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Aim and Scope Aims Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220) provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of sensors. It publishes reviews (including comprehensive reviews on the complete sensors products), regular research papers and short notes. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. The full experimental details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced. There are, in addition, three unique features of this journal: Manuscripts regarding research proposals and research ideas are particularly welcome. Electronic files and software providing full details of calculation and experimental procedures can be deposited as supplementary material. We also accept manuscripts regarding research projects financed with public funds in order that reach a broader audience. Scope Physical sensors Chemical sensors Biosensors lab-on-a-chip Remote sensors Sensor networks Smart/Intelligent sensors Sensor devices Sensor technology and application Sensing principles Optoelectronic and photonic sensors Optomechanical sensors Sensor arrays and Chemometrics Micro and nanosensors Internet of Things Signal processing, data fusion and deep learning in sensor systems Sensor interface Human-Computer Interaction Advanced materials for sensing Sensing systems MEMS/NEMS Localization and object tracking
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Keywords analysis; Hydrazone; adsorption; Ecology; 3d printing; resistance; Simulation; Susceptibility; Deep learning; artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Transfer learning; Education; Robotics; ADC; ENOB; edge artificial intelligence (AI); low power; low quantization; sensor failure; sensor fusion; thermal noise; support vector machine; eHealth; artificial neural network; ITS; identification; Iran; nanoparticles; Biosensor; Modified electrode; gas sensor; systematic review; EEG; Neural network; Convolutional neural network; stroke; Diabetes; safety; telemedicine; smartphone; validation; Composite Materials; energy consumption; Tourism; identity; attitude; Management; Image processing; Defect detection; Integer Programming; electric vehicles; Kinect; Landsat; Fuzzy logic; Hadoop; convolutional neural networks; current; artificial neural networks; polymer; RFID; liquid metal; strain sensor; mercury; porosity; capacitance; vocs; quantum dots; nanotechnology; environmental detection; nanocomposite; energy efficiency; electronic tongue; anxiety; quality of life; wheelchair; interface; feature weighting; inventory; sentiment analysis; augmented reality; open source; semantic; monitoring; edge detection; prediction; arima; diabetes mellitus; personalized medicine; elderly; public health; biomedical signal processing; detection; cocoa beans; climate change; vulnerability; 5g; cmos integration; lna; q-factor; rf-mems transformer; rfic; balun; coupling coefficient; interleaved layout; modeling; monolithic; on-chip transformer; power gain; self-resonance frequency; stacked layout; transformer characteristic resistance; urbanization; architecture; stress; heart rate; bisphenol a; privacy; surveillance; atomic force microscopy; accuracy; ssr; bangladesh; risk; remote sensing; uncertainty; lidar; gel-based proteomics; plant proteomics; shotgun proteomics; temperature; modis; random forest; influencing factors; environmental engineering; ultrasound; utility; immunosensor; accessibility; equity; population data spatialization; urban park green space; hydrology; fragmentation; gis; uav; urban vegetation; learning; sustainability; land surface temperature; collaboration; community structure; survey; multi-layer perceptron; Wireless sensor networks; Internet of Things; Fog computing; physiology; health; reliability; validity; healthcare; self-management; decision support; internet of things (iot); big data; massive traffic; optical backbone network; spectrum defragmentation; adaptive channel estimation; ieee 802.11p; intelligent transportation systems; preamble; vehicular communications; driver distraction; svd; vmd; adaptive multiclass mahalanobis taguchi system; bearing; fault diagnosis; advanced driver assistance systems; bogie fault diagnosis; protrugram; spectral kurtosis entropy; variational mode decomposition; weighted self-adaptive evolutionary extreme learning machine; distributed drive electric vehicle; longitudinal force; observer iteration; sideslip angle; state estimation; noise filtering; radar installation; radar sensor; roadside and tunnel; trust; automated driving; interactions; principal component analysis; los; assistive device; lstm; calibration; gait; renewable energy; solar energy; arduino; soil moisture; gsm; gps; temperature sensor; fingerprinting; rehabilitation; go; c-reactive protein; conservation; protein a; electrodeposition; classification; nanosheets; visible light; passive sampler; self-powered; serious gaming; virtual reality; autism spectrum disorder; multimodal; video; data collection; optimization; pedagogy; carbon nanotubes; gas sensors; mg-mof; sensing mechanism; toxic gas; flexible sensor; sns nanosheets; chemical bath synthesis; ethanol sensing; oleylamine; norovirus; photogrammetry; transmission; electroencephalography; aptamer; fluorescence; tomography; acoustic sensors; cultural heritage; ontologies; semantic rules; sensor linked data; sensor signal processing; state of preservation monitoring; image classification; protected areas; carbon; wetland; social network analysis; interoperability; workload; astrocytes; electronic health record; impact; rural areas; ph; textile; supramolecular chemistry; impedance spectroscopy; cancelable; feature data protection; iris; steganography; authentication; blockchain; security; compression; cse database; ecg watermarking; interpretation performance standard; time-frequency steganography; wavelets; feature selection; image analysis; zambia; air quality; sentinel-2; anomaly analysis; downscaled; passive microwave; grace satellite gravimetry; modis satellite-derived evapotranspiration; trmm satellite precipitation; yangtze river basin; total basin discharge; genetic algorithm; large-scale bridges; model updating; particle swarm optimization; stiffness of truss joints; pzt technology; clustering algorithm; composite slab; debonding detection; steel-uhpc; fiber bragg grating (fbg); abrasion resistance; displacement sensor; floating slab track; structural health monitoring (shm); dynamic macro-strain; long-gauge fbg sensors; modal macro-strain; neutral axis position; structural performance assessment; graphene; citizen science; mobility; fingerprint; evolutionary game; polymers; human resources; clustering; aflatoxin b1; food safety; gamification; chaos; stackelberg game; massive mimo; price; resource allocation; wireless power transfer; chlorophyll; phenology; backscattering; elasticity; iot architecture; iot data streams; cloud computing; edge