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Short Name PLoS ONE
Abbreviated Name PLoSONE
ISSN 1932-6203
Aim and Scope Types of articles PLOS ONE welcomes original research submissions from the natural sciences, medical research, engineering, as well as the related social sciences and humanities, including: Primary research that contributes to the base of scientific knowledge, including interdisciplinary, replication studies, and negative or null results. Systematic reviews whose methods ensure the comprehensive and unbiased sampling of existing literature. Submissions describing methods, software, databases, or other tools that meet the journal’s criteria for utility, validation and availability. Qualitative research that adheres to appropriate study design and reporting guidelines.
Author Instructions
Keywords chemistry; analysis; food science; food technology; Antimicrobial activity; Essential oil; adsorption; Biology; Ecology; Zoology; microscopy; 3d printing; Antifungal Activity; Medicinal Plants; Soil; Organic Chemistry; Biocatalysis; Crystallization; antibacterial; staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Air pollution; Air quality index; resistance; prevalence; antibiotic; biofilm; bacteria; Antifungal agents; Density functional theory; Docking; Simulation; Migration; hypertension; toxicity; Cancer; Cytotoxicity; virulence; Hypoxia; Deep learning; Prevention; Risk factors; Screening; artificial intelligence; electronic health records; knowledge representation; learning health system; lung cancer; statistics; Machine learning; Optical coherence tomography; Transfer learning; Data mining; Nursing; Education; Radiomics; dementia; Functional connectivity; mild cognitive impairment; clinical trials; digital pathology; Mhealth; Patient safety; eHealth; Magnetic resonance imaging; molecular docking; survival rate; Microbiology; Pharmacy and materia medica; Therapeutics. Pharmacology; Biodegradation; Mass spectrometry; hospital; Iran; Breast cancer; TNF-α; Cystic echinococcosis; Algae; Infectious and parasitic diseases; Biology (General); Botany; Veterinary medicine; Medicine (General); Medicine; nitrate; nanoparticles; photocatalysis; Biosensor; biomass; bimetallic; electrospinning; core-shell nanoparticles; metallic nanoparticles; molecular dynamics simulations; phase separation; self-assembly; Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials; Technology (General); Chemical technology; Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General); Information technology; Industrial electrochemistry; Biotechnology; Technology; Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering; Descriptive and experimental mechanics; cost-effectiveness; Cohort study; Epidemiology; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Archaeology; Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar; Literature (General); meta-analysis; systematic review; Atrial fibrillation; Ischaemic stroke; Vitamin K antagonist; Logistic regression; Traumatic brain injury; EEG; epilepsy; long-term recurrent convolutional network; seizure forecast; bipolar disorder; threat; Pediatrics; Neural network; Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics; Science (General); Mechanical engineering and machinery; Science; stroke; Rivaroxaban; Warfarin; atrial flutter; Biomarker; Pancreatic cancer; Proteomics; Diabetes; Vitamin K; surgery; efficacy; safety; Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling; Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs; Agriculture (General); Dentistry; Diseases of the circulatory (Cardiovascular) system; social media; internet; skin cancer; early detection; dermatology; Facebook; mobile health; smartphone; melanoma; patient education; health promotion; sun protection factor; randomized controlled trial; health behavior; additives; inflammation; macrophage; infection; antibiotic resistance; Phytochemicals; Other systems of medicine; Medical emergencies. Critical care. Intensive care. First aid; Immunologic diseases. Allergy; Medical technology; İslam; Finite Element Method; Yemen; semantics; MDA-MB-231; economic growth; energy consumption; Turkey; Innovation; ICP-OES; Monoclonal antibody; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; 3T3-L1 adipocyte; gene expression; quality; Mixolab; drought; comparative genomics; Tourism; economic crisis; Culture; dog; urban; academic achievement; motivation; Evaluation; Management; rheology; Biodiversity; Image processing; Defect detection; electric vehicles; performance; Landsat; Nigeria; ImageJ; nurse; body mass index; obesity; overweight; healthcare professionals; Children; Zinc; polymer; Water Absorption; Raman Spectroscopy; RFID; flexible electronics; efficiency; rna secondary structure; physics; mercury; phytoremediation; water treatment; mycotoxins; co2; environmental effects of industries and plants; renewable energy sources; environmental sciences; nucleotides; prognosis; scoliosis; oncology; positron emission tomography; deep brain stimulation; movement disorders; food processing and manufacture; geography (general); chemical engineering; optics. light; atopic dermatitis; systems biology; environment; risk management; asthma; particulate matter; congenital heart disease; child; drug delivery; radiotherapy; microrna; gold nanoparticles; mcf7; photothermal therapy; nanotechnology; resveratrol; toxicology. poisons; new species; electronic tongue; peptides; microplastics; general works; otorhinolaryngology; plant ecology; fuel; anxiety; quality of life; sleep; pakistan; suicide; blood pressure; ethiopia; wheelchair; appropriateness; inter-rater reliability; interface; low resource settings; professional report tool; wheelchair outcome measure; nepal; reproductive health; psychology; neurophysiology and neuropsychology; neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry; neurology. diseases of the nervous system; medical physics. medical radiology. nuclear medicine; sports; neoplasms. tumors. oncology. including cancer and carcinogens; food security; corporate governance; inventory; augmented reality; data; business; prediction; arima; servqual; e-learning; ophthalmology; economics as a science; nutrition. foods and food supply; nutritional diseases. deficiency diseases; antioxidant activity; polyphenols; diabetes mellitus; stability; protein aggregation; costs and cost analysis; sexual health; manufactures; agriculture; academic performance; depression; adolescence; neuroimaging; alzheimer disease; hiv; infant mental health policy; lay counselors; scale-up of early interventions; supervision; public aspects of medicine; psychiatry; gynecology and obstetrics; aging; elderly; nutrition; health inequalities; public health; socioeconomic status; development; economic history and conditions; history of scholarship and learning. the humanities; social sciences (general); geriatrics; metals; spatial distribution; aerobic