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Short Name IJHS
Abbreviated Name IJHS
ISSN 2710-4966
Aim and Scope Aims and Scope INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY (IJHS) was founded in 2019. It is a Bi-Annual, peer-reviewed academic journal publishing articles in both English and Urdu. IJHS was motivated by the aim to begin publishing articles and so help remedy two specific deficiencies perceived within the academic publishing world. Academic writers seemed to have begun confining themselves within their own discipline, thereby completely cutting themselves off from society as a whole. What is more, this confinement within academic fields meant that both inter-disciplinary communication and mutual benefit appeared to have decreased to a negligible level. As a result, IJHS decided to focus on publishing those original works relative to both society and individuals, hence the name “Humanity and Society” Although IJHS remains open to all works pertaining to religion and the humanities, priority is given to those works seeking to transcend the “narrowness” mindset so prevalent in today’s academic world. As such, IJHS specifically looks for authors who proficiently make use of both their own area of expertise as well as the methods and hypotheses of other disciplines in their writings. Although IJHS makes academic articles its main focus, precedence is given specifically to research articles and policy making papers. Also, IJHS’s mission means that articles must additionally build relations between different approaches from both intra- and interdisciplinary perspectives.
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