computing; smart parking; streaming analytics; elasticsearch; iot; spark; sensors; smart cities; coastal erosion; environmental monitoring; image peiodic decomposition; phase-correlation; image registration; spectroscopic parameters; stem; transition metal dichalcogenides; emotion recognition; composite; emissions; ammonia; cure; supply chain management; cybersecurity; inertial sensor; feature engineering; human activity recognition; quaternion; marg sensor; adaptive filtering; unit quaternion; unscented kalman filter; closed-form state transition equation; computation saving; quaternion notation; real-time motion tracking; robust feature tracking; visual inertial odometry; extended kalman filter; integrated navigation; multiplicative quaternion; dual quaternions; functional electrical stimulation; hand and finger kinematics; hand tracking; inertial measurement unit; magnetic disturbances; kalman filter; estimation; manifold; orientation; optoelectronic plethysmography; respiratory monitoring; wearable biomedical sensors; wireless sensor network; reinforcement learning; ethernet-based industry-plant monitoring and control; iec 61850-based digital substation; ieee 1588 precision time protocol (ptp); precision time synchronization; stochastic model-based estimator; emissivity; energy conservation; rgb; deconvolution; pig; mems-on-fiber sensor; sound sensing; time difference of arrival (tdoa); ultrasonic signal localization; nondestructive testing; structural health monitoring; environmental conditions; impact detection; impactor stiffness; operational conditions; passive sensing; fatigue crack diagnosis; guided wave based monitoring; building defects; class activation mapping (cam); convolutional neural networks (cnn); structural-health monitoring; shm; stretching method; frp-strengthened steel; built-in ofbg; double-skin tubular column; life cycle strain monitoring; punched-in pattern steel; self-sensing; camera calibration; response measurement; signal synchronization; structural experiments; distributed fiber-optic strain sensing; foundation support; geotechnical analysis; pavement analysis; soil-structure interaction; cognitive load; acidity; eye; marine monitoring; dem; opus; tls; georeferencing; registration; fixed-wing; floods; ground control point; dem assisted sar imaging; arc-scanning synthetic aperture radar (arcsar); ground-based synthetic aperture radar (gbsar); interferometric arcsar; synthetic aperture radar (sar); sentinel-1; differential evolution; gf-3; rpc; geometric calibration; planar block adjustment; without gcps; information and communication technologies; resource management; dimensionality reduction; arduino integrated design environment; autonomous sensor interface; fabricated prototype; low-cost; monitoring and control; smart irrigation system; soil moisture sensor; cloud storage; vision; electromyography; low-cost hardware; arduino microcontroller; wbsn; algorithm; drone; fall detection; first aid; protocol; multivariate adaptive regression splines (mars); adaptive assignation algorithm (aaa); mahalanobis distances; self-organized maps neural networks (som); missing data imputation; multivariate imputation by chained equations (mice); power factor; quality of electric supply; voltage; transportation; carpooling; geoinformation; multi-agent system; smart city; spatial data mining; sustainable city; sustainable transport; mobile application; social driving; ndvi; south luangwa national park; classifications; savanna science; time series; cell proliferation; channel coding rate; finite blocklength; machine-type communication; proactive eavesdropping; wireless information surveillance; eavesdropping; fading channel; jamming; selection policy; mimo interference channel; imperfect channel estimation; physical layer security; relay; total mse; breath disease detection; breath volatile organic compounds; microcontroller implementation of svm; android™; ecg; holter; stm32f microcontroller; signal compression low-bandwidth; bluetooth; smartphones; ppg; visual basic; experimental control; instrumentation; gait analysis; mems accelerometer; acoustic injection; capacitor; deformation; resonant frequency; attitude estimation; lower limb prosthesis; real time; strapdown integration; trajectory reconstruction; analytical hierarchy process; numerical simulation; multimodal learning analytics; technology-enhanced learning; dancing; salsa; hate crime; game theory; methamphetamine; glacier; interferometry; topography; decision-level and feature-level fusion for action recognition; deep learning-based action recognition; fusion of video and inertial sensing for action recognition; kinect sensor; rgb-d; bunch area; bunch volume; colour thresholding; image segmentation; mesh; point cloud; surface reconstruction; antarctica; modis snow albedo; albedo; albedo seasonality; albedo trend; in-situ albedo; quantitative analysis; fluorescence imaging; amperometric measurements; low power electronics; point-of-care diagnostics; portable; smart electronics; body sensor networks; e-health system; topology/power control; wireless body area network; free space optical communication; phase retrieval; high voltage harvester; low quiescent current; piezoelectric energy harvesting; power electronics circuits; pulse harvester; step-down converter; triboelectric energy harvesting; voltage peak detector; wakeup controller; wide voltage range; visualization; bitcoin; cryptography; control; synchronization; facial expression; framework; ethereum; communication constraints; decentralized application; ict; building automation; security and privacy; wireless communications; cellular communication; telemetry; water monitoring; iot applications; safety critical; ecc; ecdsa; iot security; rsa; mist computing; chinese reminder theorem; certificateless; group key management; vehicular cloud; fault tolerance; computer networks; information security; the internet of things; encrypted search; cloud data storage; proof of integrity; services monitoring; network management; smart grids; software-defined architectures; data distribution service; domain modeling; ehealthcare; service component architecture; body area network; cloud computation; mutual authentication; sensor network; untraceability; emergency response; coding; wireless sensor network (wsn); mobile sink; moving trajectory scheduling; earth observation satellite; hybrid genetic tabu search algorithm; mission priority; multi-constraint optimization problem; satellite mission scheduling; dynamic programming; energy-efficient; node mobility; sharable slot; slotted broadcast; tree; content-sensing; delay-sensitive; h-cran; vr video; ieee 802.15.6; channel autocorrelation; dynamic slot scheduling; relay cooperation; transmission power control; wireless body area networks; fusion; semantic segmentation; radiation detection; infrared spectroscopy; regression; iot in agriculture; agricultural data; land suitability using sensors; sensor