denitrification; biochar; plants; petroleum refining. petroleum products; motor vehicles. aeronautics. astronautics; water supply for domestic and industrial purposes; education (general); chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; mortality; childhood obesity; pm(2.5); global health; india; child health; sub-saharan africa; vaginal birth after cesarean; trace metals; complication; detection; maillard reaction; general. including nature conservation, geographical distribution; diseases of the respiratory system; adaptive management; climate change; resilience; vulnerability; 5g; modeling; electro-peroxone; electrocatalytic ozonation; model; ozone; pharmaceutical; economics; finance; methods; negative predictive value; positive predictive value; technology assessment; ghana; urbanization; water; co2 emissions; china; osteoarthritis; anthropology; social sciences; industries. land use. labor; economic theory. demography; commerce; architecture; building construction; urban groups. the city. urban sociology; management. industrial management; developing countries; exposure assessment; subway; occupational health; risk assessment; anesthesiology; united arab emirates; coronavirus; viruses; pharmaceuticals; arctic medicine. tropical medicine; insulin resistance; type 2 diabetes; type 2 diabetes mellitus; menopause; diet; hba1c; gestational diabetes; stress; carbohydrate; diseases of the endocrine glands. clinical endocrinology; aflatoxin; nanoparticle; tumor microenvironment; arsenic; autism; pregnancy; production of electric energy or power. powerplants. central stations; fermentation industries. beverages. alcohol; global change; hybridization; energy industries. energy policy. fuel trade; environmental pollution; environmental protection; telecommunication; electronics; trauma; preparedness; structural equation modeling; ptsd; privacy; violence; textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.; type 1 diabetes; bmi; bariatric surgery; zika virus; antiviral; apoptosis; oxidative stress; candida albicans; plant culture; philology. linguistics; speech; reading; fmri; audio-visual integration; language; eye-tracking; animal model; psycholinguistics; developmental language disorder; inhibition; priming; prosody; working memory; age; history (general) and history of europe; language and literature; romanic languages; drought stress; genetic diversity; bangladesh; risk; ecosystem services; remote sensing; uncertainty; lidar; assemblage de génome végétal; heterozygosity; hétérozygotie; marqueurs microsatellites; microsatellite markers; plant genome assembly; pureté variétale; varietal purity; applied optics. photonics; forestry; regional planning; climate policy; modelling; tuberculosis; vaccine; electronic cigarettes; perceptions; young adult; meteorology. climatology; temperature; time series modeling; modis; south america; random forest; satellite; environmental engineering; earthwork. foundations; oceanography; bodies; social categories; social perception; weight stigma; adolescents; matrix metalloproteinases; socioeconomic position; nutrition policy; health policy; health disparities; value; genetics; social pathology. social and public welfare. criminology; sociology (general); transportation engineering; urbanization. city and country; lst; land transformation; periurban remote sensing; urban growth; accessibility; equity; pollution; hydrology; low impact development; water quality; diversity; translocation; south africa; income; uav; chicago; species evenness; species richness; urban plant communities; urban wastelands; spatiotemporal patterns; urban particulate matter island (upi); architectural drawing and design; physical geography; sustainability; allergy; geographic information system; gdp; aesthetics of cities. city planning and beautifying; abortion; health emergencies; reproductive rights; sexual and reproductive health; structural violence; zika; ovarian cancer; proteogenomics; collaboration; governance; decision making; law; hemodynamics; colorectal cancer; genomics; survey; treatment; venous thromboembolism; mental health services; land use change; multi-layer perceptron; prostate cancer; adherence; mycorrhiza; cytology; Wireless sensor networks; Internet of Things; research; bioaccessibility; cadmium; polypropylene; sorption; beach; marine protected area; ireland; environmental law; physiology; hispanics; primary care; pd-l1; osteopontin; data integration; heterogeneity; fet pet; immune checkpoint inhibitors; brain metastasis; internal medicine; cognitive development; health; mental health; sick leave; europe; family; intrinsically disordered protein; morbidity; healthcare; hepatitis c virus (hcv); social history and conditions. social problems. social reform; economic growth, development, planning; political science; hepatitis c; family planning; immunization; measurement; hiv/aids; stigma; social support; special situations and conditions; communication. mass media; special aspects of education; emulsion; pectin; arbovirus; growth; molybdenum; autophagy; ekc hypothesis; access to care; computer engineering. computer hardware; mathematics; electronic computers. computer science; industrial engineering. management engineering; australia; complementary feeding; malnutrition; rural; brain; drug; infants; biochemistry; hospitality industry. hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc. food service; malaria; self-medication; cognitive impairment; episodic memory; hippocampus; medication; art; africa; health care professionals; aging process; contemporary british fiction; death; loneliness; animal culture; sports medicine; ethnology. social and cultural anthropology; political science (general); history (general); latin america. spanish america; endoscopy; stomach; flavored alcoholic beverages; clinical trial; self-efficacy; self-management; diagnosis; therapeutics; engineering machinery, tools, and implements; technological innovations. automation; geology; mining engineering. metallurgy; internet of things (iot); big data; advanced driver assistance systems; driver acceptability; intelligent transport technology; vehicle automation; gender; trust; transportation and communications; molecular dynamics simulation; binding free energy; principal component analysis; electronic structure; endothelial function; pain; birth weight; fitness; secondary-school students; antimicrobial peptides; associations; cigarette smoking; drawing. design. illustration; pathology; applied mathematics. quantitative methods; diseases of the genitourinary system. urology; reactive oxygen species; membrane proteins; communication; regional economics. space in economics; bambara groundnut; developmental biology; food analysis; secondary metabolites; composite flour; emulsifiers; rheological behaviour; wheat–millet–bambara flour; rhizobia; fractal dimension; neurodevelopment; surface properties; orthopedic surgery; soil