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Short Name Int J Mol Sci
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Keywords chemistry; antioxidant; volatile organic compounds; Ecology; Zoology; microscopy; Characterization; NMR; Organic Chemistry; Biocatalysis; antibacterial; Escherichia coli; ionic liquid; E. coli; biofilm; Triazole; 1,2,3-Triazole; Invasion; Migration; hypertension; artificial intelligence; lung cancer; statistics; Machine learning; Education; cell biology; molecular docking; flavonoid; Microbiology; Pharmacy and materia medica; Therapeutics. Pharmacology; Mass spectrometry; Breast cancer; biopolymers; TNF-α; Infectious and parasitic diseases; Biology (General); Botany; Veterinary medicine; Medicine (General); Medicine; hydrogen peroxide; electrospinning; nanofibers; Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials; Technology (General); Chemical technology; Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General); Information technology; Industrial electrochemistry; Biotechnology; Technology; Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering; Descriptive and experimental mechanics; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Archaeology; Pediatrics; Science (General); Mechanical engineering and machinery; Science; Biomarker; Proteomics; surgery; Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs; Agriculture (General); Dentistry; Diseases of the circulatory (Cardiovascular) system; dermatology; hydroxyapatite; inflammation; wound healing; Cochlear implantation; Phytochemicals; Other systems of medicine; Medical emergencies. Critical care. Intensive care. First aid; Immunologic diseases. Allergy; Medical technology; β-Glucosidase; gene expression; comparative genomics; obesity; efficiency; physics; environmental effects of industries and plants; renewable energy sources; environmental sciences; physical and theoretical chemistry; optics. light; stat3; drug delivery; radiotherapy; microrna; resveratrol; toxicology. poisons; expression; general works; otorhinolaryngology; plant ecology; reproductive health; psychology; neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry; neurology. diseases of the nervous system; medical physics. medical radiology. nuclear medicine; neoplasms. tumors. oncology. including cancer and carcinogens; business; information; nutrition. foods and food supply; nutritional diseases. deficiency diseases; lactic acid bacteria; prebiotics; agriculture; public aspects of medicine; psychiatry; gynecology and obstetrics; aging; geriatrics; salinity; salt tolerance; endophytes; motor vehicles. aeronautics. astronautics; water supply for domestic and industrial purposes; finance; gut microbiota; social sciences; economic theory. demography; urban groups. the city. urban sociology; management. industrial management; anesthesiology; arctic medicine. tropical medicine; insulin resistance; type 2 diabetes; diseases of the endocrine glands. clinical endocrinology; lead; glutamate receptor; pregnancy; production of electric energy or power. powerplants. central stations; fermentation industries. beverages. alcohol; bisphenol a; energy industries. energy policy. fuel trade; electronics; chronic kidney disease; flax; apoptosis; ischemia reperfusion injury; organ preservation; oxidative stress; transplantation; plant culture; single nucleotide polymorphism (snp); drought stress; applied optics. photonics; regional planning; wheat; environmental engineering; earthwork. foundations; genetics; social pathology. social and public welfare. criminology; sociology (general); transportation engineering; embryonic stem cell; extraembryonic endoderm (xen) cell; naïve; pluripotency; primed; trophoblast stem cell; methylation; systemic lupus erythematosus; cytology; curcumin; data integration; immune checkpoint inhibitors; oxidative damage; cereals; special aspects of education; flavivirus; growth; chitosan; lipase a from candida antarctica; magnetic nanoparticles; autophagy; computer engineering. computer hardware; mathematics; electronic computers. computer science; fish; infants; animal