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Short Name Al-Qirtas
Abbreviated Name AQ
ISSN 2709-6076
Aim and Scope Aims and Scope Al-Qirtas (القرطاس) is an open access and double-blind quarterly peer-reviewed international journal published by Student Consultancy Home (SCH) ® Paksitan. Aims: Al-Qirtas (القرطاس) is an international scholarly journal founded to disseminate and support studies and researches in the field of Arabic language and literature. The journal aims to contribute to the scientific movement and to furnish researches which are honest and characterized by novelty and inventiveness in this field for those interested in it through its publication and access to it. Al-Qirtas (القرطاس), which is published periodically, can publish a special publication. Scope: Al-Qirtas (القرطاس) is a platform for the publication of articles that are sensitive and distinguished in the field of Arabic language and literature, history, art, culture and philosophy, and the publication of book reviews in this field.
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