moisture; gps; rehabilitation; survival; thailand; dispersion; chemical stability; naval architecture. shipbuilding. marine engineering; anatomical pathology dicom connectathon; dicom web viewer; microscopic image visualization; web viewer; whole-slide imaging; micronucleus; computational fluid dynamics; nephrotoxicity; vancomycin; feedback; health economics; japan; circular economy; cross-sectional dependence; breast feeding; home economics; geography. anthropology. recreation; recreation. leisure; human ecology. anthropogeography; communities. classes. races; autoimmunity; osteoporosis; sex hormones; uganda; infant; specialties of internal medicine; fatigue; women's health; diagnostic test; microglia; neuroinflammation; zebrafish; diseases of the digestive system. gastroenterology; extraction; male infertility; physical activity; dna methylation; epigenetics; knowledge; atherosclerosis; transcription; policy; environmental impacts; co(2); tobacco; law in general. comparative and uniform law. jurisprudence; conservation; global warming; evolution; local adaptation; adaptation; integrated pest management; nutritional quality; cephidae ; beneficial insect; natural enemy; parasitism; phenotypic plasticity; transcriptome; social determinants of health; vector-borne disease; climate change adaptation; hydraulic engineering; ammonium; seizures; thalamus; vesicle; antibody; ascorbic acid; neuroprotection; exercise; oral; mitochondria; astronomy; geophysics. cosmic physics; disasters; classification; phylogeny; behavioral disorders; cultural adaptation; human trafficking; infectious diseases; demography. population. vital events; islam. bahai faith. theosophy, etc.; bibliography. library science. information resources; longitudinal; early adversity; integrated photocatalytic composite adsorbent; methylene blue; ulcerative colitis; behavioral; history of russia. soviet union. former soviet republics; religion (general); caregivers; coping; kenya; human rights; health sciences; medical legislation; philosophy. psychology. religion; phenol; layered double hydroxide; americas; legislation; social class; ethics; qualitative research; inequity; discourse analysis; interviews; mothers; grounded theory; ethnography; practical theology; practical religion. the christian life; philosophy (general); fine arts; arts in general; moral theology; nursing philosophy; ipscs; episomal vector; mesenchymal stromal cells; rna virus; scorecard; genome editing; decision-making; dna damage; dft calculations; drug design; antibacterial activity; crystallography; microstructure; innate immunity; bibliometrics; consciousness. cognition; theory and practice of education; medical education; serious gaming; knowledge translation; virtual reality; computer software; adhd; disability; screen time; bullying; health literacy; maturation; women; parenting; data collection; internet use; focus groups; medication adherence; religions. mythology. rationalism; well-being; qualitative study; twitter data; advanced sentiment analysis; digital epidemiology; geo-social media; hotspots; post-disaster mental health; psychogeography; spatial epidemiology; spatial regimes regression; adaptive pi sliding mode; dynamic population; lyapunov stability; observer-based control; seiar model; optimization; nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; modern history, 1453-; medieval history; history; computer science; nursing education; qualitative methods; english literature; french literature - italian literature - spanish literature - portuguese literature; women. feminism; ecuador; collective memory; local mental health; post colonial; health systems; world health organization; caregiver; barriers; phenomenology; individual differences; brain networks; resting state; carbon nanotubes; life cycle assessment; municipal solid waste; astrophysics; fisheries; endemism; environmental management; anthropogenic disturbance; bandhavgarh tiger reserve; kanha tiger reserve; faecal glucocorticoid metabolites; tiger; macquarie island; marion island; direction-dependent dispersal; microsatellites; spatial genetic structure; ecotourism; ibas; tunisia; gene flow; sex differences; risk in industry. risk management; life history; cerebral cortex; tau; chlamydia spp.; gorilla beringei; pan troglodytes; tetratrichomonas spp; treponema pallidum; papillomavirus; united kingdom; international cooperation; chronic disease; community; depressive symptoms; microbiota; ischemia; oxytocin; birth; correctional center; family-centered; incarceration; postpartum; prisoners; political institutions and public administration (general); accounting. bookkeeping; international relations; equity valuation; family business; ownership distribution; portfolio optimization; succession; evidence-based practice; advocacy; sustainable development goals; personnel management. employment management; metabolomics; gum arabic; whey protein isolate; history of education; heavy metal; environmental technology. sanitary engineering; owerri; parasitemia; copd; expertise; medical sciences faculty; thesis supervision; oral cancer; campaign awareness; evaluation framework; public; realist review; transmission; liver; electroencephalography; aptamer; fluorescence; human; neuroscience; gross anatomy education; undergraduate medical education; teachers; patient engagement; behavior change; dairy farmer; herd health; veterinary advice; long-term care; dissemination; implementation; engagement; informatics; industrial psychology; nmr spectroscopy; degradation product; formulation; mass spectroscopy; structural elucidation; toxoplasma gondii; wastewater; climacostomum virens; ciliates; protists; resorcinolic lipids; wetlands; phosphorus; rainfall; ibuprofen; lagoons; pharmaceuticals and personal care products; triclosan; mental disorders; copd ; industrial medicine. industrial hygiene; parent; latent profile analysis; job satisfaction; school; sexual orientation; aedes aegypti; evo-devo; quantitative real-time pcr; invasive species; taxonomy; immune memory; tribolium castaneum; mixed methods; sweden; cybernetics; information theory; cluster randomized trial; bone marrow transplantation; low income countries; antibiotics; quality of life (qol); patient reported outcome measures; user-computer interface; body dissatisfaction; disordered eating; social network analysis; social interaction; attention; compassion; colonies and colonization. emigration and immigration. international migration; hidden hunger; interoperability; aspergillus flavus; geometric morphometrics; taxation; transgender; uptake; endometriosis; miscellaneous systems and treatments; imaging; health-related quality of life; hemifacial spasm; microvascular decompression; alcohol; educational inequality; family background; intraclass correlations for education; sibling studies; siblings; socioeconomic background; organization and administration; contraception; crime; health facilities; infant mortality; surveys; universal