data in agriculture; smart agriculture; behavior recognition; noise reduction; signal processing; quality control; cpg; bionic locomotion control; gait planning; hexapod robot; legged locomotion; legged robot; k-means; phytoplankton; flexible; corrosion; 3d reconstruction; lukang; shih yih hall; infrared thermography; bone conduction; chemosensor; acoustic sensor; electromagnetic field; numerical modeling; specific energy absorption rate (sar); indoor positioning; information fusion; localization; multiple antenna; polarization; positioning accuracy; single access point positioning; adas; infrared; pedestrian detection; visible; luojia1-01 satellite; area consistency; background noise; cutoff threshold; feeble nighttime light; image composition; spatial correspondence; mixed reality; radio frequency identification (rfid); damage detection; damage evaluation; long-gauge fiber bragg grating sensors; neutral axis depth; shield tunnel; semi-supervised learning; collocated collaboration analytics; sdn wlan; wifi; wifi handover; client mobility; hyperledger composer; computer vision; sensitivity analysis; near-infrared spectroscopy; filter; multiplexing; optical sensing and sensor; photonic crystal; resonators; asymmetry; storage; qos; wsn; latent dirichlet allocation; text representation; word embedding; vegetation index; simultaneous localization and mapping; visual-inertial slam; bluetooth low energy (ble); performance evaluation; power estimation; acoustic band structure; acoustic transmission spectra; detection of fluid properties; liquid sensor; periodic composite structure; phononic crystal sensor; solid-liquid interaction; speed of sound; detachable connection; fabric circuit board; flexible sensors; rigid components; wearable technology; optical sensors; diffuse field; full matrix; near-surface defects; wavenumber imaging; au nanorods; oblique angle deposition (oad); surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers); amperometric sensor; nitrogen-doped carbon; screen-printed electrode; soft nitriding; in-line inspection; multi-sensor fusion; pipeline centerline measurement; mars; svr; debris flows; twitter; sensor; document scanning; multispectral imaging; portable sensor; data sharing; long short-term memory; cnn features; image geo-localization; image retrieval; pose estimation; cluster; functionalization; volatile organic compound (voc); diabetic foot; lower limb; quality factor; al-doped zno nanoparticles; n-doped graphene; no; no2; wo3 thin film; chemical sensors; nitrogen-containing compound gases; triethylamine; trimethylamine; colorimetry; robustness; enhanced oil recovery; imaging techniques; multiphase flow; sand-pack flooding; deep transfer training; feature extraction; point symbols recognition; preprocessing; content-based image retrieval; textile localization; textile retrieval; texture description; texture retrieval; visual sensors; unsupervised learning; surface acoustic wave; low-cost sensors; sensor arrays; ceramic micro hotplate; low concentration; nitrogen dioxide; simulation analysis; lorawan; aldazine; biothiols; chemosensing ensemble; soil properties; multi-agent systems; human–computer interaction; speed; electronic medical records; bci; fatigue crack growth; doa estimation; array signal processing; degree of freedom; sparse array; virtual array; coprime array; noncircular signals; low cost; marine; noise monitoring; text classification; mortality rate; human machine interface; wearable devices; eda; thermal imaging; unobtrusive sensors; wearables; aircraft pilot; fuzzy neural network; multi-source data fusion; parameter learning; uh; heart rate sensing; inductive sensor; inductive to number convertor; respiration sensing; textile-based sensor; active sensor; piezoelectric transducer; respiration monitoring; self-driven sensor; thin-film transistor; biomedical applications; microwave sensors; software-defined radar; avispa; burrows–abadi–needham logic; formal security analysis; electronic nose; odor intensity; odor interaction; odors; perceptual model; electric vehicle; internet-of-things; secure charging system; smart grid; permissioned blockchain; resource-constrained; sensing data integrity; smart contract; black phosphorus; reflectance; imbalanced data; rolling element bearing; visibility graph; u-shaped girder; full-scale model test; ultimate bearing capacity; web damage; bearing faults; condition diagnosis; fuzzy inference; hybrid-ga; noise cancelling; printed electronics; pvdf nanofiber sensor; impact measurement; sensor on string; vibration sensor; forward modeling; geophone; piezoelectric sensor; semi-automatic coupling; tunnel seismic detection; water consumption; swipt; effective throughput; energy-spectral efficiency tradeoff; wireless rechargeable sensor networks; chipless-rfid; coding techniques; frequency domain; hybrid chipless-rfid tags; time domain; chipless tag; radar cross-section (rcs); rectangular slot ring; batteryless sensors; chipless sensors; wireless sensors; fully-textile; wearable; srr-based sensor; chipless radio frequency identification; electromagnetic backscatter principle; high-temperature sensor; split-ring resonators (srrs); egain; siw; barcode; multi-resonator; dynamic network; image restoration; cnn; banknote recognition; counterfeit banknote detection; counterfeit detection system; explainable artificial intelligence; joint banknote recognition; aal; ambient intelligent; intelligent systems; smart home; smart objects; sensing; ceria; exhaust gas aftertreatment; gasoline engine; microwave cavity perturbation; on-board diagnosis (obd); oxygen storage capacity (osc); radio frequency; three-way catalyst (twc); semantic web; kinematics; anomaly detection; satellite power subsystem; stage-training denoising autoencoder; beat frequency; frequency-modulated continuous wave; low-complexity; time-domain ranging; cyclodextrin; prioritized memories deep q-network; cognitive radio; joint routing and resource allocation; responsibility rating; unmanned aerial vehicles; qss-vep; ssvep; c-vep; gaze sensing; transient vep; erp-p300; brain-computer interface; electroencephalography (eeg); hierarchical classification model; human inhibitory control; phase locking value; brain-computer interfaces (bcis); common spatial pattern (csp); correlation coefficient; motor-imagery (mi); time domain parameters; hand; dynamic spectrum management; prospect theory; public safety networks; volatile compounds; mems gyroscope; drift; motion analysis; motion sensors; noise/error reduction; signal processing algorithms; cmos line camera; laser displacement sensors; wind tunnel testing; android; fcw; mqtt; vehicular network; lyapunov drift-plus-penalty; fog system; task service delay; workload allocation; data prediction; distributed systems; smart hospitals; 3d indoor modeling; curved wall; graph cut; line regularization; mobile edge computing; rf fingerprinting; paas; cloud native solutions; cloud-to-fog