Nature communications
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Short Name Nat Commun
Abbreviated Name Nature Communications
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Keywords chemistry; heavy metals; analysis; adsorption; Environmental Science; Zoology; microscopy; catalysis; Organic Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Escherichia coli; resistance; antibiotic; toxicity; Cancer; Cytotoxicity; crystal structure; insecticidal activity; Deep learning; Risk factors; Screening; artificial intelligence; lung cancer; Machine learning; Education; Mhealth; molecular docking; Microbiology; Pharmacy and materia medica; TNF-α; Biology (General); Veterinary medicine; Medicine (General); Medicine; nanoparticles; biomass; electrospinning; hydrogen production; nanofibers; Technology (General); Chemical technology; Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General); Information technology; Industrial electrochemistry; Biotechnology; Technology; quality indicators; Epidemiology; Archaeology; meta-analysis; systematic review; Registry; epilepsy; bipolar disorder; Pediatrics; Neural network; Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics; Science (General); Science; stroke; Plasma; Bone; surgery; social media; internet; Facebook; smartphone; health promotion; randomized controlled trial; mechanical properties; inflammation; Immunologic diseases. Allergy; İslam; 3T3-L1 adipocyte; rats; Landsat; elastomers; nanomaterials; physics; bioaccumulation; pesticides; sodium ion batteries; environmental sciences; sequence analysis; end-stage renal disease; radiation necrosis; optics. light; microrna; gold nanoparticles; nanotechnology; multimodal imaging; nanocomposite; otorhinolaryngology; pakistan; suicide; blood pressure; interface; perception; psychology; neurosciences. biological psychiatry. neuropsychiatry; medical physics. medical radiology. nuclear medicine; neoplasms. tumors. oncology. including cancer and carcinogens; data; business; nutrition. foods and food supply; polyphenols; automation; immobilization; cognition; depression; hiv; public aspects of medicine; gynecology and obstetrics; electrokinetics; synergistic effect; petroleum refining. petroleum products; education (general); mortality; health risk assessment; pm(2.5); detection; climate change; social sciences; architecture; management. industrial management; gestational diabetes; stress; autism; intellectual disability; pregnancy; production of electric energy or power. powerplants. central stations; energy industries. energy policy. fuel trade; environmental pollution; telecommunication; electronics; trauma; banana; evidence-based medicine; atomic force microscopy; autism spectrum disorders; plant culture; philology. linguistics; uncertainty; smoking; flow cytometry; temperature; planetary boundary layer; ethnicity; adolescents; sexual behaviour; genetics; hydrology; urban sustainability; methylation; next-generation sequencing; Wireless sensor networks; physiology; primary care; heterogeneity; international; cereals; political science; measurement; special aspects of education; molecular epidemiology; men who have sex with men; mathematics; electronic computers. computer science; fish; brain; electrophysiology; animal culture; ieee 802.11p; Supercapacitor; biogeography; diffusion; soil moisture; nephrotoxicity; gaba; cross-sectional dependence; infant; fatigue; liraglutide; melanocortin; npy/agrp; pomc; patch-clamp; diseases of the digestive system. gastroenterology; incidence; cardiovascular; physical activity; tobacco; law in general. comparative and uniform law. jurisprudence; local adaptation; phenotypic plasticity; transcriptome; climate change adaptation; astronomy; phylogeny; graphene oxide; visible light; population; qualitative research; philosophy (general); fine arts; graph theory; microstructure; electrochemical; bibliometrics; consciousness. cognition; theory and practice of education; disinhibition; social environment; bioinformatics; nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity; pedagogy; planning; barriers; origin of life; surface functionalization; astrophysics; engineering geology. rock mechanics. soil mechanics. underground construction; biodiversity conservation; environmental management; locomotion; respiratory disease; sustainable development goals; aspergillus fumigatus; agenda 2030; environmental analysis; environmental assessment; sustainable cities; sustainable development; neuroscience; implementation; biodiversity loss; pcbs; rnai; tribolium castaneum; asia; energy; geometric morphometrics; quality of care; malaysia; amygdala; mood disorders; interprofessional education; tissue engineering; hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; cellulose nanocrystals; in situ gel; ophthalmic drug delivery; poloxamer; glutamate; steganography; security; dna aptamer; aptasensing; encryption; fish pathogens; in vivo imaging; information hiding; dna sequences; chaos game representation; compression; decoding; encoding; industrial safety. industrial accident prevention; meat quality; social network; health communication; alzheimer’s disease; metal ferrites; nucleic acid base; one-pot synthesis; whole-genome sequencing; pneumonia; viral load; bladder cancer; eucalyptus; rainfall event; river water; sediment; suspended sediment; eating disorders; tem; gold catalysts; hydrogen purification; preferential co oxidation; water–gas shift reaction; instagram; atlantic forest; synthetic biology; paclitaxel; serotonin; magnetic