health coverage; entitlements; health information management; population health; general practitioner; low- and middle-income countries; cost; investment; systematic reviews; health insurance; older adults; obesity prevention; self-determination theory; social work; cancer survivors; amygdala; social anxiety; hospitalization; renal dialysis; cystic fibrosis; indo-iranian languages and literature; political institutions and public administration - asia (asian studies only); social sciences and state - asia (asian studies only); observational; acute pain; opioid use disorder; electronic health record; philippines; canine rabies; continuous quality improvement; pmtct; impact; vocational rehabilitation. employment of people with disabilities; privatisation; non-communicable diseases; caregiver engagement; family engagement; hard to reach contexts; informal caregiving; rural areas; scoping review; hepatitis b; indirect approach to intervention; parent-child interaction; practitioner survey; speech-language therapy; social inclusion; tanzania; ros; ph; polymers and polymer manufacture; military science; forensic anthropology; mitogenome; surveys and questionnaires; continuous flow water treatment; photolysis; sulfonamides; vibrio fischeri; single nucleotide polymorphism; community engagement; direct-acting antivirals; viral hepatitis; blockchain; security; encoding; perceived discrimination; prolonged symptoms; racial disparity; tacrolimus; physical exercise; lc-ms/ms; reproduction; co(2) emissions; hepatology; cirrhosis; compliance/ adherence; aquaculture; color; spain; chronic diseases; reward; digital health; alzheimer’s disease; consumer behavior; neuromarketing; health inequality; consumption-based accounting; image analysis; whole-genome sequencing; life; hcv ; antiviral activity; pneumonia; health system strengthening; case study; cost analysis; knee; political economy; myocardial infarction; particle image velocimetry; cause of death; zambia; adult mortality; cause-deleted life table; verbal autopsy; health services research; sediment; retinol; psychosis; head and neck cancer; genetic algorithm; hardness; genetic structure; blunt force injuries; fractography; fracture interpretation; fracture mechanics; pedestrian vehicle accident; chat, machine learning; child sexual exploitation; digital forensics; internet crimes against children; linguistic inquiry and word count; sexual solicitations; persistence; quality assurance; graphene; homeopathy; public finance; gender-based violence; freshwater; high-throughput sequencing; mali; congo basin; evapotranspiration; policy analysis; speciation; virology; graves' disease; low-income families; female; health information; information seeking; celiac disease; youtube; exacerbations; gulf of mexico; ifish 5; shrimp fishery; vietnamese; cultural barriers; occupational fatalities; personal flotation devices; east coast road; fisherman; oral health status; school children; treatment needs; coverage; injury prevention; atlantic forest; ethnobotanics; pau de jangada; traditional raft; reservoirs; mutations; prenatal screening; thalassaemia; bioethics; mobility; kaposi's sarcoma; pd-1; pd-l2; head; lymphoma; neck neoplasms; squamous cell carcinoma; basic reproduction number; geographical information system (gis); network model; climate model; deforestation; temperature stress; theobroma cacao; proteome; venom; serotonin; black; international trade; discrimination; social epidemiology; minimally invasive surgery; job stress; patient reported outcome; vascular surgical stapler; ecological total factor energy efficiency; effectiveness-based innovation; efficiency-based innovation; environmental regulation; policy portfolio; polymers; bibliometric analysis; health care costs; management information systems; public policy; social legislation; agricultural industries; educational technology; nurses; resin composite; anaesthesia; clustering; same/different testing; spicy; general practice; middle east; curriculum development; oral health; oral health education; oral health needs; oral-systemic health; primary care training; inflammatory bowel disease; pharmacotherapy; dyslipidemia; social networks; mouse; reproducibility; event-related potential; environmental enrichment; fish husbandry; fish welfare; shelter; three-spined stickleback; rapid detection; food safety; aflatoxin b(1); biocontrol; gamification; active ageing; care orientation; leadership; advance practice nurses; consumer satisfaction; consumer voice; nurse practitioner; public attitudes; chagas disease; tobacco control; dental caries; price; resource allocation; economic analysis; scenario analysis; production management. operations management; phenology; klebsiella pneumoniae; cyst; anticancer activity; oxygen vacancy; iot; sensors; clinical decision support systems; drg; neuropathy; lps-rs; myd88; tlr4; trif; spinal cord; congenital adrenal hyperplasia ; atrioventricular septal defect; birth defect; case control study; heterotaxy; holoprosencephaly; longitudinal limb deficiency; pregestational diabetes; sacral agenesis; single ventricle complex; truncus arteriosus; dairy cattle; emergency visits; household; housing; coastal erosion; zoonosis; inorganic chemistry; vietnam; complexity; colistin; insect resistance; faculty development; axial compression; bearing capacity; ductility; energy dissipation capacity; perfobond rib; rectangular-sectional concrete-filled steel tube column; steel fiber reinforced concrete; steel plate rib; interaction; heritability; emergency care; pressure; endocytosis; nickel; collagen; analytical chemistry; photodynamic therapy; oxygen; enzyme activity; gc-ms/ms; germany; midwifery; bacillus; analytic hierarchy process; fuzzy inference system; mathematical programming; project portfolio selection; combat medicine; supply chain management; sedentary time; thrombolysis; genre; santé mentale; methylphenidate; prison; p300; airborne hyperspectral remote sensing; soil heavy metal; retina; neural networks; time delay; memristor; orientation; diffusion mri; visual system; rna interference; canada; maltreatment; endarterectomy; stents; cost-effectiveness analysis; numerical modelling; arabidopsis thaliana; soybean; escherichia coli o157; escherichia coli o26; sheep; baseline survey; plastic pollution; urban reservoir; work; mexico; patient-centered outcomes; neurodegeneration; pig; structural health monitoring; frp-strengthened steel; built-in ofbg; double-skin tubular column; life cycle strain monitoring; punched-in pattern steel; self-sensing; integrative review; teaching; obstetrics; faculty training; staff development; teaching competence; transfer of training; executive control; concussion management; mild traumatic brain injury; return to activity; return to school; denture; graphene-ag nanoparticles; mechanical characterization; polymethyl methacrylate; aesthetics; solubility; high school; sex difference; uveitis; glaucoma; aqueous