infrastructure; data pipelines; hybrid clouds; laeq; snr; wasn; acoustic dataset; anomalous noise event; noise maps; road-traffic noise; smartcity; urban sound; modeling and implementation; software defined network; software-defined vehicular network; vehicle-to-everything (v2x); aes; fpga; iort; iovt; labview fpga; rov; traceability; incremental pca; incremental learning; motion detection; traffic flow; video processing; complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) sensor; improved cam-shift algorithm; outdoor visible light communication (ovlc); premise of communication; real-time tracking; svm; drift compensation; gas recognition; the multi-classification ensemble learning model; weighting factor; sensitivity; machine vision; support vector machine (svm); extreme learning machine; advanced driver-assistance system (adas); larger field-of-view (fov); model-specific empirical γ-residual rectification factor; parameter sharing; radial distortions; self-calibration; advanced driver assistance systems (adas); autonomous driving; fusion architecture; monocular depth estimation; scene understanding; situational awareness; background subtraction; moving object detection; optical flow estimation; traffic sign detection and tracking (tsdr); advanced driver assistance system (adas); advanced driver assistance system; binary semantic segmentation; traffic light detection; traffic light recognition; human-machine interface (hmi); surface electromyography (semg); markov decision process; siamese network; data association; multi-vehicle tracking; tracking-by-detection; object detection; optical propagation; driver-centric simulation; traffic light assistance; traffic simulation; vehicle-to-everything; intelligent vehicle; lane endpoint detection; position accuracy evaluation; vehicle localization; cmos; background light rejection; light detection and ranging (lidar); single-photon avalanche diode (spad); system-on-chip (soc); time-of-flight (tof); compressive sensing; deep ocean; short hydrophone array; sound source localization; spatial filter; dynamic time warping (dtw); hand gesture recognition (hgr); inertial measurement unit (imu); real-time learning; restricted coulomb energy (rce) neural network; harsh environment sensors; high temperature fbg sensors; metal coating; real-time monitoring; correlation; ad hoc networks; raspberry pi; tcp/ip architecture; vanet; disaster management; information exchange; message dissemination; safety applications; global positioning system (gps); diabetes education; digital coaching; user evaluations; hybrid architecture; obstacle detection; spiking neural network; air monitoring; kernel; pollutant; quadcopter; generative adversarial networks; generative adversarial network; dataset; synthetic images; semi-supervised classification; hyperspectral image classification; multi-discriminator generative adversarial network; gan; image generating; image translation; railway intruding object; cp-acgan; auxiliary classifier generative adversarial networks (acgan); feature matching; generative adversarial networks (gan); depth images; hand pose estimation; human-computer interaction; style transfer; prioritization; vehicle dynamics; cloud services; proxy re-encryption; smart contracts; cgm; crowdsourcing mhealth; glucose monitoring; event detection; reputation assessment; road traffic; truth discovery; blockchains; digital rights management; connected vehicles, internet of vehicles; vehicular ad-hoc network; scada; distributed control system; industrial iot; industrial control system; intrusion detection system; random subspace learning; software-defined network; imbalances settlement in energy markets; off-chain and on-chain energy data storage; second tier scalable solution; smart energy grid; tamper-evident; artificial neural network (ann); super-resolution; doddington zoo; biometric systems; chimeric dataset; deep representation; face; multimodal biometrics; deep autoencoder; end-to-end; spatial-temporal correlation; traffic congestion forecasting; transportation network; biosensors; capacity control system; screw compressors; sensor data fusion; heat waves; urban heat island; optical biosensors; endocrine-disrupting chemicals; chlorophyll fluorescence; magnetic field; gender behavior; indoor locations; process mining; shopping mall; ins; mm; pdr; pedestrian navigation; fingerprints matching; film; affective computing; aptamer fet sensor; graphene sheet; rgo sheet; lstm network; depth camera; privacy-preserving; mobile wireless charging car; wireless charging; evolutionary game theory; cellular system; cryptography algorithms; industrial automation and control; protocols security; remote information analysis and visualization; remote sensing and monitoring; supervisory control and data acquisition; land use and land cover; chirped gratings; detonation; fibre bragg gratings; fibre sensing; velocity sensing; supervised learning; predictive; polymer composite; principal component analysis (pca); secchi disk; water clarity; water colour; oriented immobilization; infant formula; rfid sensor; inductive coupling; radio frequency energy harvesting; pvdf acoustic emitter; acoustic broadband communications; polymer ultrasound transducer; underwater wireless communications; very high frequency acoustic emitter; wide beam acoustic emitter; wideband acoustic emitter; anti-poaching; intruder detetection; dlt; ipfs; industry 4.0; drones; logistics; poi category; aggregation operator; geographical influence; point-of-interest; recommendation algorithm; similarity and distance measures; covariance graph; immersive analytics; subspace clustering; bragg grating; trichloroflouromethane; spatial data; distillation; lamb wave; minimum sampling variance; particle filter; prognostics and health management; fluoropolymers; harsh environment; interference; route; simultaneous wireless information and power transfer; concrete health monitoring; piezoresistivity; ipmc; electroactive polymer; ionic polymer; smart material; transducer; photoplethysmography; biosensing; direct digital synthesis; non-specific binding; protein fouling; quartz; wi-fi; polystyrene; micelles; libp; fog layer; multi-sink nodes; routing protocol; terminal layer; internet of moving things; mission-critical; resilient quality-oriented multiuser control; softwarized network control plane; cost-efficiency; data availability; distributed storage; fog; multi-cloud; network coding; spot instances; amqp; medical cps; publisher/subscriber; has; zigbee; home automation; swarm intelligence; fisher information; markov random fields; recommender systems; recurrent neural networks; lspr; cuvette-type chip; melamine; p-na; ilp; optimization problem; user plane function; alpha–beta filter; indoor navigation system; motion trackina; rtcm; pseudolite; distributed ledger technology; distance vector-hop; global optimization; multi-group; node localization; quasi-affine transformation