solid phase extraction; chemometrics; social epidemiology; health outcomes; polymers; green manufacturing; dyslipidemia; energy balance; azole-resistance; fungal growth; in-host microevolution; whole genome sequencing; chitin; photocatalyst; high pressure; bismuth ferrite film; diodelike effect; ferroelectric; oxygen vacancy; photovoltaic; digital; online; iot; erk1/2; nfκb; heritability; biocompatibility; carbon dioxide; experiential education; pharmacy education; teaching competency development; methane; recombinant protein; mechanical engineering; networks; nox; canada; maltreatment; pig; problem-based learning; solubility; growth performance; urban expansion; algorithm; photosynthesis; drosophila; hiv testing; character coding; cornales; phylogenomics; plastid genome; gait analysis; transfemoral amputee; knee joints; pelvic motion; deformation; hydrogen; dermatomes of the arm; discrimination threshold; stimulation timing; vibrotactile stimulation; synergistic therapy; muscular dystrophy; music and books on music; process modeling; bone marrow; inverse comorbidity; matrix factorization; infectious disease; interpretation bias modification; dysphoria; psychological reactance; social comparison style; treatment perceptions; pyrazole; emergency response; coding; energy-efficient; egypt; sex; calcium; bbtv; fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense; ptgs; cesium; copper hexacyanoferrate; microbial fuel cell; expression threat; learned fear; medial prefrontal cortex; ambient air pollution; frailty; mid-frail; nmr imaging; sppb; grey matter volumes; muscle; sarcopenia; computerisedprovider order entry (cpoe; electronic prescribing; thematic synthesis; h3k4 methylation; kmt2e; epileptic encephalopathy; global developmental delay; neurodevelopmental disorder; eating problems; sweaa; pinus; enrichment; mitigation strategies; flexible; feeding; multisensory; resources; carbon fiber reinforced polymer (cfrp) strips; hammering actions; masonry buildings; out-of-plane strengthening; textile reinforced mortar (trm); three-dimensional strengthening; ph sensitivity; 1,4-diketones; acyl radical; photoredox catalysis; radical cyclization; one health; facilitators; posttraumatic stress disorder; psychological trauma; l-cysteine; therapeutic; antibiotic resistance genes; occurrence; computer vision; soil temperature; adaptive radiation; foraging; aerosol direct radiative forcing; vertical structure; yangtze river delta region; neighborhood environment; early change detection; essential biodiversity variables; twitter; transcranial magnetic stimulation; end stage renal disease; genotoxicity; cervical spine fractures; incidence and cause of fractures; level of fractures; angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; montmorillonite; flame retardant; micronucleus test; protein translocation; hsp110; hsp70; interfaces; wetting; brain metastases; chemical contaminant; divisional disparities; local perceptions; mechanical ventilation; alkenes; autoantibodies; polymerase chain reaction (pcr); coronary artery disease (cad); left main coronary disease (lm); stent, drug eluting (des); unplanned dialysis; cohort study (or longitudinal study); epidemiology–analytic (risk factors); occupational epidemiology; mulberry; carcass traits; finishing pig; dissemination and implementation science; evidence-based interventions; science impact framework; friction; piezoelectric transducer; polysaccharide; combined driving mode; liquid crystal; micropump; emergy; biomass upgrading; kinematics; polyethylene glycol; carbonyls; lithium ion batteries; rna silencing suppressor activity; citrus tristeza virus; mild strains; p23 point mutation; nuclear imaging; parallelepiped classification; radionuclide accumulation; computational modeling; fiber-reinforcement; insulation; super flexible aerogel; temperature dependency; dissolution; correlation; cell culture liquid waste; esbls; morganella morganii; virulence factor; ad hoc networks; raspberry pi; tcp/ip architecture; vanet; disaster management; information exchange; message dissemination; safety applications; microbial ecology; antibodies; ginger; 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme a reductase inhibitor; arterial hypertension; endothelium-mediated vasodilation; tannic acid; hypofractionation; fat body; vietnamese women; socioeconomic inequalities; brain connectivity; tms-eeg; mechanotransduction; recurrence; cachexia; organ wasting; image sensor; low voltage; organic electrochemical transistors; organic phototransistors; volumetric transport; neurophysiology; piroxicam; health care research; quality of evidence; radical cystectomy; robot-assisted radical cystectomy; job engagement; integrated care; dioxins; perovskite solar cells; brain mapping; cisplatin; -(-coumaroyl) serotonin; -feruloylserotonin; safflower seed; environmental economics; lower respiratory tract infection; solvents; replication; precision surgery; geometric isomerisation; stereospecificity; alumina; nano-indentation; ti metallization; multisectoral; il-1β; mos2; silver nanoclusters; game animals; copolymers; neuroticism; head and neck cancers; long noncoding rna; chemical constituents; crack resistance; glasses; indentation; micro‐ductility; population based studies; anti-adipogenic; reverse cholesterol transport; abrasion; combustion behavior; energy recovery; surface functional groups; chemoselectivity, catalysis, cross-coupling, dft, synthesis; icp-ms; transpiration; motor unit recruitment; neuromotor