humor; aqueous humour; anterior chamber cells; laser flare-cell photometry; cognitive behavior therapy; chronic hand eczema; hand care behaviours; skin protection; therapeutic patient education; dem; opus; tls; georeferencing; registration; floods; micrornas; elsi; biologization; nature versus nurture; responsibility and justice; participation; willingness to pay; indicator; northern forest; snow; winter; greenspace; motorcycle; solanum lycopersicum; dimensionality reduction; anemia; mutation accumulation; cloud storage; drone; light; cytarabine; doxorubicin; immune response; geodesy; animal biochemistry; antimicrobial resistance; poultry; metastases; stereotactic body therapy (sbrt); tumors; mitigation; panel data model; transportation; urban environment; booster seat; car seat; carpooling; child restraint system; seat belt; mobile application; social driving; monte carlo simulation; hiv testing; senegal; folklore; content analysis; supply chain; anaemia; ndvi; matching; hierarchical model; predictor; gingival recession; microcontroller; android application; bluetooth communication; non-invasive glucose estimation; biomedical parameters; mobile health care system; app; water purification; preterm birth; water supply; synergistic therapy; anterior cruciate ligament; environmental performance; pharmacokinetic population analysis modeling and simulation dermatology pediatrics; striatum; regeneration; rna-seq; transcriptome analysis; weighted gene co-expression network analysis; catheter; dwell time; indication; infusion therapy; nursing workloads; phlebitis; magnetic resonance spectroscopy; qpcr; glycine; tolerability; agitated bioreactors; biofilm reactors; mk-7; menaquinone-7; microbial fermentation; old age; admet; pubmed; nicotine; wuhan; basal ganglia; arousal; essential tremor; hearing loss; angiogenesis; case studies; random forests; graph querying and mining; interaction design; visualization; bitcoin; photography; relationship functioning; pentecostalism; roma; drugs rehabilitation; social exclusion; advanced illness; marital relations; erps; facial expression; recognition; vocal expression; risk aversion; motivational interviewing; accountability; framework; healthcare delivery; pastoralism; sanitation; the pamirs; commons; privatization of pastureland; trade-off; uneven pasture use; social capital; medical humanities; educational inclusion; patient-centered care; er-stress; ovariectomized rats; sanyinjiao (sp6); security and privacy; wireless communications; smart grids; hygiene; self-regulated learning; artemisinin resistance; plasmodium falciparum; 16s rrna; chironomids; cholera epidemic; el niño; regional winds; population size; global surgery; intimate partner violence; immigrant; emergency response; percutaneous coronary intervention; physical ability; strength; public health policy; frozen section; operations research; dynamic programming; habs; harmful algae; multispectral; content-sensing; delay-sensitive; h-cran; vr video; mental well-being; earthquake; community pharmacy; disaster preparedness; community health; emergency preparedness; home health; day-old; experimental infection; fowl adenovirus serotype 4; hepatitis-hydropericardium syndrome; pathogenicity; spf chicken; fusion; mechanics of engineering. applied mechanics; cell death; male sterility; md simulation; natural compound; quercetagetin; computer register; iron deficiency; traditional chinese medicine; excess return; stock selection; cosmetics; domestic violence; atypical bipolar disorder; catatonia; phelan-mcdermid syndrome; shank3 gene; coagulopathy; kidney transplantation; pyrosequencing; anthropogenic impact; enrichment factor; biofuels; nanozeolite surface chemical modulation; non-edible lipid feedstocks; zeolite-enzyme surface interaction; heat shock proteins; sex; deportation; family separation; human capital; immigrant communities; qatar; etiology; brexit; migrants; periodontitis; hcv infection; linkage-to-care; metabolic surgery; ifnγ; cell apoptosis; ckd; calcium; expression threat; learned fear; medial prefrontal cortex; plastic; signal processing; Épidémiologie; mdr-tb; multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; standardization; 5-aminolaevulinic acid nanoemulsion; bf-200 ala; ablative fractional laser; lentigo maligna; sexual dimorphism; ultrasonography; k-means; voluntary medical male circumcision; opioid substitution therapy; autisme; sommeil; therapeutics. psychotherapy; constructed wetland; water management; biogas; portugal; southern africa; electricity and magnetism; bioactive compounds; coaching; preschool; database; nontuberculous mycobacteria; msalais; biosynthesis; furaneol; furaneol formation; furaneol glucoside; medication assisted treatment; pesticide; feeding; journalism. the periodical press, etc.; blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm; bortezomib; lenalidomide; leukemia; monoclonal antibodies; drug-related side effects and adverse reactions; adherence implementation; big database; dispensing records; multisensory; pathogen; dyes decolorization; species; cota-laccase; dna shuffling; stratigraphy; fsh; skeletal muscle; carbohydrates; neoplasm; political systems; drag reduction; functional morphology; oil gland; porous skin; swordfish; v3; cortical organization; primate; retrograde tracing; rodent; visual cortex; wealth; metabarcoding; energy resources; socio-economic status; women's height; executive function; global burden of disease; near vision loss; socio-economic disparity; time trend; demography; ancient mines; catchment erosion; lake sediments; southeast tibet; biogenic amines; dosimetry; infections; cycling; composition; cladophora; decomposition; dynamics; great lake; pathogens; media; recruitment; advertising and promotion; tobacco industry; tobacco industry documents; braf; cpg island methylator phenotype; smarcb1; colorectal rhabdoid carcinomas; microsatellite instability; bean; babina daunchina; centrality; competitiveness; vocal network; wisconsin card sorting test; conflict-induced behavioral adjustment; emotional modulation of cognitive functions; sequence; fiscal policy; slavic languages. baltic languages. albanian languages; memory; one health; salmonella typhi; cost of illness; uveal melanoma; experimental analysis; extensive green roof; outdoor cooling effect; subtropical monsoon climate; thermal performance; reactive nitrogen; married adolescents; empowerment; vocational rehabilitation; human anatomy; linear programming; math anxiety; disease control; crispr; ecosystem; treatment as prevention; speech-language pathology; sahel; climate adaptation; subjective indicators; people who inject drugs; medical philosophy. medical ethics; impact assessment; cesarean delivery; placenta accreta; placenta increta; placenta percreta; uterine surgery; apomixis; haploid selection; polyploidy; food webs; pisum sativum; psend1 promoter; barnase; hybrid seeds; parthenocarpy; pollen allergens; transgene