culture; diagnosis; geology; mining engineering. metallurgy; nitric oxide; peroxiredoxin; h. pylori; pain; pathology; diseases of the genitourinary system. urology; reactive oxygen species; placenta; allosteric modulation; olive oil; vitamin a deficiency; rice; metabolites; protein structure; cardioprotection; home economics; geography. anthropology. recreation; recreation. leisure; human ecology. anthropogeography; communities. classes. races; adipokines; dual-agonism; gastric inhibitory peptide; glucagon; glucagon-like peptide 1; glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide; incretins; specialties of internal medicine; zebrafish; diseases of the digestive system. gastroenterology; proliferation; atherosclerosis; evolution; transcriptome; hydraulic engineering; endometrial cancer; antimicrobial peptide; antibody; mitochondria; gpcr; phylogeny; zinc oxide; theory and practice of education; nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; carbon nanotubes; astrophysics; microsatellites; immunity; ischemia; metabolomics; defense response; induced resistance; biotransformation; neuroimmunology; chloramphenicol; metabolism; lifespan; industrial medicine. industrial hygiene; transcriptomics; expression pattern; toxicology; biofortification; extracellular matrix (ecm); neuronal communication; perineuronal nets (pnns); synaptogenesis; gnomad; hydrogels; drug release; gold nanoshell; hydrogel coating; temperature-responsive; tissue engineering; mitogenome; hepatitis b virus; alzheimer’s disease; metabolome; transcription factor; mesenchymal stem cells; life; insecticide resistance; differentially expressed genes; lc-ms; mtdna; graphene; antitumor; serotonin; drugs; generations; photovoltaics; polymers; agricultural industries; microbiome; zearalenone; coffee; clay industries. ceramics. glass; tlr4; inorganic chemistry; pterostilbene; cell cycle; inositol hexaphosphate; nanotoxicology; polymer-based nanocomposite; alginate; analytical chemistry; cell spreading; osteoblasts; osteogenic differentiation; histology; epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition; extracellular vesicles; gastric cancer; retina; networks; rna interference; eucommia ulmoides; myb (v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog); hmgb1; glycyrrhizinic acid; keloid; phytohormones; soybean; alfalfa; structural analysis; glaucoma; mtor; micrornas; stress response; c. elegans; light; photosynthesis; lncrna; tm3 leydig cell; mrsa; immune responses; music and books on music; ef-hand; phaeodactylum tricornutum; saccharina japonica; tic20; subcellular localization; transmembrane topology; regeneration; transcriptome analysis; endometrium; inverse comorbidity; matrix factorization; quantitative proteomics; olfaction; hearing loss; angiogenesis; maternal diet; mechanics of engineering. applied mechanics; cardiovascular system; cell death; salt stress; burkholderia contaminans; maldi-tof ms; heat shock proteins; melatonin; electricity and magnetism; β-carotene; wgcna; high-fat diet; in silico; skeletal muscle; stroma; silica; caga; il-8; nf-κb; t4ss; vaca; menadione; hepatocellular carcinoma cells; hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (hif-1α); protein kinase c (pkc); vitamin k2; drug discovery; tbars; microsatellite instability; breeding; root rot; itraq; localization; salmonella typhimurium; bovine; human anatomy; adipogenesis; medicago truncatula; tenebrio molitor; sus scrofa domestica; optic nerve head; breathing; vacuole; camk; hdacs; ly294002; b-hlh-mrfs; photoluminescence; rna seq; ulmus pumila l.; leaf color mutant; thylakoid; drug development; disease; n-heterocyclic carbene; follicular fluid; ivf; sensory perception; protein transport; lysosome; magnaporthe oryzae; manganese toxin; sodium alginate; zero-valent iron; pigmentation; tight junction; acute lung injury; protein translocation; hsp110; hsp70; actin cytoskeleton; ngs; aryl hydrocarbon receptor; nrf2; lactobacillus plantarum; in situ hybridization; dmrt11e; macrobrachium nipponense; temporal and spatial expression; deep sequencing; extracellular matrix; tight junctions; plant