evolutionary algorithm; sensor node scheduling; spatial-temporal coverage; two-phase coverage-enhancing method; visual sensor network; ardupilot; dune; jsbsim; model predictive control; path planning; search and rescue; software in the loop; jing-jin-ji region; air pollutant concentration prediction; air pollution early-warning handbook; air quality evaluation; smart city construction; swarm robotics; target search; underwater robot; virtual pheromone; mechanical strength; bridge engineering; linear pzt sensor array; wavenumber; acoustic gas sensors; carbon nano-tube (cnt) sensors; electrochemical gas sensors; fiber-optic gas sensors; metal oxide semiconductor (mos) sensors; micro-electro mechanical systems (mems); organic-based chemiresistive gas sensors; photonic crystal gas sensors; piezoelectric gas sensors; chlorophyll-a; automatic parking system (aps); end-to-end parking; parking slot tracking; magnetic sensor; received signal strength; vehicle detection; roadside occupation; smart mobility; traffic surveillance; north atlantic; phytoplankton absorption; flood damage mapping; passenger aircraft; volunteered remote sensing; uav sensors; convolutional neural net; road; denoising; earth observations; pan-sharpening; satellite imaging; luojia 1-01 satellite; low-resolution; night-light; on-orbit test; radiometric calibration; time-sequence imagery; sensor observation service (sos); time-domain reflectometry (tdr); heritage management; radar sensors; remote sensing archaeology; virtual constellations; adaxial and abaxial; partial least squares (pls); backscattering and absorption coefficients; empirical formulas; hue angle; remote-sensing reflectance; seawater inherent optical properties; semi-empirical algorithms; trichromatic colour vision; fast measurement scheme; fiber interferometer; optical fiber sensor; driver behavior modeling; driver characteristics online learning; electric vehicle control; vehicle speed prediction; deceleration planning; driving behavior; smart regenerative braking; crop protection; droplet characterization; optical micro-sensors; precision agriculture; mems accelerometer and gyroscope; cardiac pet; data fusion; dual gating; ica; rssi (received signal strength indicator) acquisition; adjusted transmission power; non-linearity of the measured values; sensor location estimation; sensor networks; automatic meter reading; energy harvesting; flow measurement; water meter; ambient assisted living (aal); computing devices; educational technologies; artefact detection; artefact removal; artefacts; rnn; quantile regression; cad model; laser scanner; point cloud alignment; point cloud data; retrofitting; unmanned aerial vehicle; mutual information; 21st century skills; freshman research initiative; selex; systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment; calf-intestinal alkaline phosphatase; course-based undergraduate research experience; in vitro selection; tracking; thermography; capacitive coupling ibc; channel modeling; finite element method (fem); in-vehicle; transmission path loss; capacitive sensor; dielectric losses; dielectric measurement; edible oils; relative permittivity; total polar compounds; electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; accelerometer; soybean sauce; time-resolved fluorescent immunochromatographic strip; air traffic control; bias estimation; measurement error; radar modeling; amorphous core; particle detection; resonance; signal extraction; pamono biosensor; embedded systems; frequency domain analysis; mobile sensors; surface plasmon resonance; adaptive step size; coverage rate; probability matrix; wolf pack algorithm; vanets; wi-fi direct; cellular networks; heterogeneous networks; hierarchical architecture; non-safety information; auto configuration; wi-fi sensors; geostatistical methods; indoor crowd detection; aloha; lora; mcs allocation; aggregate signature; elliptic curve discrete logarithm; random oracle model; trapdoor hash function; wban; network lifetime; reliable transmission; agricultural technology; agritech; belowground; ban; dwm1000; nlos; uwb; channel impulse response; green communications; information and communication technologies (ict); smart homes; queuing game theory; software-defined; transmission control; iiot; tsch; monte carlo method by radius changing; voronoi diagram; airspace reconfiguration; dynamic monte carlo method by changing location of flexible vertices; graph cutting; irregular boundary smoothing; multi-objective optimization; long-hop wireless sensor networks (wsns); multipath routing; opportunistic routing; cluster-head rotation; lifetime; smart node; transmission suppression; energy-aware routing; filtering capacity; mission completion time; trajectory planning; fuzzy logic system; k-means algorithm; network energy; observation beacon; ga; wmsn; multipath; routing; dv-hop algorithm; range-free; end-to-end delay; packet delivery ratio; wireless multimedia sensor networks; autonomous systems; 3d ray-launching; lpwan; wireless sensor networks (wsn); outdoor applications; smart campus; pair correlation diversion; parameter analysis; virtual spring force; mac protocols; green communication; wake-up radio; energy-efficiency; d2d communications; link activation; wireless networks; mac layer; cross-layer; handover; mobility management; mobility model; network layer; rwsn; charging efficiency; directional charging vehicle; smart healthcare; face recognition; face analysis; face detection; thermal infrared imaging; permafrost; traffic monitoring; vehicular crowdsourcing; location privacy preservation; range query; vehicular sensing; kunming; ground deformation; multi-temporal insar; traffic monitoring system; map-matching; smart-city; traffic occupancy; green and brown cities; night-light cities; rainfall-runoff chain; threatened vertebrates; vegetation greenness; [email protected]; lego® sensors; coding apps; pocket code; cell respiration monitoring; dissolved oxygen sensors; tumor imaging; iot devices; actuation; onem2m standard; quality of service; multi-hop flows; sybil attack; hmac; modbus tcp; tpm; automation systems; industrial internet of things; adaptive systems; dynamic protection; fault detection and diagnosis; intelligence for embedded and cyber-physical systems; smart sensor networks; data-driven; impacts of temperature; atmospheric pressure; groundwater dynamic monitoring; water level; water pressure; water temperature; data filtering; field harvester; interpolation; sensor measurements; yield mapping; mask r-cnn; kernel-extreme learning machine; mounting behaviour; heart sound; multi-robot; smart factories; virtual lrf; label-free imaging; porous silicon; optical fiber; data management; dialogue system; demand response; demand-side management; energy disaggregation; water analysis; var; convex hull; fatigue crack prediction; life-cycle modeling; stochastic modeling; structural damage; time-series forecasting; industrial control