control; neurotransmitter; phrenic motor neurons; respiration; hydrophobic substances; magnetic carbon; hhv-8; il-12; radiosurgery; bifactor measurement models; interpersonal functioning; gel electrophoresis; capacity assessment; one health tools; deconstructed vectors; molecular farming; plant transient expression; utr; viral expression system; peaq; phre; phreac; twin growth discordance; within-pair birth weight difference; catalytic hairpin ass-embly; mirna-21; surface plasmon-enhanced electrochemiluminescence; bayesian model; agronomic practices; carbon dioxide–analysis; sand dune; source sink relationship; temperature sensitivity; extreme conditions; tbi; 3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hy­droxy­phen­yl; n—h⋯o hydrogen bonds; carboxamide; inversion dimer; sequence alignment; wine; barcelona; buffer distance; normalized difference vegetation index; rapideye; spatial resolution; worldview2; ammonium polyphosphate; intumescent; health science education; kpfm; mocvd; sns; van der waals heterojunction; molten core method; optical fiber; bose-einstein condensate; condensed matter physics; fluid dynamics; superradiance; vortex; disaggregation; j cochaperones; brownian ratchet; chaperones; entropic pulling; motor proteins; power-stroke; register based study; socioeconomic outcomes; community-based rehabilitation; oxalosis; primary hyperoxaluria; cultural differences; scaffold; myelin; disorders of consciousness (doc); feedforward inhibition; rolandic epilepsy; benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes; brain volume development; inci2; mcr-1; genetic correlation; oxidative status; applied computing; civil engineering; computing methodology; evolutionary computation; water demand; water equity; water justice; aggregation induced emission; mechanochromism; anti-counterfeiting; photochromism; tetraphenylethylene; 3d cage-like networks; gas uptake; interdigitation; porous organic crystals; single-crystals; solid-state reactions; superstructures; neophasia; pieridae; ddradseq; biogeography-based optimization (bbo); grey wolf optimization (gwo); landslide susceptibility mapping; neural-metaheuristic algorithms; manufacturing process; pedot: pss; solid electrolyte; common garden experiment; energetics; chinese patent medicine; new technology; pharmaceutical equipment; garlic; alpha-glucosidase; abiotic; mn-zns quantum dot; organic dye; zeolite nay; poorly water-soluble drug; transposons; canadian community health survey; gender-specific analysis; healthy immigrant effect; troubled sleep; ethics education, medical undergraduates, learning theories. ; in-situ silica; tear fatigue test; aluminum supplementation; geopolymerization; municipal solid waste incineration fly ashes; energy-growth nexus; local energy policies; shale gas; the us economy; groundwater hydrochemistry; management options; nitrate contamination; benzohydroxamic acid; chromium(iii); solar cell; cigs microscopy; cathodoluminescence; defect characterization; epitaxial cigs; hot-carrier characteristics; quantized electron transport layer; quantized hole transport layer; carrier transport; defect; gallium arsenide; near field; dipole moments; ion‐sensitive field‐effect transistors; super‐nernstian response; consanguinity; aspergillus sp.; fungus; glucan; nano/microfibers; electrode architecture; iro2; magnetic assembly; sno2; diabetes mellitus in pregnancy; overt diabetes in pregnancy; pre-gestational diabetes; b-mode ultrasound; breast imaging-reporting and data system categories; breast mass; color doppler; locality sensitive hashing; pacbio dataset; single molecule real-time (smrt) sequencing; amphibian; optic tectum; lemongrass; neem; d. melanogaster; climate variability and change; ski tourism; snow indicators; stakeholder process; applied mathematics; dna computing; finite fields; galois fields; molecular computing technologies; information leakage; probability distribution; pseudo-random generator; ampullariidae; differential fitness; perovskite solar cell; aopp; cataract model; selenite; sildenafil; total sulfhydryl; meat sausages; nanocellulose; physiochemical properties; x-ray emission spectroscopy; laser heating; nuclear resonant inelastic scattering; mbp; oligodendrocytes; 3d pose estimation; animal behavior; unsupervised classification; elemental data; fuzzy clustering; lama2-cmd; laminin; α7 integrin; farmed snakes; ferlavirus; mutation analysis; oxalate crystals; oxalate stones; pakistan origin; cuprates; electron–phonon coupling; insulator–metal transition; ultrafast optics; in situ drug release; polydextrose; scanning white light interferometry; globeland30; land use transition; landca; scenario projection; exponential deceleration model; mesic environment; heavy work investment; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation; moderated moderation; work status; antitubercular agents/therapeutic use*; south africa/epidemiology; tuberculosispulmonary/epidemiology; dip coating; electron selective layer; evaporation-induced self-assembly; mesoporous tio2; pinhole; cec; microfluidic chips; pillar array columns; exergo-economic; exergo-environmental; exergy analysis; hybrid solar – geothermal; image pixel hysteresis model; measurement accuracy; carbon distribution; dynamic regulation; l-threonine maximization; thermal switch system; inhalable drug delivery systems; lung epithelial cells; solid lipid microparticles; stimuli-sensitive drug carriers; superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (spion); high strength steel; weld joints;