bioconfinement; wild emmer wheat; religious institutions; undernutrition; histone modifications; non-coding rna; transgenerational; canonical circuit; canonical computation; cortical column; cortical development; mechanistic explanation; endothelial cells; platelets; saliva; salivary gland; acute myeloid leukemia; gilteritinib; glasdegib; ivosidenib; venetoclax; treatment outcome; computer vision; photoreceptors; fatty acid; cell growth; droplet microfluidics; viscosity; econophysics; neuroeconomics; quantum cognition; social biophysics; commodity prices; path integral; statistical microeconomics; calcium signaling; colonization; nodule; flavone; adaptive radiation; time-place learning; circadian timing; ordinal timing; pigeon; efast; geochemical model; kd; morris; probability density functions; sensitivity analysis; uncertainty analysis; foraging; germination; coffea arabica; ilcym; development rate; development time; life cycle; hs-spme-gc-ms; conditional dependence; joint modeling; response times; asymmetry; hemiparetic gait; acdf = anterior cervical discectomy and fusion; anterior cervical discectomy and fusion; research methods; livelihood resilience; particulate; energy storage; blindness; embodied carbon export; embodied carbon import; global value chain; labor income share; labor-intensive industry; technology-intensive industry; breathing; endosome; aggregation; detection of apoptosing retinal cells; medical image analysis; postoperative pain; mastectomy; nerve block; nlrp3; auxiliary sciences of history; history of civilization; predictive models; drug development; gynaecology; developing country; disease; water resources; guillain-barré syndrome; kisubi catholic mission; microcephaly; zika forest and pascal james imperato; zika virus and travel; zika virus infection; continuing medical education; continuing professional development; work organizations; narrative medicine; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd); health networks; medication work; patient perspective; qualitative interviews; collection; environmental efficiency; beached debris; benthic debris; clean coast index; floating debris; low value waste; questionnaires; acute pulmonary inflammation; adenosine; chronic pulmonary inflammation; ectonucleotidase; purinergic signaling; binge drinking; practices; testis; malaria elimination; levetiracetam; voice; frontotemporal dementia; balance; falling; hybrid systems; seasonal weight loss; decision rules; decision table/naïve bayes (dtnb) classifier; driver injury severity; roc curve; rear-end crash; traffic safety; high glycine–tyrosine proteins; high sulfur proteins; keratin; merino sheep; weight loss; wool proteins; pre-diabetes; estrogen receptor α; genetic polymorphism; offspring; access to medicines; legionella; healthcare utilization; actividad física; actividades; adolescentes; prisión; promoción de la salud; salutogénesis; sentido de coherencia; health claims; couple therapy; family therapy; integrative therapy; therapy high conflict divorce; terapia de familias; terapia de pareja; terapia integradora; terapia para divorcio de alto conflicto; 伴侣治疗; 家庭治疗; 综合治疗; 高冲突离婚治疗; mental illness; prescription; network analysis; the family. marriage. woman; black–scholes equation; european option; mlpg; moving kriging interpolation; lysosome; α-synuclein; gender role violation; gender threat; precarious manhood; psychological disorders; cluster; genotoxicity; cambodia; electrochemical detection; tocopherols; cardiovascular disease risk; co-production; montmorillonite; fracture toughness; emg; peptidyl arginine deiminase; stenting; tight junction; stakeholder; forecast; auditory comprehension effort; pupillometry; strategic allocation; task demand; emergency medicine education; visiting practitioners; low-income countries; census; seasons; east asia; q1a1a-m120; siberia; y-chromosome; radiation shielding; metaphilosophy; popper; rationalism; relativism; xenophanes; carbon footprints; multiphase flow; granuloma; austerity; emotional facial expressions; emotional prosody; misinterpretation; road safety; motorcyclist; feature extraction; algorithms; dcj; genome rearrangements; intergenic regions; commercial law; convnets; hashing; human pose estimation; patient monitoring; pressure sensors; cancer prevention and control; prisoner health; phylogenetic; in situ hybridization; dmrt11e; macrobrachium nipponense; temporal and spatial expression; deep sequencing; performance management; priority setting; integrated knowledge translation; travel; precipitation; sensor arrays; envelope; il-6; mayaro virus; chondrocyte; extracellular matrix; osteoblast; synoviocyte; vegetable; cell viability; nuclear fragmentation; milk; redundancy analysis; unmet needs; multi-agent systems; disease prediction; multivariate time-series data; prognostication; sepsis; temporal information extraction; caputo fractional derivative; finite element legendre wavelet galerkin approach and block pulse function; hyperthermia; time fractional dplbht model; delivery/vectorization/penetration; formulation/stability; hair follicles; hair treatment; nanoprecipitation; poly (d,l-lactide); hydrophobicity; service quality; vegetation; community ecology; ischemic stroke; atherogenic dyslipidemia; anti-citrullinated protein antibodies; citrullinated proteins; fatigue crack growth; clinical decision-making; community pharmacy services; non-prescription drugs; culture medium; metallic wear; synchrotron; tattoo; titanium dioxide; xrf; immunohistochemistry; treatment options; supplemental nutrition assistance program; inclusion; educational attainment; editing; dynamin; presynapse; lpc; medaka; natural selection; science policy; community-based education; health extension; patient barriers; physician referrals; adverse drug reaction reporting systems; community participation; postmarketing product surveillance; catastrophization; persian; voice disorder; community-based research; the performing arts. show business; ascaris lumbricoides; drifting ashore; forced immigration; imported infectious diseases; north korea; roundworm; community malaria worker; general diabetes; inhalation technique; community buy-in; community implementation; local leadership; cardiac rehabilitation; high-resolution respirometry; nephropathies non-communicable diseases.; blood gas analysis; piezoelectric transducer; compensation; health-care politicians; electric vehicle; internet-of-things; secure charging system; smart grid; electre; logic; b20 crystal structure; monocilicide; topological semimetal; autoimmune thyroid diseases; maturity onset diabetes of the young; gender identity; ground borne noise; ground borne vibration; transfer function; multi-body system dynamics; suspended monorail transit system; traffic safety and response; vehicle-bridge coupling vibration; causality; hiv treatment; solid dispersion; organizational commitment; pedestrian; emergy; computational biology; caudate; putamen; small