Interamerican Journal of Health Sciences
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Short Name Int Jour HS
Abbreviated Name Int Jour HS
ISSN 2953-3724
Aim and Scope Interamerican Journal of Health Sciences is the peer-reviewed scientific journal edited by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Universidad Abierta Interamericana. The main objective of IJHS is to provide Health Professionals with comprehensive valued information and high-quality research related to biomedical sciences, clinical practice, and medical education. IJHS is published in different volumes a year, and the online edition is open access. IJHS's mission is to produce, propagate, and preserve biomedical knowledge by the highest standards to improve patients outcomes and enhance medical education. This journal prints original and unpublished contributions that meet the journal's current editorial standards. The journal follows a continuous publication model, where articles, once accepted, are formatted and published in a single volume per year. For this reason, the call for submissions is permanently open.
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