The Fluoro-Thiazolylhydrazone Compound TSC-3C Inhibits Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Cell Line Activity by Promoting Apoptosis, Regulating the MAPK Pathway and Inducing Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

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Authors Zhang, Jiajia;Dai, Jiajia;Zheng, Qingxuan;Guo, Shuju;Yu, Yanyan;Hu, Wenpeng;Gao, Yanan;Shi, Dayong;
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Journal Name International journal of molecular sciences
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Year 2020
DOI E1038
Link: E1038
Keywords apoptosis; mda-mb-231 cells; mapk pathway; fluoro-thiazolylhydrazone; phosphorylated c-jun n-terminal kinase (p-jnk); phosphorylated p44/42 mapk (erk1/2); triple negative breast cancer;