growth; salicylic acid; lipid accumulation; high-density lipoproteins; fate; maize; catalase; platinum; vitamin c; pcos; interleukin 10; aladdin; h3; h4; histone acetylation; immune genes; collagen-induced arthritis; plasticizer; proteomic analysis; acinar micromechanics; alveolar fluid; atelectrauma; surfactant protein b; surfactant; genomic selection; g-protein coupled receptor regulation pathway; sf9 cell; loquat; iron release; absorption; signaling; epitopes; protein sequences; qualitative structure–activity relationships; rna-sequencing; blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici; gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici; effector protein; haustorium formation; necrosis development; cle peptide; function analysis; mature peptides; pre-propeptides; genome-wide association study (gwas); arabidopsis; anadara kagoshimensis; cellular immunity; real-time quantitative pcr; arrhythmia; her2; dissolution; melanogenesis; p-erk signaling pathway; burkholderia cenocepacia; fusarium temperatum; mlsa-mlst; zea mays; sequence type (st); chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain; noradrenaline; oxaliplatin; venlafaxine; reproductive aging; respiratory; ap3 promoter; rddm; transcriptional silencing; horse; motility; rett syndrome; rett-like; pompe disease; sugarcane; amino acid sequence; capsicum annuum; flowering time; disulfide bonds; covalently closed circular dna; drug target; host-virus interaction; screening systems; fecal; intestinal; metacluster; butyrate; cell cycle regulators; invasiveness; mucins; multidrug resistance proteins; neovascularization; peritoneal spreading; replication; metastatic breast cancer; spaceflight; ptm; body fluids; clinical samples; post translational modification; transcription factors; c-x-c motif chemokine ligand 13; toll-like receptor 7; toll-like receptor 9; myeloid dendritic cell; long noncoding rna; short chain fatty acids; pex5; missense variant; mistargeting; peroxisomal targeting signal 1; peroxisome; asymmetric dimethylarginine; developmental origins of health and disease (dohad); tb; overall survival; bone resorption; tendon; comet assay; intestine; cell fate; cell imaging; hormone content; somatic embryogenesis; totipotency; crops; zea mays l.; peptide; durum wheat; cell size; compactness; vacuolar occupancy; platelet-derived growth factor receptor (pdgfr); high grade glioma; rna editing; solanaceae family; multichromosomal structure; potato; repeated sequences; immunophenotyping; musculoskeletal diseases; hif-1; quantum-chemical modelling; nadph oxidases; vas2870; aged heart; apocynin; cardiomyocytes; isoproterenol; sporisorium scitamineum; expression profiles; vegetable oil; cloud point extraction; vestibular function; reperfusion; fibroblasts; aging-heart; cardiovascular function; intracellular free zinc; zinc-transporters; caspase; aloe vera; tetracycline hydrochloride; drug encapsulation; electrospun scaffolds; polylactide; astronauts; exhaled breath condensate; extreme conditions; mass-spectrometry; osteoclasts; bocmbf1c; chinese kale; thermal tolerance; coating stability; edible coating; surface tension; disaggregation; j cochaperones; brownian ratchet; chaperones; entropic pulling; motor proteins; power-stroke; surface coating; mesocarp; ccds; nicotiana tabacum; genome-wide identification; hormones and abiotic stresses; tilling; cawrky22; ralstonia solanacearum; wrky networks; multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (msc); scaffold; transforming growth factor beta 3 (tgfβ3); htra2 (high temperature required protein a2); reactivity; drug responsiveness prediction; chloroplast genome; depolarization; repolarization; myeloid-derived suppressor cells; single cell mass cytometry; chip-sequencing; transcriptional regulatory mechanism; 2f4; jim5; de-esterified homogalacturonans; pectins; preprophase band; protodermal cells; vigs; disulfide isomerases; maize chlorotic mottle virus; nuclear factor κb; extreme physical information; signal transmission; arabidopsis mutants; gene transcription; odor; mitochondrial biogenesis; lapo4: ce; supported