SciMatic Network - Neural Network of Universities

neural network SciMatic Network is a foundation where universities are sharing scientific data to the pool, so that every other university can benefit from it. Any addition of literature or bibliography to a university node is being shared to all the connected universities so that the knowledge can be spread quickly. Node computers are not hackable as all computers check on others for alteration.

How it works?

The Problem

Every ant is a different entity, but together, they work as a single brain. Similarly, every university or research organization is an entity. But very few collaborate with each other.

Universities are generally subscribing certain centralized services e.g. SciFinder, Elseveir Journals, Endnote. They can use these services until they are paying. An unshared data in a university do not benefit another one.

Research data is generally published in peer-reviewed journals. Most of them are offering subscriptions services. This slows down the sharing of scientific knowledge. Universities with no subscriptions could not reach the newly published research.

Universities and research institutions are producing scientific data but most of it is owned by certain large companies.

Similarly most of the softwares are not created by universities. They are also owned by large companies.

Solution - SciMatic Network

SciMatic Network is solving all these problems. The main aim is to decentralize the scientific data and softwares. This will empower the universities back.

All connected universities stays updated. The synchronized data stays inside each university. A newly added research article, e.g., propagates through the SciMatic Network and reach all member computers.

Scientific data produced by universities stays inside universities.

A university shares the desired data to the network, which is accessable to the connected nodes.

How SciMatic Network works?

  • SciMatic Network has 7 bootnodes, continuously synchronizing with each other to preserve the data and forbit hacking.
  • Any university/organization becomes a node.
  • Bootnodes has a consensus mechanism among themselves. The consensus remove any bootnode or node from the network that has different version of data than the majority.
  • Any newly added data is first sent to the bootnodes. After a consensus agreement, bootnodes send the data to all the connected nodes.
  • Any data needs to be updated is presented to the bootnodes. Upon manual checking and approval, the updated data is sent to all the nodes.
  • Member universities are classified as producers or consumers.
  • Producer universities produce more data than they query from the network.
  • Consumer universities produce less data and query more. So, consumer universities may pay to the producer universities depends on the situation and data type.
  • Universities are ranked according to their contribution to the SciMatic Network.

How your organization can join?

Joining the network is very simple by following these steps:

  1. Fill the form at the right side. We will get back to you with the necessary information.
  2. After agreement is signed, we will provide you an automated script that will create your database.
  3. We will connect your database (node) to our bootnodes. You can contribute to the network by sharing scientific data or query the nodes through search engine.
  4. Your university may be eligible to use the following softwares for free depending on your agreement types:
    • Thesis Manager - A unique thesis writing portal
    • Semester Manager - distance learning portal for universities
    • Literature Manager
    • Journament - Journal finder from keyword (currently more than 31,500 journals)
    • Sympu - online conference organizer portal
    • Teampo - a platform for research groups and team leaders
    • Samarize - text summarizing portal from any language
    • Improofer - proofreading and language services
    • DEJOURN - Decentralized journal manager
    • DEMOLE - Decentralizd molecules
    • DECONO - Decentralized economy and finance
    • DEDUDATION - Decentralized educational portal
    • and lots more that will be developed with time

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