systems; transmission scheduling scheme; wireless networked control systems; inertial sensors; adaptive control; blade crack; centrifugal booster fan; quantitative identification; vibration signal analysis; insar; qinghai-tibet engineering corridor; arma; garch; manet; bridge sensor data; deformation prediction; e-nose; ins/gnss integration; mahalanobis distance criterion; abnormal observations identification; cubature kalman filter; vehicular navigation; high-order gradient; infrared image; overlapping group sparse; regularization by denoising; em38; digital soil mapping; liming; precision farming; soil acidity; energy minimization; crowdsourcing; portable system; epss (electric power steering system); tas module; multi-track encoder; self-driving car; steering angle sensor; lidar sensors reliability; driven-assistance simulator; k-nearest neighbors; self-turning parameterization; acceleration signal; event determination; frequency domain integration; gait recognition; threshold segmentation; ice tracking; radar imagery; sdn controller placement; network function virtualization (nfv); software-defined networking (sdn); multi-task learning; arrays of sensors; artificial nose; chemical selectivity of e-nose; detection of explosives; machine learning and sensor arrays; feature fusion; irregular surfaces; aggregation induced emission; mechanochromic fluorescence; mechanochromism; quaternions; ensemble; detect; remaining amount; 3d point cloud; rgb-fipp; four initial point pairs; global registration; point cloud registration; bag of expressions (boe); bag of words (bow); dynamic neighborhood; human action recognition; spatio-temporal; fiber bragg grating; ultra-wideband; positioning; 4h-sic; safety distance; stereoscopy; tailgating; sdr; cutaneous leishmaniasis; athabasca river watershed; isodata clustering; post-classification modification; protein microarray; interdigitated wave-shaped microelectrode array; self-assembled monolayer; fwhm; remaining useful life; variational autoencoders; emergency alerting; sensors monitoring; bim; energy conservation system; indoor environment comfort level; persuasive computing; e-health monitoring system; energy efficient; latency awareness; mixed integer nonlinear programming; distributed architectures; information integration; smart environment; smart sensors; bluetooth low energy; advertising mode; experimental evaluation; large-scale system; system validation; internet of things—iot; methodological framework; production line performance; fiware; iot platform; low power wide area network (lpwan); nat management; blockchain-based management; integrated management; security management; crowd analysis; acoustic classification; activity monitoring; bee acoustic analysis; biogeography-based optimization (bbo); grey wolf optimization (gwo); landslide susceptibility mapping; neural-metaheuristic algorithms; advanced encryption standard (aes); correlation electromagnetic analysis; fault detection; human–machine interaction; predictive maintenance; ieee 802.11; ieee 802.11ba; green networks; integrated circuits; bio-signal; cardiac signal; personal identification; piezo-electric sensor; watching system; pzt5 piezo; diaphragm motion monitoring; non-invasive respiratory monitoring; pulse-oximetry sensor (ppg); blind source separation (bss); cardiotocography (ctg); fetal heart sounds (fhs); phonocardiography (pcg); phonograms; vibration sensors; authentication mechanism; ns2 simulation; key management; trust model; joint path planning; task assignment; traffic patrolling; vehicle and drone coordination; energy consumption analysis; neighbor discovery; predictive policing; communication protocol and standardization; data acquisition; data transmission; integrated collaborative systems; intelligent data processing; path design; unmanned aerial system; hardware security; scan-based attack; end-to-end measurement; network monitoring; network tomography; topology identifiability; vehicular ad hoc network (vanet); intelligent transportation system (its); privacy-preserving authentication; security threats and attacks; millimeter wave; secrecy throughput; hybrid model; extended energy-scaled and expanded vector-based forwarding (eesevbf); potential forwarding nodes (pfns); underwater wireless sensor networks (uwsns); csg; lms filter; solar radiation estimation; tomato water requirement calculation; 3d person tracking; real-time noise mapping; trunk; digital twin; bicarbonate; wearable sensors; attribute-based encryption; deniable encryption; multiple cloud-assisted cyber–physical system; feature correlation analysis; probability data association filter; track classification; indio maiz biological reserve; sentinel-3 sea and land surface temperature radiometer (slstr); visible infrared imaging radiometer suite (viirs) day night band; wildfire detection; slam; segmatch; ground plane constraints; loop detection; cordic; autonomous car; distributed ledger; gesture recognition; human-machine interface; semg; occupancy; beyond graphene; transducers; transition metal oxides; two-dimensional materials; two-dimensional oxides; avidin/biotin; poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (pedot); square wave voltammetry; content independent channel selection; demosaicing; multi-spectral imaging; multispectral filter array; fluorescent sensor; era5; gnss; pwv; diurnal variation; density sensor; quartz tuning fork; viscosity sensor; hand appearance reconstruction; hands detection; deep reinforcement learning; β-tcp; fractal geometry; granular material; lacunarity; succolarity; serious game; ac-dc power converters; rfid tags; implantable biomedical devices; rectifying circuit; wireless sensing systems; tpfk algorithm; tpik algorithm; arc fitting; arc radius inspection; distributed sensors; manufacturing metrology; roundness; lightweight; cross-correlation; autonomous robot system; formal verification; task description language; task-level programming; petri nets; 3d space; ant colony optimization; ground robot; electrical capacitance tomography; plug regime; signal pattern; time window; apparent electrical conductivity (eca); boundary-line; law of minimum; crosstalk; magnetic induction tomography; continuous casting; imaging defects; imaging deformations; threshold-differencing algorithms; total variation algorithms; cnt assembling; virus-like particle; magnetic anisotropy; capacitive; pressure sensor; pyramidal microstructure; wasserstein distance; triplet loss; unsupervised domain adaptation; gyroscope; human activity recognition (har); remote health monitoring; rgb-d sensors; as-built bims; automatic; reliable broadcast; satcom on-the-move; satellite communications; place cell; rdf stores; graph of things; linked sensor data; linked stream data; temporal rdf; attention u-net; low-light image enhancement; surveillance camera security; canopy temperature; crop water stress index; image feature extraction; visual sensor; weld joint type