; prospective study; sedentary time; television time; activpal; prison; determinants; cfa; childhood cancer; family caregivers; psychometric properties; social desirability; cohort studies; floods; american indian; participation; critical interpretative synthesis review; health behaviours; zimbabwe; cities; theory of planned behavior; preference; mitigation; hiv testing; latino; child development; health personnel; anaemia; england; text messaging; concentration index; household air pollution; harm reduction; feasibility; methamphetamine; primary prevention; social exclusion; barrier; enabler; cultural context; accountability; longevity; pastoralism; health disparity; elicitation; blended learning; intention; antenatal care; intimate partner violence; tablet technology; video intervention; culture sensitivity; deprivation; nutritional status; public health policy; work conditions; kala-azar; iron deficiency; violence against women; density; aboriginal; adolescent female; school-based intervention; street food; sarcopenia; solid waste management; enteric infections; flooding; open drains; pediatric health; journalism. the periodical press, etc.; abstinence; life expectancy; asfs consumption; ethiopian orthodox lent fasting; lactating mothers; underweight; stunting; decomposition; media; recruitment; advertising and promotion; tobacco industry; preschool children; facilitators; posttraumatic stress disorder; secondhand smoke; cardiovascular health; perpetration; undergraduates; people who inject drugs; geriatric; dietary diversity; postmenopausal women; condenser water; groundwater pollution; underground coal gasification; substance misuse; natural disasters; developing country; consumers; antenatal depression; women of reproductive age; practices; cape verde; kap; malaria elimination; valuation; child maltreatment; andersen’s behavioral model; consistent condom use; hierarchical logistic regression; market; perceived behavioral control; subjective norms; healthcare system, switzerland; healthy life expectancy; clients of female sex workers; hiv infection; risk sexual behaviors; lmic; austerity; social cure; social groups; priority setting; geographic; unmet needs; food systems; intestinal worm infection; low iq; socio-demographic factors; community-dwelling older adults; personal exposure; nutrition education; cross-sector; implementation strategies; the performing arts. show business; drug users; myanmar; public health approach; physical functioning; after-school; teaching assistants; health-care politicians; information and communication technology; electronic gambling machine (egm); socioeconomic status (ses); minimum wage; iron salts; use medication; vitamins; personal protective behaviors; sexual transmission; zika knowledge; zika prevention; yunnan; food tax; public support; discourse network analysis; media content analysis; sdil; ssb tax; uk soft drinks industry levy; unhealthy commodity industries; supply-side tobacco control; direct observation; omci; responsive caregiving; food systems research; indigenous communities; nutritional deficiencies; neoliberalism; hiv cure; cotinine; disaster management; health system; formal healthcare; formal healthcare utilisation; older person; food safety attitude; food safety behavior; food safety knowledge; handan city; vendors; response; female sex workers; caribbean; key populations; appalachia; smoking status; psychosocial stimulation; seasonal unconditional cash transfers; whatsapp; green open space; order probit; social ecology theory; achievement; resistance exercise; multigroup analysis; impact evaluation; eating disorder; fitspiration; influencer; fas; fasd; gender equity; women’s empowerment; community mental health; gender relations; women’s autonomy; park physical activity; park use; soparc; overseas development assistance; patient associations; restaurants; smartphone apps; livestock products value chain; pastoral systems economies; payment schemes; scarce natural resources; goiter; context; costing; comorbidities; acute myocardial infarction (ami); smoke-free legislation; social security; undergraduate students; capacity development; first nations; co-creation; thinness; alcohol consumption; global health security agenda; international health regulations; joint external evaluation; multisectoral; national action plan; association; park-based physical activity; health workforce development; sexual practices; real-life setting; viral suppression; linkage to care; psychiatric nurses; medical doctors/dentists; news; physical rehabilitation; department; frail; ward; unhealthy lifestyle; zinc deficiency; availability of equipment; ease of access to medications; free care; provider behavior; provider communication skill; healthy eating habits; technology-based intervention; mass intervention; youth health care; sociodemographics; occupational injuries; wisconsin; biomass fuel; hemoglobin a1c; metabolic health; machine design and drawing; product monographs; antenatal care attendance; early childhood hiv testing; vertical transmission of hiv; common mental disorders; return to work; setting; stakeholders’ perceptions; temporary workers; unemployed workers; social enterprise; retail; information demand; study protocol; weight reduction programs; mastery goals; performance goals; smoking behavior; coal mining; health access; respiratory mortality; construction workers; linear models; dietitian; poker; simulated gambling; slots; digitalisation; organisational capacity development; south-south cooperation; barriers to hiv care linkage; facilitators to hiv care linkage; severe acute malnutrition; under-five children; fruit and vegetable consumption; social impact assessment; community kitchens; demographic health survey; non-participation; old age inequality; self-selection; beverage type; hospital admission; record linked; health finance; neonatal health; harar; tb treatment outcome; tb- hiv co-infected; home deliveries; home-based hiv counselling and testing; paediatric hiv; women delivering at home; health access to health services; health service delivery; greater mekong subregion; scan statistics; spatial-temporal cluster; microfiltration; head injury; beverages; stop tb partnership; united nation high-level meeting; healthy eating blogs; air humidification; bronchiectasis; dietary protein intake; hls-eu; self-reported competencies; parental views; routine measurement programmes; returnees; urban park; crowdsourcing contests; child nutritional status; male involvement; sgbv; cardiology/cardiovascular disease; home health monitoring; coverage gap index; districts; rmnch; spatial; mixed-culture sample; psychosocial and perceived environmental factors; online news media; mental ill health; motorcycle helmet type; motorcyclist injury severity; parent- adolescent communication; alcohol monopoly; policy modelling; corporate apologia; crisis communication; sugar industry; parent-child relationship; aftercare provider; aftercare shelter; human trafficking survivor; e-cigarette advertisements; peer crowd; psychographic targeting; targeted communication; thalassemia; cessation service; randomized controlled study; integrative data analysis; multinational; mandatory regulation; promotions; socio-demographic; culture of health; hawaii; sustained viral suppression; workplace health promotion; offense characteristics; perceived dangerousness; victim age; victim gender; hiv positivity; hiv testing and linkage cost; social franchise; adverse birth outcomes; review of reviews; victimisation; acetonitrile (pubchem cid:6342); bioprocessing scale-down; cross-flow filtration; igg (pubchem cid:190955); lysozyme (pubchem cid:24839946); polymethyl methacrylate (pubchem cid:6658); tangential flow filtration; trifluoroacetic acid (pubchem cid:6422); asella; benefit incidence analysis; elderly in india; community health strategy; aristolochia baetica l.; aristolochia longa l.; bryonia dioica jacq.; hk-2 cells; misidentification; durable viral suppression; work schedule tolerance; effectiveness evaluation; organizational level intervention; health and wellbeing; paid work time; marsabit county; vl case management; visceral leishmaniasis (vl); preschool child; fruits/vegetables; kids’ meals; restaurant menus; side dishes;