International Journal of Management, Sciences, Innovation, and Technology IJMSIT
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Short Name International Journal of Management, Sciences, Innovation, and Technology IJMSIT
Abbreviated Name IJMSIT
ISSN 0000-0001
Aim and Scope Aims and Objectives International Journal of Management, Sciences, Innovation, and Technology IJMSIT aims to publish new insights in the fields of management, sciences, and technology in the shape of research papers, literature reviews, case studies, short communications and book reviews. Another aim of the journal is to bring research realities into practice for the goal of expanding scientific mentality all over the world so that, so that young researchers can grasp the intricate details of theories and practices of the real world. The journal’s core objective is to facilitate the researchers, scholars, resource persons and practitioners to come on a platform and promulgate their research findings so that intricate decisions can be taken to improve life and society as a whole. A rigorous double blind peer review mechanism/approach has been adopted by IJMSIT to ensure and achieve the standard articles. Scope of International Journal of Management, Sciences, Innovation, and Technology IJMSIT Scope Area of IJMSIT:: The scope of publishing at IJMSIT is limited to the following fields: Financial & Accounting Management Change Management Design Management Engineering Management Facility Management Human Resources Management Information Technology Management Innovation Management Maintenance Management Marketing Management Material Management Office Management Organizational Management Procurement Management Production Management Program Management Project Management Public Relations Purchasing Management Quality Management R&D Management Risk Management Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Earth and related Environmental Sciences Genetics Life Sciences Mathematics and Statistics Medical & Health Sciences Microbiology Sales Management Strategic Management AI enhanced Simulations AI, Machine Learning Appliances Computer storage technologies‎ Connected Intelligent Sensors and Machines Construction Technology Architecture Technology Artificial Intelligence Assistive Technology Augmented Reality (AR) Supply Chain Management Anatomy Anthropology Archaeology Astronomy Biological Sciences Botany Chemical Sciences Molecular Biology Metallurgy Paleontology Physical Sciences Physiology Zoology 3D Web Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Advanced Cloud Services and Virtualization Advanced Robotics and Automation Aerospace technologies‎ Agriculture Technology Aviation Technology Big Data and Real-Time Analytics Biotechnology‎ Business Technology Communication Technology Cybernetics‎ Cybersecurity Educational Technology Energy (Solar, and Wind Energy) Entertainment & Media Entertainment Technology Environmental technology‎ Fluid technology‎ Gas turbine technology‎ Industrial Machines Information Technology Intelligent ePersonal Assistants (Chatbots) Internet of Things IoT Medical Technology Micro-technology‎ Mobile Hardware, Software, and Interactive Services Nanotechnology‎ Networks Nuclear Energy Technology Oils and fats technologies‎ Operation Technology Physical Technology Product Technology Remote Visual Communications Robotics Robotics Technology Sensors Social Business Enterprise Management Space Technology Superintelligence Transport Vehicle technology‎ Virtual Reality (VR) Waste treatment technology‎ Web technology‎
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