and medium-sized enterprises; european union; patient involvement; ebasis; transition metals; prostatic neoplasms; compensatory and incentive payments; content and working conditions; effective contract; new wage system; analyse d’impact budgétaire; avis d’efficience; budget impact model; cost-effectiveness report; health product; hospital pharmacist; hôpital; pharmaciens hospitaliers; produits de santé; referencing; référencement; Évaluation médico-économique; couples; scientific communication; computational linguistics; marine predator; mesopelagic; oceanographic model; satellite telemetry; esus; cryptogenic; implantable; loop recorder; transplant tourism; input-output analysis; aim investigation; energy profile; enzymatic catalysis; hydrogen bond interactions; t cell; non-cigarette tobacco products; packaging and labelling; litigation; sugar tax; data envelopment analysis; riboflavin; antimicrobial-resistant enterobacteriaceae; dissemination risk; shared bikes; box-behnken design; primary repair; proximal acl tear; reattachment; resistance training; the severity of the disease attack; bicyclist; cyclist; motorcycle rider; orthopaedic injury; pedal cyclist; road crash; haze pollution; resistance genes; airfoil; drop impact; splash; water film; supply-side tobacco control; intraclass correlation; phosphoproteomics; high-throughput structural analysis; modeling and implementation; software defined network; software-defined vehicular network; vehicle-to-everything (v2x); fission products; icpms; ion chromatography; isotopic analysis; origen; rapid; traceability; immigration policy; access to learning; lifelong learning programs; third age learning; functional network; human biology; history of the arts; horizontal gene transfer; mobile apps; genomic prediction; evolutionary biology; saccharomyces cerevisiae ; z-score; butanol; heat map; strains; voice training; ap = anterior-posterior; bovws = bag-of-visual-words; neuroradiology; revision surgery; opportunity; event trigger recognition; epitopes; cerebral infarction; biopreservation; promoter; ontology; computational modeling; welfare risk; expenditure; work organization; rna sequencing; corticosteroid; sensitisation; modeling standards; semantic annotation; romantic relationships; dyads; illness uncertainty; partner support; weaning; maternal dietary intake; bone density; upper limb; dissolution; disaster management; (18)f-fluorodeoxyglucose; continuing education credit; positron emission tomography–computed tomography; korea community health survey; high-risk drinking; weighted multiple logistic regression; mood stabilizer; basal insulin; glycemic target; insulin initiation; insulin titration; patient follow-up; treatment delay; sleep deprivation; weather; basic number processing; calculation; home numeracy activities; kindergarteners; math achievement; diabetes education; digital coaching; user evaluations; arctic globalization; gene drives; microbial ecology; rapid evolution; free disposal hull; shadow price; animal genetic resources; breeds; cross-breeds; developing country livestock productions systems; health system; healthcare workers; adaptation typologies; social–ecological systems; wash; grade; zea mays; methanotrophs; alp gene evolution; tdalp gene alleles; avenin-like proteins; attapulgite clay; enhanced biochar; pasture growth; soil health; yak dung; biomathematical model; pharynx; spatial modeling; avian; covert feathers; flight feathers; quill knobs; smooth muscle; wing shape; descent factor; leading edge vortex; lift–drag ratio; vertical force coefficient; water-use efficiency; retail meat; casing; swine vesicular disease; esbl; report; web browser; sphingomyelin; publishing; developmental programming; ketosis; smart contracts; intrusion detection system; anti-periodic solution; bam neural networks; exponential stability; leakage term; time-varying delay; stochastic; th moment exponential stability; inopus; soldier fly; sugarcane pest; akt; mental healing; elimination; avian influenza virus; response; european data protection; governing; biosensors; civil society; social cognition; college freshmen; excessive daytime sleepiness (eds); reproductive aging; clinical leadership; quality of healthcare; hepatitis c; sustained virologic response; global injury care; global trauma; prehospital care; trauma quality improvement; caribbean; minority; anthropogenic co(2); artificial upwelling; ocean sequestration; plume; antiretroviral; chemical mixtures; corn; doppler ultrasound; capsulotomy; limbic; paraterminal gyrus; sadness; antibiotic policy; antibiotic use; subjective perception; cost-benefit analysis; multivariate logistic regression; regional australia; western downs region; ehealth access; psychosocial stimulation; intercostal blocks; paravertebral blocks; nutrition disorders; priority/special populations; distance learning; ccrcc; antibody-sirna conjugate (arc); antisense oligonucleotides; copper-less click; microbial transglutaminase; oligonucleotide therapeutics; sirna; food health warnings; sf‐8; geriatric depression scale (gds); laughter therapy; history of great britain; affective computing; human robot interaction; humanoid robots; live performance; social signals; elementary school; nutrition education curriculum; school-based; wellness policy; hazard assessment; drama; laryngology; speech acoustics; vocal cords; diaphragm; esophageal hiatus; left phrenic nerve; left phrenicoabdominal branch; topographic anatomy; sgi11; typhoid fever; amount; endodontics; writing; trichloroethylene; 60j25; 65d32; 91g60; risk theory; dividend maximisation; phase-type approximations; piecewise deterministic markov process; quasi-monte carlo methods; kidney neoplasms; neglect; turnover; propensity score; drug therapy; urinary bladder neoplasms; cooking; dietary behaviors; fruit and vegetable intake; meal-planning behaviors; excitotoxicity; actin; peptidomimetics; peer education; cge model; ets; revenue allocation; externalities; workplace ostracism; duck renal tubular epithelial cells; cold storage; laryngeal cancer; postgraduate medical education; attendance; work motivation; pompe disease; achúcarro; río-hortega; spanish neurohistological school. ramón y cajal; history of neuroscience; oligodendroglía; silver carbonate staining method; risk prediction; ivf/icsi outcome; child follow-up; infantile nystagmus; history of low countries - benelux countries; allied health; rural health services delivery; rural workforce development; safety and quality; alopecia areata; anti-egfr therapy; erlotinib; predictive; phenotypic traits; sugarcane; cry1ac gene; commercialisation; nanoapplications; nanoparticle single layer; omni-adhesive protein; health service; drug stores; regulatory compliance; storage practices; high-resolution mass spectrometry (hrms); principal component analysis (pca); electronic nicotine delivery devices; child safety; market survey; homocysteine; hexose; sigma