liquid membrane; seed; hs68 cells; nad+; calorie restriction mimetic; nicotinic acid; ailanthus altissima; sapindales; simaroubaceae; spl transcription factor; aging pathway; glycyrrhizin; neurodegenerative diseases; socs3; claudin; nematode–rice interactions; rice cell suspension cultures; aiec lf82 strain; ceacam-6; bovine lactoferrin; histone γ-h2a.x; protection from dna damage; flavor; odorant; olfactory sense; structure-function relationship; avocado; brassinosteroid; crosstalk; monocots; scnt; conceptus; thyroid hormone receptor beta 1; c3 glomerulonephritis; c3 glomerulopathy; cfhr5 nephropathy; dense deposits disease; schiff-base complexes; actinoids; coordination chemistry; structural studies; synthetic inorganic chemistry; commercial food; intestinal absorption; quantitative trait loci (qtl); aox capacity; psii activity; brassinosteroids; cold stress tolerance; biowaste valorisation; wastewater remediation; mda-mb-231 cells; afm and optical tweezers microscopy; antitumoral activity; two-state interaction; carotenoid biosynthesis; de novo assembly from short read sequencing; full-length transcript sequencing; gene dosage; allelopathy; barnyardgrass; biosynthetic gene cluster; filling kernel; proteomes; japanese encephalitis virus; non-structural protein 3 (ns3); the dnaj heat shock protein family (hsp40) member b6 (dnajb6); virus–host interactions; porcine intramuscular preadipocyte (pip); porcine mature adipocyte (pma); serotonin receptor; 16s rrna metagenomic analysis; butyl-fructooligosaccharides; potassium; aristolochic acid; mutation load; upper tract urothelial carcinoma; urothelial carcinoma of the bladder; th17 cells; cdk4/cyclind1; hp-caga+; reg3; fe acquisition; rice (oryza sativa), fe deficiency; strategy ii; transporters; friedreich’s ataxia; metabolism 3; obstetrics 4; phosphocreatine 2; placental bioenergetics 1; pi3k/akt/mtor signaling pathway; mir-20b; mir-451a; human granulosa cells; polycystic ovary morphology; ampa; benzyl isothiocyanate; cellular differentiation; protein kinase d; mapk pathway; fluoro-thiazolylhydrazone; phosphorylated c-jun n-terminal kinase (p-jnk); phosphorylated p44/42 mapk (erk1/2); triple negative breast cancer; hyaluronan fragments; ovarian biology; detection lncrna interactome; lncrna interactome; lncrna interactome function; inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase; abscisic acid, by-2, arabidopsis, hairy roots; ace inhibitory peptides; sesame protein; simulated gastrointestinal digestion; glutathione metabolism; cb1r; environmental sensitivity illnesses; frataxin; redox active drugs; sildenafil; acute phase protein; renal inflammation; cydisco; protein production; k+ transporters; k+-solubilizers; mycorrhizal; soil microorganisms; symbiosis with plants; angulin; occludin; tricellulin; maguk proteins; pdz domain; claudins; junctional adhesion molecule; protein domain; zonula occludens; mdck c7 cells; paracellular water transport; tight epithelium; tricellular tight junction; tricellular tight junctions; cell–cell contact; epithelial barrier; lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor (lsr); cldn14; claudin-14; clostridium perfringens enterotoxin; clostridium perfringens iota-toxin; angubindin-1; epithelial barrier dysfunction; intestinal mucosa; tissue barrier; plodia interpunctella ; developmental expressions; larval metamorphosis; gossypium arboreum; fibre development; fuzzless; glabrous; lintless; cftr correctors; folding-defective proteins; myogenic cells; myotubes; protein folding correctors; proteostasis regulators; sarcoglycanopathy; contractile function; diabetic heart; vacuolar h+-atpase; tmpgrp-sa; nrf-1; ppar; fish model; prediction accuracy; quantitative trait nucleotides (qtns); black layer; seed development; endophytic fungi of tobacco; nuclear genes; mapk p38; pedv infection; proinflammatory cytokine; platycodon grandiflorum; aspergillus usamii; platycodi radix; platycodin d; platycodin d3; platycoside e; cb 1 receptor; biased signaling; cannabinoid receptor type 1; functional selectivity; cgmp; guanylate cyclase; phosphodiesterase; vascular dysfunction;