identification; cmos sensor; cement mortars; length change; polymerization state; shrinkage-reducing admixture; underwater acoustic sensor networks; media access control (mac); spatial–temporal mapping; equilibrium; ble long range; ieee 802.11ah; isa100.11a; industrial internet of things (iiot); narrowband iot (nb-iot); time slotted channel hopping (tsch); wifi halow; wirelesshart; network architecture; personal area networks; visible light communications; off-grid gap; passive bistatic radar; sparse bayesian learning; network flooding; redundant query; cyber-physical systems; schc; gnss receiver; ise; instruction set extension; multi-constellation; multi-frequency; software defined radio; amof; intrusion detection systems; linear regression; frequency shift; microwave resonators; internet-of-things (iot); lifecycle; thermoelectric generator (teg); passive component; physically unclonable function; resistor-capacitor; virtualization; digital identity; identity management; dissemination protocols; mobile platform; vehicular ad-hoc; agile satellite; pattern matching; singular value; star identification; star pattern recognition; star tracker; industrial uav; water sampling; integrated design; scheduling algorithms; fbg sensor; crack locations detection; spectral difference; modal analysis; wimu; service provision; gully erosion; soft computing; ultrasound image; guided filter layer; infrared image denoising; sub-pixel convolution; csi; hos; cumulants; indoor localization; wsn data; longest common subsequence; multivariate data set; air quality monitoring; low-cost sensor; chicken embryos; heart rate measurement; smartphone sensing; conditional random field; indoor positioning system; map matching; visual–inertial odometer; cement mortar; cellular grid; coverage effect; dynamic partition; improved vampire bat optimizer; task distributing; viticanopy app; leaf area index; bushfires; smoke taint; distributed sensor fusion; iterative operation; multi-fading factor; small-range sensor network; weighted fading memory index; surface defects; kalman filtering; nonlinear state estimation; set-membership; systematic uncertainty; unknown but bounded error; dnp3 protocol; wireless network security; wsn-ds; extreme gradient boosting classifier; distributed vibration; dynamic measurement; incursion detection; train tracking; ultra-weak fbg; underground structure safety; adaptive feature extractor; railway intrusion detection; scene recognition; scene segmentation; device-free passive detection; intrusion-detection system (ids); malware detection; sentinel for the iot; threat intelligence; boolean-chaos signal; leaky coaxial cable (lcx) sensor; perimeter intrusion detection; blind; electronic travelling aid; indoor navigation; object detection and recognition; visually impaired; acoustic inspection; active query; weak supervision; alternative current impedance; current uniformity; wet–dry cycles; pof; bend loss; distributed ofs; failure monitoring; large shear deformation; ν-otdr; sar adc; see; tid; compact model; flip-flop; radiation-hardened; soft error; absorbance; calibration-free; fast-fourier transform; gas temperature and concentration; tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy; fft spectrometer; thz atmosphere limb sounder (talis); quantization error; sideband imbalance; simulation model; cognitive communication; digital channelizer; interference cancellation; satellite communication; 3d-fft; evm; facs; tv-l1 optical flow; compound micro-expressions; hydraulic turbine; natural frequencies; strain gauges; sdn-fanet; uav contextual information; control plane management; uav imagery; bundle block adjustment; digital surface model; orthomosaic; technical guidelines; open architecture; software-defined modems; underwater acoustic communications; underwater wireless networks; action embedding; autonomous system; real-time data; privacy preserving; vehicular sensor networks; reputation; ground penetrating radar (gpr); non-destructive testing (ndt); three-dimensional analysis; urban archaeology; gnss-based passive radar; long integration time; maritime surveillance; passive radar; track-before-detect; precision of the registration; target-based registration; targets’ geometry distribution; terrestrial laser scanning; 3d imaging; simulated annealing; microfluidic chip; observer; roll angle; corner detection; low-cost sensor fusion-based precise localization; part-based method; real-time processing; road sign detection; larger layer thickness; near-infrared photodetection; optoelectronic device; adaptive learning; concept drift; long-term emg pattern recognition; particle adaption; support vector classifier; rodrigues coordinate transformation; cylindrical lens; linear ccd; human-like control; motion intention acquisition; rehabilitation robot; static torque sensor; assembly/disassembly mechatronics lines; collaborative systems; complex autonomous mobile robots; instantaneous phase; mechatronics; nonlinear circuits analysis; sensor nonlinear dynamics; variable inductor; auv; mpc; smc; obstacle avoidance; path following; exoskeleton robot; muscle driven simulator; ultrasonic phased array; surface density; electrowetting display; oil motion; optoelectronic performance; spacer arrays; iots; cloud-based bim; prefabrication components; iov; network slicing; vehicular networks; ogc standards; sensor web enablement; wsns; noncooperative strategic game; data preprocessing; spt; central; controllable; multicast; secure; universal identifier network; ieee 802.15.4; measurements; testbed; mobile crowdsensing; geometric deep learning; lean management.; distributed trust; mobile ad-hoc network (manet); optimized link state routing protocol (olsr); group signatures; pollution measurement; iot data; hash query; 5g cellular networks; multi-receiver signcryption; vehicle edge computing; digital identity management; transactions; temperature dependence; access control; face biometric; face identification; face recognition at distance; label-free biosensor; long-period fiber gratings; virus detection; savitzky–golay filter.; savitzky–golay filter.; smoothing filters; airborne passive bistatic radar; complex value bp neural network; cyclostationarity; modified blind equalization algorithm; multipath signal; criminal investigation; heat traces analysis; newton’s law of cooling; fmcw; fmcw; chaotic radar; chaotic radar; collision avoidance; collision avoidance; matched filter; matched filter; mutual interference; mutual interference; noise radar; noise radar; spread spectrum; spread spectrum; data mining methods; data mining methods; grain oriented steel; grain oriented steel; magnetic barkhaunsen noise; magnetic barkhaunsen noise; time-frequency representation; time-frequency representation; three gorges reservoir area; groundwater level prediction; landslides monitoring; information leakage; probability distribution; pseudo-random generator; cryptographic protocol; secrecy amplification (sa); can bus; identity-based cryptography; key-exchange protocols; rfid security; authentication protocol; symmetric cryptography; ieee 802.15.7; p3ht:pcbm; organic photodetector; h-shaped optical fiber; liquid refractive index; photonic crystal fibers; fiber vector beam; field enhancement; tip-enhanced raman spectroscopy; light-field; reflectance separation; single-shot; faraday effect; nano-particles; optical absorption; probabilistic modelling; trajectory analysis; adaptive filter; wsans; intelligent algorithms; load balancing; transmission range; electromagnetic communication in the terahertz band; energy-efficient routing protocol; firefly algorithm; intrabody nanonetworks; ais; hf-oth radar; fuzzy functional dependencies; radar tracking; adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system; coarse-to-fine tuning; detail manipulation; exposure fusion; intelligent vision sensing; invasive weed optimization; slope stability monitoring; climate change initiative; essential climate variable; inherent optical properties; ocean colour; optical water classes; uncertainty characterisation; water-leaving radiance; corn rows; information collection robot; path tracking; mafa; ambiguity-free; differential precise gnss positioning; single-frequency receiver; aerosol jet printing; paper-based circuit; paper-based hybrid circuit; photonic curing; saw sensor; gas detection; hydrogen sensor; distributed sensing; optical fiber sensors; optical radiation; optical time domain reflectometry; photothermal effects; rayleigh scattering; solar irradiance; perylene diimide; pressure mechanomyography; smart textiles; analog-digital conversion; data acquisition chain; error compensation; home appliances; induction heating; power measurement; curved surface; head pressure; matrix network; sensor layout; 1-bit; aperture synthesis; comparator; cross correlator; security screening; analog-to-digital converter; cmos image sensor; xor; iris recognition; metal ions; ddpg; autonomous path planning; unmanned ships; goal-directed navigation; head direction cell; hierarchical reinforcement learning; depth completion; evidential occupancy grid; lane grid; prior map; schottky diode; large sensitive area; gateway; concentration gradient generator; deterministic lateral displacement; single photon detection; pervasive health; relaxation techniques; user empowerment; ball tracking and trajectory prediction; table-tennis robots; position estimation; number of person recognition; scaled conjugate gradient (scg); smart home (sh); contact problems; direct simple shear; distributed diber-optic sensing; geotechnical engineering; end-to-end trainable network; multi-column cnn; electronic healthcare; link scheduling; loadng; rpl; low-power and lossy network; cognitive radio body area network; chinese liquor; fuzzy words; two-dimensional cloud model; multilayer perceptron; brdf; sensor simulation; time-of-flight; malignant thyroid nodule; weighted binary cross-entropy loss; automatic train operation; fusion velocity; hardware-in-the-loop simulation; model predictive controller; online obtaining; softness factor; fixed tag; human tracking; mobile reader; landsat-8; crop mapping; urban agriculture region; intercomparison; consecutive packaging; packaging levels; piezoresistive pressure sensor; polynomial fitting; thermal hysteresis; descriptive statistics; moisture; thermal images subtraction; thermal index; indoor thermal comfort; personal thermal comfort perception; fabry-perot interferometers; fiber bragg gratings; interrogators; wearable applications; smart farms; multi-protocol gateway; 3d scanning; 3d shape reconstruction; hybrid neural networks; imperfect data; hungarian algorithm; device-to-device; public safety network; critical tasks management; resource availability; scheduling optimization; agricultural iot; representative sensors; sensor-cloud; virtual sensor provisioning; computation offloading; content caching; fog& pseudo-lidar interpolation; video interpolation; color video; hierarchical edge computing; low computation complexity; smart privacy protection; iomt; governor; near sensor computing; biometric sensors; face verification; spatial transformer network; cloud radio access network (c-ran); hierarchical deployment of mec servers; mobile edge computing (mec); user allocation; power consumption; multi-access edge cloud; software-defined vehicular cloud network; virtual machine migration; cloud-based vehicular network; fine-grained access control; lightweight computation; artificial neural networks (ann), cloud and regression analysis.; internet of things (iot), smartphone; bio-inspired engineering; design for trust; field programmable gate qrray; hardware trojan horse; spiking neural networks; intelligent buildings; wavelet transformation; mobility sensor; mobility-aware; service cache; service response time; terfenol-d; current transformer; unbalanced m–z interferometer; metallo-supramolecular assembly; solid-state emission; gis maps; particle filters; search and rescue tasks; keywords: intelligent transportation system; data services; security and privacy protection; chained argument; consensus mechanism; edge security access; multitask proofs; zero knowledge proof; hyperledger fabric; incentivized system; incentivized system; lightning network; lightning network; patch update; patch update; one-time password; healthcare blockchain system; lightweight message sharing; decentralized; crowd sensing network; incentive mechanism; privacy protection; full homomorphism; outsourcing computation; publicly verifiable secret sharing; ethereum smart contract; data integrity; data marketplace; prosumer; resource auction; resource monitoring; smart communities; trading; computational power allocation; multi-access; mud; sdn; security policies; capability-based access control (capbac); ethereum blockchain; trustless architectures; mcps; certificateless aggregate signature; runtime verification; task management; channel state information; channel state information; credit-sharing; mobile edge cloud; mobile edge cloud; private campus network; private campus network; ultra-reliable low latency communications; ultra-reliable low latency communications; cyber-physical occupational therapy system; distributed medical big data; health iot sensors; therapeutic kinematic data; communication constrains; cross chain; attribute-based encryption (abe); inner-product encryption (ipe); cyber-security; arduino®; infotracing; hypergraph; machine economy; qos-driven; adaptive coordination; multi-objective gray-wolf optimization; trust service; decentralized system; software update; cutaneous ulcer; golden hamster; light-tissue interaction model; model inversion; ga-optimized pid; pd-fuzzy; mmnidirectional wheels; mobile robot; wigner–ville distribution; analytic signal; induction machines; spectrogram; time-frequency domain; wavelet transform; 1,8-naphthalimide; photo-induced electron transfer;