notation; stereoisomers; structural representations; upwelling; addison’s disease; antimicrobials; primary adrenal insufficiency; operating room efficiency; personnel factors; spine fusion; turnover intention; work–family conflict; working environment; mutagenesis; hiv/aids aid; aid effectiveness; control of corruption; democratic accountability; official development assistance; immune checkpoints; elder abuse; acyl transfer; prodrugs; synthesis design; bayesian augmented control; exchangeability; historical control; dysmenorrhea; menorrhagia; naturopathy; traditional evidence; ogtt; contraceptive; african american women (aa women); physical activity (pa); women’s empowerment; gender relations; unmet need; pilot; consumerism; medical tourism/travel; patient-doctor relationship; transnational health care; teenagers; age-friendly city; diversity and ethnicity; long-term services and support; total body irradiation; acute radiation syndrome; hematopoietic syndrome; rabbit model; demographic variables; functional gene; amorphous; drain; seroma; focal epilepsy; generalised epilepsy; carboxypeptidase b-like; scylla paramamosain; vibrio alginolyticus; white spot syndrome virus; under nutrition; rna polymerase; pulmonary fibrosis; ch(4) and n(2)o emissions; multi-region input-output analysis; aminosidine; leishmania infantum; ototoxicity; telerehabilitation; beta-amino acids; carba; multi-resistant bacteria; smamps; synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides; biomass power; coal power; environmental externality; dlt; ipfs; industry 4.0; drones; logistics; hanoi; organic vegetables; rural-urban difference; national health strategic plans; national surgery anaesthesia and obstetric plans; mobile health care; preventive health; smart technologies; technology acceptance model; broiler chickens; immunoblotting; mental health and psychosocial support; interprofessional collaboration; pharmaceutical supply chain; consumer confidence; infant milk formula; job type; interspecies competition; microbiota-directed foods; polysaccharide utilization; retention in care; asset ownership; debt; maternal and child health; brca1/2; germline mutations; scenarios; nip vaccine; cause; countermeasures; inventory reserve; shortage; disc diffusion method; nanoemulsion; sensorineural hearing loss; cef(3); ceo(2); planaria; urban governance; focal seizures; health communities; tobacco cessation; secondary schools; lamb wave; minimum sampling variance; particle filter; prognostics and health management; pvt; caffeine model; chronic sleep restriction; total sleep deprivation; hiv-status disclosure; enzyme/immunostaining/ovarian follicle/protein expression/steroid biosynthesis; sentiment; helicoverpa armigera ; aerobiology; food ecology; migration phenology; connective tissue; gingival recession, surgery; gingival recession, therapy; surgical flaps; tooth root, surgery; photorespiration; co-creation; three-dimensional colon model; forecasting; hydrogen bonds; compost; acute hospital; staff satisfaction; emerging adult; mekong; life-history strategies; multi-level selection; transmission investment; cistaceae ; carpels; dry mass allocation; nutrient allocation; semiarid; trivers-willard hypothesis; parental resources; multisectoral; esrd; kidney donation; organ shortage; selling a kidney; ionization chamber; buildup factor; buildup; coherent scattering; mcnp; monte carlo method; chemical interactions; dose response; mixture toxicity; vulnerable; polystyrene; data accuracy; flow structure; inhalation toxicology; monkey upper airway; soil n cycling; artificial plantation; forest degradation; microbial network; naltrexone; information foraging; medical data management; medlineplus; page ranking; swarm intelligence; web intelligence; ant colony optimization (aco); 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dental; linkage to care; anti-adipogenic; reverse cholesterol transport; isoelectrofocusing; protein markers; caribvet; lyssavirus; bat rabies; mongoose rabies; vampire bat; unauthorized migration; self-help groups; end of waste criteria; industrial symbiosis; light fuel oil; quality protocol; tire pyrolysis oil; tires; elt-3-luc xenograft model; uterine fibroids; elastography; anti-sedimentation infrastructure; blue growth; dredging; green ports; remobilising sediment system; sand by-passing plant; chronic exposure; cd3+ t-lymphocytes; lipedematous scalp; bridge engineering; anova; divergence times; mycobacterium tuberculosis ; photoprotection; inner ear; illegal tobacco products; eml; international agency for research on cancer; model cancer list; model list of essential medicines; patent status; activism; transnational corporations; cone-and-plate; fluid shear stress; klf2; cytidine; cytidine deaminase cda; cda(®) documents; clinical documents; document handling; reproductive intentions; 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s. mutans; fusion deposition molding (fdm); imrt qa; qa; vmat qa; x-ray detector; lookahead information gain; next-word entropy; predictive processing; reading time; sentence processing; surprisal; earth fissure; geohazard; hazard prediction; technical assistance; polyamide; ceramide; vosviewer; economic costs; low and middle-income countries; joint arthroplasty; mapt; factorial trial; randomised trial; simulated disaster drill; technological disaster; animal owners; bushfire; docking studies; β-adrenoceptors; β–pyrrolidino-1,2,3-triazole; drug targets; oral drug delivery; tableting; hrm; perceived organizational support; bcl-2; cv; icc; lower extremity; reliability and validity; coefficient of variation; s(w); within subject standard deviation (measurement error); food and nutrition policy; health in all policies; performance diagnostic checklist-human services; employee tardiness; pre-intervention assessment; emerging economy; person-centered approach; work performance; employee wellness; logit model; rural poor; school start time; sleepiness; tardiness; oldest old; student engagement; channel modeling; muscle fatigue; chlamydia trachomatis ; cert; hela cells; sgms1; sgms2; swallowing; crohn's disease; medical research; urological neoplasm; hartree-fock method; connectome; cortical type; degree centrality; limbic cortices; functional mri (fmri); magnetoencephalography (meg); network hub; whole-brain connectivity; prolonged exposure; enterprise service bus; hl7 protocol; hibernate; iot cloud; compensatory response; gas exchange; nitrogen-use efficiency; root excision; stem growth; rna polymerase pausing; fluorescence resonance energy transfer; homogeneous analysis; nucleic acids probe; enterovirus replication inhibitors; nanosilver-based biocomposites; polyphosphonium oligochitosans; nephron number; second hit; wave complex; dendritic cell motility; loss-of-function screen; atoxigenic strain; cyclopiazonic acid (cpa); toxigenic strains; green communications; information and communication technologies (ict); smart homes; scorpion;