Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
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ulakbim MEP: 2.196 Ödeme: 10000 Yılı: 2019
Short Name Small
Abbreviated Name Small
ISSN 1613-6829
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Keywords spray drying; Characterization; CsPbCl3 single crystal microplatelets; low temperature growth; near-ultraviolet photodetectors; thermal stability; Machine learning; nanoparticles; electrocatalysis; core-shell nanoparticles; single cell; DFT; Reduced graphene oxide; Silver nanoparticles; biofilm eradication; oxygen reduction reaction; chemical vapor deposition; drug delivery; laser ablation; anodes; sodium-ion batteries; water splitting; apoptosis; genomics; Internet of Things; physicochemical properties; biomarkers; next generation sequencing; graphitic carbon nitride; nanosheets; self-powered; dissociation; carbon nanotubes; gas sensors; controlled release; liposomes; 2d materials; cecuox microsheet; bimetallic mof; low-temperature voc remediation; transition metal oxide catalysts; graphene; hydrogen evolution reaction; macrophages; second harmonic generation; third harmonic generation; two-photon-laser scanning microscopy; membranes; stem; bilayer; dislocations; grain boundaries; transition metal dichalcogenides; photodynamic therapy; carbon dioxide; phase transition; anisotropy; circulating tumor cells; angiogenesis; mosfets; wse2; diodes; reconfigurable devices; tunneling field-effect transistors (tfet); surface engineering; cancer diagnosis; anode materials; potassium-ion batteries; short-term plasticity; photoinduced phase transition; in vitro digestion; exosomes; packaging; combination cancer treatment; site-specific codelivery; li-ion batteries; 2d cu-n-c nanodisks; interconnected hierarchical porous topology; metal-organic frameworks-derived biomimic nanostructures; pressure sensors; aerogels; electrochemical sensors; strain sensors; dna-paint; antibiotic penetration; biofilm channels; gentamicin; iron-oxide nanoparticles; silicon; photodetectors; artificial synapses; bio-inspired electronics; black phosphorus; long-term plasticity; neuromorphic computation; photonic signal processing; photoelectrochemical water splitting; eor; pdcu alloys; electrocatalysts; solar-fuel production; microwave assisted deposition; photoelectrodes; poly(4-styrenesulfonic acid); surface reforming; tannic acid; antitumor activity; molybdenum disulfide; carbon disk arrays; direct laser writing carbonization; holey carbon films; microcontact printing; nanoencapsulation; perovskite solar cells; liquid-phase exfoliation; lithium/sodium ion batteries; nitrogen-rich carbon; solvent-exchange strategies; amorphous; ruthenium sulfide; whole ph range; near-infrared; photocatalysts; plasmons; solar energy conversion; vacancy; 2d crystals and qds; dynamic photomemristors; liquid phase exfoliation; neuromorphic computing; lithium metal anodes; supercapacitors; s-doped graphene; sns2/co3s4; hollow nanocubes; lithium-ion storage; metal sulfide nanosheets; sodium-ion storage; ag nanoparticles; hydrothermal synthesis; microwave-assisted synthesis; lithium-ion batteries; heterojunctions; zn-air batteries; covalent triazine frameworks; desalination; nonequilibrium molecular dynamics; transport resistance; synergistic effects; hydrothermal exfoliation; metal-free semiconductors; quantum dot light-emitting diodes; heterostructures; bifunctional electrocatalysts; cobalt phosphide; iron doping; photodetector; integrated circuits; water and food security; active liquid crystals; biological soft matter; faradaic efficiency; single atom sites; porous microspheres; 3d network binders; collaborative designs; hollow [email protected]@c nanocubes; dendrite-free; planar collectors; stable deposition; high-temperature batteries; monolayers; multilayer; separators; bone remodeling; parathyroid hormone related peptide; polarization-sensitive photodetection; symmetry reduction; chemical doping; multifunctional catalysts; kelvin probe force microscopy; mixed-dimensional van der waals heterojunction; p-n junction; self-driven photodetector; energy band engineering; indoor application; weak light harvesting; p-n vertical heterojunction; arrays; silicon nanowires; omic approaches; nanofilms; food matrix;